How did I find the power of Sree Ram Jeya Ram Jeya Jeya Ram

Monkeys in Search of Sita – a story from Ramayana

One lakh monkeys went in search of Sita, who was kidnapped by Ravana earlier. After one month of search, they could not find her, and therefore they decided to commit suicide.

They were speculating about what they have to do, about Rama and so on, over the top of a hilltop.

There was an eagle residing there, with no wings. He is brother of Jadayu and his name is Sambavi. At one time Jadayu and Sambavi flew very high in order to touch the Sun God. Jadayu couldn’t bear the heat of the sun. Sambavi threw over him to protect him from sun. With the result, he lost his wings and fell down. Since then he was living in the bottom of the hill.

The mantra helped Sambavi to grow its wings

When the monkeys were talking about Rama and Sita, Sambavi called them. He mentioned to them that Ravana is forcibly keeping Sita with him. Monkeys felt elevated and chanted this mantra, while Hanuman crossed the ocean to reach Lanka (where Sita was a prisoner in the kingdom ruled by Ravana), without any problem.

The wings of Sambavi grew immediately on hearing the mantra and it became as tall as the sky.

Rama said thanks to Sambavi for the vital information provided by him. Ram could free Sita eventually.

That’s why burnt cell can become alive when you chant this mantra. The cell that forgot to commit suicide is the cancer cell.

Power of the Rama Mantra

Finally the war came to an end. Rama and Ravana met in the battle field. Demons numbering more than 10 lakhs have surrounded Ravana protecting him. How to kill him? Only arrow of Rama can do it, as it has a speciality – where the name of Rama is inscribed on it. Vali figures that and says Rama would never do this. That’s a diff story.

Gandharva asthra (weapon) was used to create an illusion. After the arrow was shot, one demon one will see the other person as Rama. They killed themselves in the process. Gandharva asthra made them to kill themselves. There was a miscommunication. This is healing happened due to the word Rama inscribed.

Heal cancer and avoid cancer with this mantra.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi,
    Good Afternoon.
    Just went through your website & got mantras to over come problems.
    My sister have cancer in stomach and she went through operation few days back.
    Now doctor says she has to go for Chemo therapy.
    Please suggest powerfull mantra to overcome from this therapy+ from cancer.
    Please help.

  2. instead of overcoming chemo hterapy avoid it. chant sri ram jaya ram jaya jaya ram.

  3. swami ji …..I wanted to goto USA and i dont see any chances to b honestly can you please suggest me any powerful mantra …i want go to there work and take mom dad too and give them a happy life … Plss suggest something

    Write this 500 times daily and chant also

  5. Namashkar Naranji
    Respected Sir
    This below querie is for one of the friend of my daughter who needs guidence..
    SIR i am christanby faith kindly give me switch words remedies for my situation, I want to move to New Zealand because my fiance is there but the only way i can get there is by a student visa even though i have already worked and studied there, now i do not have funds to support it.

  6. 8.ftrrs

  7. Pranam sir jee ! I just wanted to share a miracle with all ur devotees that happened to me this evening! I had a conflict with my husband on a serious issue. He is actually a very honest & wonderful person. But very conservative & suspicious specially about me. Today he blamed me for such a thing that i even didn’t do. At present i am at my parents’ house. He called me, was so ride with me & said he didn’t want to see my face again! I was so much upset & heart broken. Suddenly i found a ray of divine light & faith as i didn’t do anything wrong, nothing could b wrong with me! Immediately I closed my eyes & sat in safe n secure mudra and chanted the flower remedies “beach, walnut, willow, agrimony, chicory, cherry plum”. I also did the forgiveness exercise. Then I chanted SRI RAM JAYA RAM JAYA JAYA RAM continuously. Within an hour he called me and everything was normal. He is coming to take me soon. I am so happy. thanks to divine & thanks to naran sir for his unconditional help to mankind.. There r many more miracles that happen to me everyday regarding switch words, mantras & beach flower remedies.. I am so grateful to naran sir.. I wish i could touch his feet & get his blessing some day as he is one of the most favourite son of God…..

  8. Namaste Naranji,

    My father is having bipolar disorder for the past 7 years. He is a chronic alcoholic too.he doesn’t cooperate with medical treatment. My mother is alone there with him. She lives in fear. Please help me to heal my father and get back our family’s happiness.

  9. Hi Sir,

    I’m new to switchwords but since one of my friend was practicing it, followed it and have found success in few areas.

    My dad was diagnosed with Cancer mainly around the liver and Portal vein thrombosis and Liver cirrohosis last Oct 27th ’15.

    By following an ayurvedic treatment he was declared cancer free in Feb’16, but unfortunately we noticed swelling in his body and again came for diagnosis and since last 2 months his condition is getting worse.

    We have admitted him in the hospital and continuously chanting KUNJITHA PAADAM SARANAM and SRI RAM JEYA RAM JEYA JEYA RAM.

    We are also calling the sun god and imagining that they heal the organs.

    Please help me I don’t want to lose him. We have also been given few EC’s by our friend which we are energizing.

    Need help very quickly please help us.



  10. Pranaam guruji….i sis is suffering from TB,please advise mantra to heal it….

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