Feel Love in Plenty


What do I have to chant to become emotionally independent of a particular person?


Take the Bach Flower Remedies, “Chicory” and “Walnut”. Along with that, chant the mantra, “Guru Gugan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam”

Getting surrounded with loving people

This mantra opens up our heart. When the heart is open, you will invite only loving people and kind people in your life. You will be surrounded by loving people.

If anybody thinks he is forsaken, abandoned, loveless, and think ‘Nobody is there for me, I love so many, but nobody loves me’, then this mantra will be of help. How? This mantra makes you love yourself. When our heart, bubbles with joy and love, then honest and kind people are attracted to us.

Release Unwanted Emotions

YAM is the one that can drive out unwanted emotions. Release it. By chanting YAM alone, our anger, sadness and worry can be driven away.

The VAM is present in Lavanyam (after you remove A, N and Y). It is the bija mantra for the Hara centre, which channels true love then. True emotions will be channelled, because of Vum. It brings out true emotions of love.

Finding Love

The mantra brings the true love from heart. Who is the guru inside your heart? Atman is the guru in the heart. Heart centre is also known as Anahata.  It contains an infinite sound within it. The ataman in the heart centre is in the form of infinite sound, which is also the primordial sound.

Thus this particular mantra release unwanted emotions from you, gives you love within yourself.

Heal the Loveless Life

Now a day the parents feel that their children living in foreign countries don’t love them anymore and feel loveless. In the same way, those without children feel loveless too. This mantra will make them love themselves better.

The heat need not go to anywhere to find heat. Water doesn’t need anything else to quench itself. When the atman is activated with love, in the form of a ray of light, in the tunnel of your heart, then you don’t need to go anywhere for love. This mantra creates millions and millions of rays of light of love inside the heart.

GUGAN is the one word which transmits love from heart to our organs. In addition, our entire auric field will be filled with love.

Chant the mantra seriously

That atman or guru will come and stay in our hearts permanently.

You should chant this mantra in a manner that tears should come down the cheek. Why? Atman is not an ordinary person. It is part of Divine and full of love. In such an instance, when you have so much love in your heart, it should come out as tears.

You need not have a relationship with others. Have a relationship with yourself. “We have to relate with ourselves only”, is the message of this mantra.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Guhan ( another name for Lord Subramanya ) in Sanskrit means ” Resident in the cave of the heart”. The atman which is unaffected by anything is stationed deep in the heart . Says Bhagawan Ramanaa – “hrudaya kuhara madhye kevalam brahma maatram ” viz., Deep in the centre of the heart there is only the brahman or the atma. Since the solution to all our problems are only in the atma we appeal to lord Guhan who in the form of a Guru who gives us the grace to reach the atma.
    To draw the mind inwards to the atma is a challenge.

    Who else but lord Subramanya can enable us to reach to this lavanyam of atmaa or beauty in the heart.

    Who else but Shri Naran who can point out to this tool by giving such a lovely explanation

    Thanks a lot to you Shri Naran for the clarity on the question which has been plauging me also for quite some time now.

  2. Thank you. a nice Apt quote From Sri Ramana Maharishi.

  3. Is it Guhan or Gugan in the manta.


  4. Sir, thank you very much for advising Om Lam Mantra for my father who has got bedsore. Now the bedsore are drying and he feels somewhat okay. Now he can sit comfortably and taking diet without any problem. This speaks the power of the mantra.


    Anita Vij

  5. Anita Vi
    Thank you.

  6. Sir,
    Can you help me?
    I have been suffering from severe Migraine headaches with vomitting since last 31 years and have tried every remedy, and medicine for it without any relief. then 4 years back I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid, then, year before last i went through a back surgery( Lumber laminectomy) and my right leg is still numb. Now to top it all I am seeing tiny white spots on my legs( which is most likely Vitiligo/ Lucoderma).
    Since last year I have been chanting Om NAMAH SHIVAYA every day while doing household chores, walking etc. Sometimes I also chant the MAHAMRITYUNJAYA MANTRA.
    Is this okay? Will this help me?
    Thanks and Regards.

  7. Archana
    there is a defenite help for migraine. but you have to meet me in person

  8. My son suffers from Schizophrenia since the last 4 yrs. and is under medication for the same. He refuses to do anything. He will jst wake up, take bath, eat exercise a little ..and that is it.
    Refuses to be separated from me (his mother)He chants the Gayathri mantra daily.
    Anything you may be able to suggest to help me?

  9. Give him Chicory wildrose hornbeam -bach flower remedies. 3pils three times a day.
    chant AMBIKA ANADHINIDHANA ASHWAROODA, APARAAJITHA, over a glass of water and give that water to him.

  10. Its giving me lot of sakti and relief four my mind

  11. sir,
    my son is very arrogant,lazy ,is any mantra to control his thoughts.

  12. Namaste!
    One more time I am asking for guidance, after successful results last time 🙂

    I am consciously or unconsciously delaying my marriage because of some financial and some personal issues.

    At the same time i understand and fear, as many people are telling me that – delays will make things worse in later life.

    In need of guidance.


