Complicated health cases can be healed

Kunjitha Padam Saranam

No matter how big the physical problem may be, this mantra will heal it. It can heal any physical problem.

In cases, when doctors are not able to diagnose the problem or where doctors complicate the case, Kunjitha Padam Saranam mantra will help. Those who have experienced it are also present in this class.

Even if we hear someone close to us is in the hospital or if someone is unwell – this will work. We can write the name of the patient and mantra using the circle technique, in a piece of paper and keep it with us, especially when the patient is not able to chant.

Case study

There was a lady who used to go hospital once in a week. When she was in hospital – her health is fine. No issues were found. All parameters will be normal and therefore the doctors will discharge her, saying nothing is wrong about her physical condition.

However, the moment she comes back home, she will fall sick.  She won’t be able to walk, and will be bedridden. She cannot get up and always lying down.

For this problem, her husband called me and mentioned this happens every month. For last one month, she had been in and out of the hospital.

I suggested to the husband to write “Kunjitha Padam Saranam” on paper and keep it under her pillow, when she was in the house. She recovered soon after. Till today, she is alright and has no need to go to the hospital.

So we see, this is the ultimate mantra for any chronic problem or those who are bedridden – it will help. Even patients who are unconscious will gain consciousness, when this mantra is chanted on behalf of them.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    My Father has lost vision in one eye and and other eye has been operated for glaucoma 5 no of times and still the vision is bleak can barely see on from 1 feet distance.
    Sir, Please guide from all angels like switch words, animal spirit, Mantra and how to use these effectively so that his normal vision is restored.

    May GOD Bless You

    Thanking You,

    • Mahesh
      Ask your father to do eye exercise given in some yoga centres.
      Ask him to chant LALITHAM LAMBODHARAM, LALITHAM BASKARAM, LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM daily as many times as possible.

      • Respected Sir
        My daughter diagnosed with ulcerative colitis since 2013 , has been going through very difficult time. Sir kindly guide us.
        Thanks for your guidance.
        God bless you.

  2. Hello Sir,
    My husband has been diagonsed with renal failure. Doctors say he should have a kidney transplant. I want him to get cured without the transplant, can this happen by using your remedies? If so please tell me what I should do?

    • had he been dialysed, it is not possible.

      • Dear Sir,
        He is being dialysed, but he is only 31 yrs old. So doctors say dialysing for the rest of his life will affect the lifestyle and his health. Right now he is at home and thrice a week we take him for dialysis. Also by dialysis he is not his usual self as before, he tires out. I just can’t see him being so weak. He is a very jovial and strong person. So when I saw your site I felt a hope that something can be done. He is already on heavy medication, so please help me with your remedies..

        • rashmikalyani
          place your hand on the kidneys, chant MUSTARD for five minutes. after five minutes place your hands on the kidneys chant LARCH.
          These two remedies will revive the nephrons – will give life to the cells of the kidney.
          chant OLIVE over a cup of water or anything he takes and giv e him that. This will strengthen his physical body.

          • shiv shankar

            My mother have the same problem…..but didn’t mention here about…where..we have to place our hand either on our kidneys or patient’s kidney..n that’s…. Confusing me..plzzz tell sir

    Respected Naran Sir,
    My mummy Mrs Chandravati Morjaria age 72 yrs is hospitalized & operated in the brain for brain heammerage. She is unconscious now. As her BP shot up to 200 her blood started leaking in the brain.Operation was done successfully.Dr says she will remain unconscious for a week then we will come to know the results. Now her BP is ubder control & her condition is stable. pls let me know what should i chant. I have started chanting Kunjitha padam Saranam. Thanks to all of u in advance.

  4. Hello Sir,

    My mother is suffering from Parkinson’s disease & She is suffering so much because of that. Allopathic medicine is not helping her much. Can you please suggest some mantras to reduce her pain.

    waiting for your response,


  5. Swati
    give her flower remedies rockrose, scleranthus..
    chant madhavam madhavan

  6. Dear sir,my health never bcomes stable…there is sum problem in my stomach..some people have told me its navel displacement..sum doctors have given me medicines..nothing is working,all tests are normal….im suffering alot please suggest me any mantra to eradicate my whatsoever problem…please help me ,im suffering from 3 condition is really miserable.

