Overcome Your Fear of Death!!!

Lalitham Lambodaram Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Balachandram

Specialty of this mantra is that it contains the energy of both sun and the moon. Baskaram means sun. Balachandram means moon. While chanting, the mantra gets the power of Siva as well.

When these energies join forces, it releases the fear of death in us. Though, today you are confident that you can face death easily, when you face death, you will encounter fear of death.

Why do we have that fear? After you die you go through a channel of darkness. Those memories from previous lifetimes are with you. All along we are attuned and habituated to light and therefore we have this fear. Death means darkness, while life means light.

How do we overcome Fear of Death?

  1. Switch off all lights.
  2. Watch the darkness.
  3. Chant this mantra loud or within yourself.
  4. Initially, it will be difficult to keep your eyes open in the darkness. After 15 minutes or so, your eyes would be tuned to darkness.
  5. Once you develop the courage to face darkness, you will not get over the fear of death.

When somebody near to you is dying…

When somebody is dying then please chant this mantra. Then after the death, he will not waver here and there (in the spirit form). He will go straight to the other dimension.

If a person dies after meeting with an accident, the soul will be traumatized. Chant Lalitham Lambodaram Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Balachandram mantra to keep the soul in peace.

Spirit holds the person forever – a case study

For last 13 years, Ganesh had a spirit holding on to him. It drained his energy. Every night it will come and posses him for just for an hour. Then next day, he can’t work properly. After chanting this mantra for one night, he was fully recovered.

Ganesh – In his own words:

I had this problem of losing energy once in a while. I was protecting myself from it, with the support of a Pranic healer (my guru) from Bangalore.

I was feeling helpless without the support of my guru, as he passed away recently. I was having some Chakra healing treatment too, without much improvement.

Then, I consulted Naran, who asked me to chant this mantra. Within one day of chanting, I could drive the spirit out. Somehow it had vanished.

I find this mantra as most powerful. Now, I am chanting this mantra daily.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. what mantra did you actually use to get rid of the entity

  2. shanie,

    • i have been using this mantra for a few days and I am amazed at it thank you so much.

      Is there a mantra that allow you trust in the divine and go ahead without fear

  3. Shanie’
    ham, yam

  4. pls naran sir if you can tell some remedy for numbness in my arms and have cyst near the armpit which pains only when touched, is their any yoga ,mudra etc.sorry to bother you im asking this question again .

    • anu,
      there is one Drawing mixture available with the centre. you can buy that. for numbness i will send you bach flowr remedies.
      mail yogashobana@yahoo.com for the remedies and bank details.

  5. priya m. banerjee

    Sir is there any mantra for acidity?

  6. Hello Naran Sir,

    It’s about social issue . 1 guy was hurrasing me and he behaved very badly with me though he was friend and i was so much influnced by him , from the deep inside I know that he is worst guy but i was totally carried away by him. At the last I decided not to keep any relation with him so he got mad and out of fun he started to hurrass me with other psycho friends. He slapped me on road and abused me like anything . And he almost thought to rape me . I fear to go out of my house because of him . I’ve been suffering a lot . I had to leave my job. He did each and everything to hurras me . He’s psycho and mentally retarded person for him every girl is slut . So I want justice from divine and want indication That he won’t hurrass me anymore in future. I can’t narrate whole matter on public domain . I hope you understood my problem and kindly help me with some Mantra or SW or any remedy so I can come over it and get some indication and jutice at earliest. It’s been almost 1 year I have been living my life like this . I learnt reiki to come out of from this problem . Did many other things but don’t know why nothing is working out.

    Please help me with some remedy .

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