Mantras for Physical Wellness

Recovery from fever

When you get fever, hold a bottle of water, chant all the organ mantras and give it the concerned person. Check out the “Organ Mantra” CD. It contains all the Organ mantras.

Stomach related

Chinese Mantra EEJOE is very good for gastritis, gas problem and stomach related diseases. After overeating, EEJOE is the mantra to be chanted.

Sugar Issues and a need for good digestion

Chant the mantras RUM BUM LUM DHUM. Dhum gives comfort after eating. The food that was eaten has to be digested and we should be ready for the next meal isn’t it J

Madhavam Madhavan

This mantra acts on our nervous systems. It improves shoulder movement and removes pain.

Lower Back Pain


Memory Loss

WUNG R HONG, this is a Chinese mantra that improves your memory and helps people afflicted with Parkinson disease.

Lifetime 24/7 Protection Cover

KAALA HANDRI SARVA VYATHI PRASHAMANI KAALA HANDRI SARVA MRUTHYU NIVARANI: is useful to handle psychiatric problems. This mantra goes to the root of the disease and heals it. It takes care of children and protects them from untimely deaths. There will be no accidents. Life will be fully protected.

Some more mantras

In Chinese there is a mantra pronounced as “EE”. We have an equivalent mantra “EEM”. To take care of the right ear we can keep on say this mantra.

“BUM” will remove any cough

“PAM” will clear urethra the urine pathway.

OM HROOM works effectively on liver and thus handles our anger effectively. H is connected with breath and therefore all the internal organs mantras have ‘H’ in them.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. I have a lot of health issues – but now I am in too much of pain due to endometriosis and medicines arent effective at all – can you please suggest something

  2. Rashmi


  3. I have diagonised with globus tumor with so much pain in finger tips. Can you please suggest some mantra to cure it without surgery.


  4. I have digestion and elimination related problem. Please suggest me the mantra for diabetes, indigestion, gas with pungent smell, colitis and rectal prolapse. Stool passes in small amount and have to go many times to rest room. Thanks for your kind consideration.

  5. For any pain chant HARI OM

  6. Amit
    you consult a doctor. you have to regularize your food

  7. dear naran,

    i have have had so many physical issues all my life many with unknown origins. what is best to chant? thank you for your time

  8. soma

  9. Dear Sir
    My Husband has pain in the neck and hands which comes and goes.
    The doctors say there is nothing wrong at all with the bones or anything else but maybe due to excessive sports and playing outdoor activities, it might be because of that.
    Please let me know any remedies for that and if i can do it, it will be better.

    Thanks alot sir

  10. Philo
    Ask him to do yoga.
    bio tissue salts calcarea phos mag phos and kaliphos will help him. you can buy these tablets in any homeopathy shop and have. The potency is 6x.
    3 tablets each 3 times a day

  11. Dear Sir,

    My daughter is 12 months old. She hasnt been gaining much weight and after getting her tests done, we found that Alkaline Phosphotase is very high in her body. Doc says, it could be due to some liver disease or bone disease. She passes stool almost after every meal and seems there is problem in her digestion. Her Vitamin D is also low, so doc has suggested some syrups for the same. If Alkaline doesnt come to normal range after a month, doc will do other tests.

    Could you please suggest some mantra for her well being. She seems to have digestion problem. We would highly be obliged. Also please suggest what time of the day and how many times, the mantra should be chanted.

    Many thanks in advance

  12. mommy
    chant DURGA DOSHAVARHITHA DURAACHAARA SHAMANI 100 times over a glass of water and give her

  13. Dear sir,

    I can’t thank you enough for the guidance and help u gave. Today only we got the test reports of our daughter, her alkaline is at the normal range now and doctor has ruled out any liver disease,
    The only concern is that she’s only 7.3 kgs which is very less for a 14 month old. Should i continue to chant the same mantra as u suggested? She’s a fussy eater too.

    Please suggest what should I chant that she eats well and puts on a decent weight and height.

    Thanks so much.

  14. Thanks sir, I am continuing to chant the same. Although my daughter’s test results seem to be fine, but she still continues to pass the stool 3-4 times a day. It’s not diarrhea either. We are worried that it might hinder her weight gain. I will also give her the walnut flower remedy as you suggested. Is it available in any of the homeopathy shop? Or do I need to buy from your centre as I’m based in Delhi.


    • Mommy,
      available in homeopathy shops.
      Add mimulus also.
      you take Redchestnut 2 pills three times a day to overcome your concern and fear about the child

  15. Sure, Sir. I too think that at times i overreact. I will take Redchestnut myself. and for the baby, i will give walnut and mimulus one dose each of 3 pills as u suggested.

    Many thanks.

  16. naran sir,with regards i request you kindly suggest switch words or mantra for body tremors and dizziness in your blog. b.dash.

  17. Naranji,
    your manttas have helped me in solving so many issues thank you for the same .I want your help in one issue my daughter is 30 years old and she had no sugar pronblem befre her marriage she has now type 2diabetes. can you suggest some mantra so that she is free from that problem please help naran ji

  18. my sister has fibroid , rheumatoid arthiritis and thyroid .Her mouth is deviated due to dystonia. she is unmarried .her age is 33.kindly tel the mantra for all these problems

  19. Hello Sir, My daughter is so stubborn. and if she asks some thing she will not leave until she get it from us.till taht time she is keep on crying without break. if she wanted to have food she has to watch kids channel in TV without that she will not have food only crying. everyday shewants a chokolate from me after coming back from office and while going to office.. pls tell me a remidy for this ..thanks

  20. shubhlaxmi bhat

    sir my mother detected with nokardia infection and spinal tb at present she is going through lot of pain please help

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