  7. Arashu

  8. Sir

    Is there any mantra to control lust?

  9. svarbanu
    one has to take the gem remedy (pills) coral and chant PASUPATHIM MAHADEVAM

    • Pranam Sir,

      I am happily married with two children. My husband had a renal transplant 8 years back. His father donated his kidney. Now the doctors are again saying he may need renal transplant again. Can his original kidneys be revived. Please advise which mantra should I chant and how many times. Your advise can change our lives.

  10. Dear Sir, I m 27 and suffering from IBS (indigestion/gas) condition. I tried allopathic medication. but the problem dint vanish. Now i m under ayurvedic treatment. I want to know if there any remedy for this condition. thanks a lot. I quit my job and unable to socialize due to this trouble. I am waiting for ur reply sir.

  11. sampth
    Take the flower remedies WALNUT MIMULUS HORNBEAM. Each 2pills one after the other, three times a day. Take Whitechestnut 5 pills in the night.

    • Dear Naran Sir,
      I am facing Irritable Bowel Syndrome over 2 years now. A few times I eat food outside, this problem starts. Medication and diet control gives temporary help only. Can you please suggest a switchword for IBS and also for Herpes Simpex?

  12. Naranji, I am suffering from a metal skin allergy for decades. I have asthma and metal skin allergy in family and relatives.

    I don’t have asthma anymore but sometimes wheezing occurs from dust etc. This metal allergy started from wearing metal ornaments decades ago. Now it is always itching and looks like eczema/psorarsis and never heals. I am not allergic to gold or silver ornaments though.

    I also have very dry skin and extremely rough palms and soles of feet. My hair is also very dull and thin from stress.

    I live outside India. So please suggest a healing chant or practice so that I can completely heal my skin and hair. This would help me live with confidence.

    Thank You so much for your help.

  13. Sita Sailaja Pappu

    Dear Sri Naran- My husband is going through cancer treatment now and is proceeding to a stem cell transplant. My friend was guided to the healing mantra “Kunjitha Padam Saranam” and we put the mantra inside a circle along with his name and put it under his pillow. We really appreciate any other guidance you can provide for a cure for him.

  14. Sita Sailaja Pappu
    you can call sun-god and pray to him to send solar life energy rays to fuill up all his organs. visualise the solar life energy rays filling up his organs.

  15. Dear Sri Narenji,
    Is there any Switchword or any other remedial solution for Stuttering or stammering, which I am suffering for last 45 years.
    Normally I speak flutently with one or two persons.
    But before a group it is very diffuclt to speak.
    Can you suggest a Switchword or Mantra or any chant for me.
    Thanking you,
    With best regards,


  16. Senthil Kumaran

    Dear sir,
    i am suffering from problem in pancreas, the digestive enzymes in pancreas are not properly secreating to digest the oily foods. since March 2007 onwards i am having this problem. i have tried allopathy and homeopathy medicines but not yet cured. now for the past one year i am managing the problem with yoga. kindly suggest what can be done to cure this problem?

  17. senthil kumaran,
    i think i mailed you. chant RAVIKIRAN RUCHIKARAN daily 200 times. you can also chant over a tumbler of water and take the water.

  18. vijayalakshmi

    dear sir,
    i’ve been detected with kidney stones and i’m on homeopathic medication.kindly suggest me a mantra for curing stones.

  19. vijayalshmi,
    take the flower remedies crab apple rockwater willow EACH 2 PILLS TWO TIMES A DAY. TAKE THEM SEPARATELY.
    “I RELEASE ALL STONES OF ANGER FROM MY CELL MEMORY. You can write this daily for 51 times.