  13. wantsomuchlove

    Hi. My husband does not want to have a physical relation with me. Ours was a love marriage. I went against my parents and family’s wishes and married him. Everyone is ok with the alliance now and it’s eleven years past marriage. Before marriage and after also maybe for one year he was physically attracted to me. I am sorry I am mentioning all this but it is important.But we never consummated the marriage ever. I am still a virgin married for 11 years now. He says there is nothing wrong with me but he hates me touching him. I feel maybe it’s wrong to think of physical relationship as he has become very pious. Meditates for 2-3 hours in a day. He loves me but not in a physical way. When I touch him even on his hand he pulls away and acts disgusted. he loves me in every other way, buys me things and supports me but he doesn’t want me to touch him. I am in my mid thirties. I wonder if I am wrong. Maybe physical relationship is “bad”? But I am married to him. I don’t know what is correct. I have to admit sometimes I feel very frustrated and I can’t focus on anything. I feel like I should have married someone else? But I know it’s wrong to think that way because he loves me. But I feel empty. I feel ugly. Maybe it’s because I gained weight, but am not too fat.
    I chant Guru Gugan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam, Namah shivayam, Thiruneelakantham and Kunjithapadam Sharanam. I feel our marriage is incomplete. Also he has no job since few years now. He won’t let me consult a psychiatrist for my issues and he is very strict and gets angry with me if I try to talk about my problems. Yet he wants me to happy. I feel I am trapped in a unrealistic situation. I feel like jumping off the building sometimes. i have lot of fear. If he finds I am in touch with you, he will be mad at me.

    • wants so much love

      i am happy that you have let out. so many so many have been trapped like this.
      i think that both of you should take bach remedies. You can put the pills in common drinking water. you have to get it from the centre
      In the mean time, i give you a chanting -LOVE KONG CHI HU – you chant this continuosly as many times as possible, especially in the night in the bed.

      • wantsomuchlove

        Thank you so much for understanding, Naran sir. If I try to talk to someone about it they misunderstand me.
        I’ve been wanting to attend your workshops too but he’s not allowing me to come. If I were in your city I would have. I will chant as you have said, thank you so much. Also, I thought I am the only one like this. it’s comforting to know, I wish they had groups so we could let out about this.Unfortunately this is taboo in our country and we silently suffer entire life.

        • wantsomuchlove

          i tried talking to him after chanting the mantra but he is not accepting my love. He is also not willing to work it out, he says he wants “NO Responsibility”. Also he is not working since several years now. He things everything will fall from the sky and things will be alright in future. I am suffering. I want to die. Atleast he should then pay for my education, that also he is not willing to do. I hate this life.

          • wantsomuchlove
            without reading this sentence in my reply “i think that both of you should take bach remedies”, you are wallowing your comments. or having read this line you have ignored this?
            When you cannot follow what i said, you cant be helped.

            • wantsomuchlove

              no problem, I will find help somehow. Thank you for being so extremely patient and kind.

              • wantsomuchlove

                Hi Naran
                Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help and sorry from the bottom of my heart. In desperation I felt hurt and snapped. you are doing a great service and thank you for all your help. God bless you for all the help and strength you have given me.
                Is it ok if only I take the bach remedies as he refuses to take it after asking many times?

                • wantsomuchlove

                  also along with the bach remedies you have suggested, is it ok for me to take Bach Rescue remedy also?

  14. wantsomuchlove
    change your name to givesomuchlove.
    yes you can take even though he does not take.

  15. Hello Guru Naran , I feel so blessed that I have stumbled upon you! Thankyou for always helping people in distress and depression I need help concerning my relationship I love my mate so much so does he we are strongly attracted to each other and we are very passionate about each other he showers me with love and attention he supports me take cares of me and he understands me and accepts all my flaws .. The problem is that I have a hard time trusting him I do trust but than I don’t he is my first relationship we live six hours apart and We try our best to c each other and we speak constantly but I have trust issues and it hurts him so much I become abusive and lose full control of myself he is friendly with other women and rather attractive man and it slipped out of his omit that he tries very hard to be faithful I don’t have to try hard it’s easy for me to be faithful .. I guess I’m always scared of losing him because he makes me so happy but I get overwhelmed by paranoia and I racy badly and it hurts me so much when I see him hurt I just need to know why do I feel like he’s seeing other women sometimes why am I so scared of losing him I love him he said he wants to marry me and have my children his family has met me but my family doesn’t like him because he’s Indian and I am persian and I don’t care anymore but my mom always wishes he leaves me but he helps me be a better person and I can’t seem to feel alright without my mothers blessing it’s hard u know I feel lifeless when he’s not around my birthday is august 10 1992 and his birthday is October 12 1991 .. I need help so my parents can accept my relationship and that I can find a job or get accepted into school so I can stay with him and I need to start trusting him fully so we can stop fighting because he’s gotten literally sick and depressed I can’t do this to him I love him so much I just need to understand y I feel so insecure and I’m so possessive jealous I want his undevided attention pls help me

  16. Thaganyagie Pather

    I thank the divine for bringing me here. I am in dire need of a huge financial amount . I need some way to get that amount as soon as possible . I do work part time but earn too little as God is my witness. I need to settle debts and for some medical treatment. I also need a mantra to be able to be independant because depending on other people brings very painful words. Thank you and the Divine in advance .

  17. sir my husband is doing what his mom says because of that he throwed me out of house but I want my husband to come back to me n should be in my control plz save my marriage plz

  18. Is it Guhan or Gugan in the mantra. Thanks Naran Sir !

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