Treating Fever and UTI


My father was admitted for the 3rd time in GH, Pondicherry), after an episode of Seizure. We took him to JIPMER where he was treated for UTI.

He got discharged on 8th of this month. After more than 40 days of our hospital and house shuttle, he came home. He again developed UTI after coming and its being treated at home.

He also gets regular bouts of fever due to infection.

Your site is my RESCUE REMEDY!!!

I read the mantra healing topic and I’m chanting the Mantra “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” in the water and mixing it with a bottle of water and giving him. Also, I have written and placed the same Mantra under his pillow.

I noticed that from the day I started to give this water, he never had a high-grade fever. It only touches to 100 or sometimes no fever at all.

Thanks to you and the Mantra….!!!

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. My dad is having Parkinson. He is under medication but, it seems that he has no hope and he is always depressed. He says he is fed up of taking medicines and many times he misses it. His disease has now sored so much that he is unable to walk or move. I am very scared for him. i am the only person earning and so cant take frequent leaves , however my younger brother takes care of him. But i am very much worried. I read one post wherein it was mentioned that madhavam, madhavan mantra is good to for nerves disorder. can you please help me in this situation, i want my dad to live a normal life, i know parkinson cannot be treated, but atleast i want him to gain his confidence back and speak properly. I cant see him this way. Please help

  2. yes MADHAVAM MADHAVAN IS helpful.
    give him the remedies ROCKWATER SCLERANTHSU CHERRYPLUM IMPATIENS WILLOW (for aversion) – a combination that can help.

  3. my brother -in-law is addicted to drinking.he is married & 47 years old.he is unemployed.we suspect him having ex-marital affair also.please suggest a suitable remedy for all this.thank you in advance.

  4. shakthi
    chant OM NAMO NARAYANAYA daily 1000 times

  5. Dear Naran Sir

    Can i chant “Om Howm Vum Joom Saha” by touching the water bottles that my kids use to bring to school. How many times should i chant ? Will this help for my daughter who has Diabetic Type 1 ?

    Thank you in advance.

  6. Chadra Jobai
    chant for 100 times. this will help her. not diabetis.

  7. namaste sir i have complited be mechanical engg in2012 but did nt get job last 2yrs plz help which mantra wil chant ? and how to get that mantr ?plz plz plz help its urgent guruji

  8. ramya krishna

    sir,my name is ramya krishna.’m suffering from uti from dec 2012.after my delivery i’m feeling very painful,10 months i used antibiotics,after that i used homeopathy.20 days back water appears in my hands and legs and i am having kidney pains also.i don’t know what to and my husband wants to go for hyderabad for better treatment.i’m having vaginal burning also.plz give a suggestion sir,i’m helpless .i don’t knw what to do

  9. plz sir KINDLY REPLY ME URGENT ,i’m confused to use homeopathy or allopathy o

    • Naran sir doesn’t reply on these blogs anymore. Please add him on facebook or meesage him your queries on facebook . Or else contact him over phone.please do not opt for allopathy for uti it is a waste. You can go for homeopathy or ayurveda as it is effective for uti .

  10. Goodluck with you procious messages also give us only to sir….

  11. I am suffering from ocd please help

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