  20. Sir i live in states and my husband has been diagnosed with uveitus in one of his eye..he is 29 and has a job which makes him sit in front of the computer all day long…he even has troubles driving at night…
    please suggest me something i could do for him…i am worried a lot for his eyes

    Thanks in advance

  21. monisha,
    “cortisol change divine order” This will reduce stress and relax him.
    keep your hands on the hypthalamus area behind head and say this.chant around 200 times daily while he is lying down or on the computer

  22. Dear Sri Naran

    I have a brother who is on renal failure and is a dialysis partent.
    A mantra to heal his kidneys

    With multiple fractures in the right leg [ ankle has become deformed ] is there any chance to heal and get him better.
    The leg needs to be straightned to heal so that he can walk on his own.

    He also has poor eye sight on his right side.

    He is married still young and hopping to get a child if possible. A mantra please to help with this.

    Please could you help him with a manthra to help get his life back on track with a bit of happiness.

    I had lost hope but after reading some of your articles I am changing my out look to life and getting closer to god as well.

    Thank you.

  23. a.siva,
    keep the hands on the kidney area and say Om 7 times and say the following statement once, “Activate neural path to cell memory images of LOVE AND LIGHT replacing renal failure images.”
    After finishing the statement, chant OM.
    do this daily two times.
    you can write the statement,”OM Activate neural path to cell memory images of LOVE AND LIGHT replacing renal failure images.”

  24. Pranam sir

    thanks for giving such a wonderful blog which gives a lot of confidence to people who are suffering.

    i am a female married age 32 yrs. No children so far.Reason being frigidity problem which prevents me to have IC with my husband.Nowdays i am totally losing even the desire to have .
    IC .Health wise i am a fit person as gynec feel i am fine just a bit anemic and have thyroid problem.Have constipation from childhood.
    Can you suggest any mantra or remedy for frigidity problem and bringing back desire


  25. mahesh,
    question No3. have your chekd with doctor for his eye problem? What does he say?
    for shouting in sleep, write ASPEN ROCKROSE in a piece of paper and keep under pillow.
    anybody can chant kunchithapadam saranam

  26. dear Naran sir,
    my sister is suffering with mental desease since 18 she is 35.until her 17 th year she was normal and active girl.we consulted many doctors and find nothing.i request u sir, say some remedy for her to became normal.

    • hari,
      Tapping will work in this case.
      When you tap this statement, visualise what all she did when she was 15 or 16.
      If you dont know what tapping is, learn from somebody

  27. Dear Naren sir,

    I live in US and 8months pregnant now. My parents came here to help me. After they come here all of a sudden my father(64yrs) had unbearble leg pain and in MRI scan came to know that he is having liver cancer advanced stage which was spread to bones.Already he is diabetic.

    So immediately they went to india and just yesterday started taking radiation treatment and course is for 10 days. But doctors are saying untill whole treatment is completed cann’t say about his situation.My whole family is now in depression.

    After reading your article I started chanting “KUNJITHA PADAM SARAM” mantra and asked my mom to write this mantra on paper in circle and keep it under his pillow.

    Also doctors are saying there is no permanent cure at this stage.Iam desperately looking for your help. So can you pls give me powerful mantra that can heal his pain and cancer permanently and prolong his life.

  28. josna,
    continue that mantra.
    write 58 in a piece of paper and keep it under his pillow .
    you chant QUIET MIND OPEN HEART TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible

  29. Hello Sir

    My husband has diagnosed with a Renal Faliure and on Dialysis since last year october. He is 37 years old and is Diabetic. Since he he has come on dialysis his condition is getting worse. his Blood Pressure is Very high and has result in Brain Damage and Stroke.and his eyesight has gone very bad that he cannot read or see things unless very very close. doctors are saying that they cannot help him with his eyesight. he has lost all the hope idont know what to do.I am desperately looking for your help. So can you pls give me powerful mantra that can heal his kidneys and all other dieases.

    Thank You

  30. jasvinder
    chant OM HRAIM NAMAHA for kidneys.
    Hold a pencil quarts crystal on your hand. Say to the crystal,three times, “please absorb retain and transmit solar life energy rays only” Blow through mouth the above statement every time you say.

