Removed obstacles for sale of apartment

Mangala Ayre

My husband & I attended the meet at T.Nagar where Naran S. Balakumar taught us about the power of Mantras & released the booklet to us all. That was on 1st Jan, 2010. Since then many things have happened in our lives.

Our apartment in Valmiki Nagar was up for sale since August 2009. Many brokers, friends, and well wishers were trying to sell it for us. Meanwhile, we have moved to Kanchipuram on 17th August. We met Naran before leaving and he advised us to sell.

Nothing was happening even in Dec 2009. Many interested parties would see the house. Will say they will call back, but nothing will transpire. We were making regular visits to Chennai and trying to meet potential buyers.

We attended Naran’s 2010 New Year Meeting. He had asked me to sing few Bhajans before the start of the meeting. After the meeting, he advised us to just put Reiki symbol and then release the apartment to the Universe. My husband was fascinated by the mantra, “Lalitham Lambodaram”. He began chanting and I began releasing the house with the help of Reiki.

We were scheduled to fly to the USA to be with our grandson and children on April 7th. We were desperate to sell the property before we leave for US. In March, we handed over the responsibility to our builder, who agreed to take a power of attorney on our behalf and sell the house in our absence. Naran advised us to release all thoughts related to the sale and that we needed to do something about it. He also said, “If the price is less, just think it is what you would have spent on the house if it wasn’t sold”.

Suddenly within 2 weeks, the right buyer came from Detroit. The sale was agreed to our benefit. The registration of the sale took place and we left on the 7th April as planned to the USA with a light heart.

We met Balakumar on the 3rd April and thanked him for teaching us the mantras, the right attitude to have and how to take disappointments along with success.

My husband believes whatever has happened is due to the mantra, “Lalitham Lambodaram”.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. can this mantra – lalitham lambodaram – be used to remove any kind of obstacles like financial, physical and spiritual??

    thanks, vikram.

  2. Dear Naren: I have a small problem. everytime I get a job, or have something plan that will bring in some income, the day before it gets canceled. Can you tell meof a mantra to chant to get rid of this please.

  3. Hello Sir,
    M tense abt my younger sister..her mother in law has made her life hell by fighting wth for No Reason..her mom in law doesn’t want her to stay wth sis is blessed wth 2 daughters..old lady doesnt even look after them..its like Dictatorship in their house..bcos of al ths her relations wth her hurband also getting affected..her husband doesn’t CARE for her.. pls sir I BEG of u suggest some mantra so that her mom in law,husband and all shuld love her Forever which transform her life to happiness..and also thy should listen to her advice..pls let us kno what mantra?how many times should b done?can be done even obstacle days or no..thanks and regards..harsha

  4. Ms harsha

  5. Karthik Shanmugam

    Dear Naran Sir,

    I have checked all the posting regarding all the problems. Even i have stucked up with a major problem, like Iam having a huge debt and i could not able to come out of this so I have decided to sell my house in my Home town and I met lot many customers and Agents but nothing is worked. Most of them are asking for very low price. Is there any other way to sell at higher price. Please help me

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