    Then call sun god,”sun-god please send solar kidney life energy rays to restore the function of kidneys.Visualise the solar life energy rays filling up the crystal. keep the crystal in your hand for 6 minutes. chant Baskaran prabodham.
    keep the crystal on the kidney area for one hour. then wash the crystal and keep it separately. Next day repeat the healing.
    Write in a piece paper, FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE in a paper and keep it under his pillow.

  31. hello sir,
    My mother is 45yrs old and she is suffering from kidney failure from last 10 day by day her condition is getting worse.plz sir plz help me .

  32. Dear Sir,

    My wife almost lost her one kidney.Her one kidney is working good but the another one is working only 25% and she got pain in her stomach anytime due to kidney problem.

    Please advice some effective mantra that i will chant it on behalf of my wife.


    Chander Bhatt.

    • Ask her to chant OM HRAIM NAMAHA.
      Write Mustard gentian Together be now in a paper and keep it under her pillow.Ask her to thank all her organs processes,and systems of the body.

  33. Dear sir, i am 35 years old and i am diagnosed renal failure of both kidneys and am also diabetic but not going to dialysis am using medicines please tell me any for my problem

    CHANT om hraim namaha

  35. I am working in a pharma company and the company is not doing well. I have not got my salary also for the past 5 months. My husband who is into real estate business is not financially stable. Please suggest some mantra for both of us to become prosperous & financially stable.

  36. gud mornin sir pls help my father is sufferrin so badly from 3 months , he is losmotions continuesly frm 3 months and nt stopin at al , after check up in hospital doctor tld has ulcer in stomach , but my father don ve any pain , nearly more than 25 times i lift him frm bed and make him to go toilet , non of the tablets are workin , pls help he is become so weak nearly 16 kgs has been reduced , pls help wit mantras , i beg u pls sir , waiting for ur reply

  37. my cusin’s wife and my uncle and his wife are injured in a accident
    can i help by chant this manthra for them
    “Kunjitha Padam Saranam ”
    let me know to how pronounce how many times

    with thanks in full faith


    My sister aged 38 years is diagnosed fearly onset os spondilytes.
    She is feeling pain in and around neck upto chest portion. The pains are more during winter season and if any household work done. She is taking Ayurvedic or Homepathic medicines, but relief is temporary.
    Hence I am kindly requesting you to suggest some mantra/switch word/batch flower remedies.
    Thanking you

    • Dear Shri Naranji,
      We are in Mumbai at present. I am not having your address in Mumbai. If you are based in some other city, it is difficult for me to reach you.
      Corrrection: The word early may be replaced instead fearlly in my above comment on 31-1-2013, which is a typing error.

      Now I am giving her Sujok Seed Therapy, which is giving her some relief. The pain is reduced. Homeopathy medincines also taking. No allopathic medicines given as she is feeling severe gas trouble when she takes pain killers such as Overon etc.

      Now if it is possible kindly suggest me any Mantra or Switch Word or Batch flower remedy.

      Thanking you,

      • srinivas,
        i can give some combination of flower and colour remedies.
        ask her to describe the pain. that is the pointer for me.

        • Dear Shri Naranji,
          The pain starts from front side of neck to to chest portion and feels some weight on upper portion of chest (or below neck).
          The pain is more in winter than summer.
          The pain generally comes in the evening and subsidizes in the morning. The pain will come again if any weight lifts or more work with hands.
          X-ray shows that there is early symptoms of spondilysis.
          Allopathic doctor asked to take calcium tablets and asked to do some neck exercises.
          Also a diabetic and thyroid.
          I asked her to chant switch word ‘CHANGE’ but has no that much effect.
          These are her symptoms.
          Thanking you,
          A SRINIVAS

  40. srinivas,
    come in person

  41. dear sir,
    my fiancee is studying in abroad , but still he is not getting success in anything, please tell any remedy so that he gets success soon n settle down there , because my family n his family have been waiting since long for him to come india, so that we could marry, but nothing is getting solved, he gets many obstacles in every work he do , esp at the end .


  42. sona,
    chant walnut oak hornbeam

    • Thànks sir,
      How many times do I hve to chant.. and should we both chant this mantra or only myself…..
      Sir, I would like to ask the solution for my longterm problem….since childhood, I have motion sickness while travelling,,, one of the precipitating factor is breathing in combusted diesel. After taking seat in car or bus,, in no time I vomit up, even if I don’t eat anything before travel…..I think I have severe motion sickness as compared to others, that end up in dehydration n weakness..
      Please help……thanks

  43. sona,
    take the Bach flower remedies scleranthus mimulus walnut before boarding the bus
    Dont say that i dont know bach flower remedies. visit this site and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  44. Dear Naran!! HELP!PLease I BEG!! my husband suffered cause of an allergy to a medicine he suffered of burns on his skin and muscles and he almost died,now he cant walk cuz his muscles are recovering but he has a wound on his left heel,and it doesnt want to close,we are desperate! Ive been chanting kunjitha padam saranam using the circle technique 108 timse,AmI chanting the right mantra? or how many times do i have to chant it? please I beg you help us ,he needs to heal,to walk again to go back to his job and pay his hospital bills,and all our liabilities!!!please help me heal the person I love the most!

  45. Ariadne Brianchi Colombo
    give him the flower remedies centaury crab apple star of bethlehem,hornbeam

  46. My 25 year old brother is suffering from lung cancer. After various chemos and medications, it is till there. What mantra should I chant for the bone marrow treatment he is going to undergo to be successful. Please help as we want to see him fit and healthy again.

    Concerned and worried sister.

  47. Rakhs

  48. Hi my dad just had a triple bypass n was doing so well in recovery then after 4 days he suffered a mild stroke on his left hand side of his body please help heal him

  49. sholay,
    chant agrimony centaury hornbeam.
    write madhavam madhavan in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  50. Hai,
    Pass this 2 months my hubby is suffering with chest pain n numness in his left arm..He went to hosp n did so many test n all his test is normal..
    N he also cant sleep properly..having stomach wind prob.. every 2 hours he feel hungry. .
    I just dont know what to do…

    Pls help us….I just want to c my husband back to normal…

  51. Devi
    his digestion is poor. give some digestive tonic. he has to clear the bowels regularly. feeling hungry every two hours is because impaired apana.(wind)

    • Thanks Mr Naran..
      What type of tonic should I gave him…he just took homeopaty medi few days back to clear his bowl..but after 3 days its back to normal..where is tummy bloted with gas n hunger..
      Meanwhile he is having this chest n left arm pain like tingling/electric shock type ….
      V are fr Msia.

      • Devi,
        daily after taking his food, let him keep his hand on the stomach area and chant WU CHI JO for 15 minutes. This will solve the problem. and you have to consult some herbalists there to improve his digesttion

  52. Hai Mr Naran
    My hubby having a fear fealing. Especialy at night times he will sleep1 to 2 hours thn will woke up cos suddenly his heart beat fast.

  53. Devi
    give him the flower remedies whitechestnut Aspen before going to sleep.
    put 5 pills of each in a cup of water and ask him to have it in one gulp.
    do it for 15 days

  54. Hi Sir,

    My brother lost his eyesight on both eyes in an accident (Optic nerver got cut).Doctors are telling that are no chances of retaining his eyesight.He is young and single.Could you please help guide us which mantra would help him regain his eyesight.

    • prasanna kumari
      he can listen to vision improvement cd and while listening he can chant the same mantras also

      • Dear sir,
        Can u kindly help me with IBS, whenever I eat out it triggers it. But the problem seems more psychological. Any mantra/ switchword for it. Also I keep facing Herpes Simplex (genital herpes) on and off. Happened majority post two of my children’s deliveries. I am a female, 31 yrs of age.

        • mansha
          get the remedies DRAWING PILLS from the center. Drawing pills are very effective for herpes and for any infection; the infection will be localised and excreted.
          for irritable bowel syndrom, when you take the food chanting SLOW CARE and masticate the food very slowly for a count of 30.

          • Please help with my earlier problem Naran Sir, about my issue of digestion – still having continuous abdominal cramps. Feel scared to eat normal food or even outside food.. Have to eat soft diet-curd rice, apple juice, jam bread. A few days it feels ok but then problem starts again. Cramps reduce but never go. When increase, I feel nauseous and feel like passing motions again and again. Kindly help.

            • mannet,

              correct your liver and large intestine.

              • Kindly guide as to how to correct my liver and large intestine. Already giving reiki.
                Many thanks.

              • He is suggesting you to meet a doctor — who will correct your food habits, suggest some treatments and so on.

                In addition, Reiki can be given to the whole body and specifically to those parts

                Otherwise, Contact the centre.

                • Yes Sir, Thank you. I understood now. Doc has prescribed soft diet like rice, curd, jam bread ans fruits but the moment I move from that my system is upset again…so any switchwords to go back smoothly to regular diet?

              • We are in the same boat regarding diet. I am doing the following affirmation:

                “I release the part that eats stuff not good for my body and systems. I align with the part that picks the right food for me”.

                Good luck

  55. Sir,
    Thank you for giving us this great mantra for healing.However,the mantra is given in two forms -Kunjitha Padam Saranam—and-Kunchitha Paadham Saranam-
    Kindly tell me which is the correct form to chant for overcoming multiple health problems.
    God bless you.

  56. Sir,

    My friend initially suffering from blood cancer, later it head to brain tumour now. And now doctor also give up with her…
    Actually behind this whole story there was black magic, we separated that evil..but blood cancer and brain tumour is there in her body..
    is there any solution for making cure..
    Plz help..plz

  57. ankit

  58. Praam, My son is only 1 month old and he has been diagnosed with down syndrome which has no cure.Please help me..

  59. hi sir ,it is urgent my father name is t.satyanarayana reddy .he got brain strock due to cloting of blood inside the brain.his left brain maximum part get damaged.he is semi consious in state.he is responding to pain stimulus and his one hand and both lags has a movement .some time he responds our talking saying that he is not responding.his movement also get slow.plz sugest me.i want to save my fathers life.he want to see my marraige.plz …

  60. Dear Sir: Please help me with chanting words to use for being in a sales job with very difficult conditions, difficult people, not enough customers coming in, too little pay, too long hours, not doing well compared to other salespeople in better stores, etc … but I fear leaving this job or moving to another area because over 60 years old and lack of money saved for moving, etc. Thank you so much! You helped me in the past so much with a different situation. Thank you again and again, Carelyn

  61. my husband is operated for ankle ligament.its healing and now he is having knee pain which he fell down before ankle surjery.They are telling that he may need a surjery again.i cant see him in pain any more please tell me what to do.Please tell me the “Kunjitha padam saranam” mantra

  62. dear naran, my brother is 11 years old and he has got white pathes on lip and near eye but it is not calsium marks… it go on spreading on face i want you to help me so that my brother becomes fine…..

  63. dear naran, my mom is having naval displacement which is very old….. and is becomeing fat day by day… plezz sugest me some mantra

  64. Hi,Naran Ji ,
    My father is not keeping well ,some or the other problem keeps happening to his health.last year he had severe pain in his arms and legs,months back low haemoglobin issue,now he is facing weight loss as well as frequent it that any remedy you can suggest me which I can do on his behalf ,also I stay far away from him .Kindly suggest me

  65. Naran Sir
    Please bless me with your divine in foreign country.last month diagnosed with fibroid in uterus,low thyroid,high cholostrol.
    Yesterday my Dr told me that MRI shows that I have less blood supply on right side of brain and some nodes in my left neck side.but what type of nodes and why blood supply is less on right side, for finding cause going to do further tests.All my problems are diagnosed since may 2013.
    I get too much stress in my life.
    I want to heal my self through Bach remedies and mainly with chanting mantra.
    Waiting for your blessed advice.

  66. gaythri,
    Take the flower remedies cerato Mimulus and Rescue Remedy

    • Dear Respected Sir Naranji,Mohanji,Madam Shobanaji
      Please reply my queries why am i not getting any replies of my queries from so many days.Kindly reply me please.THANKS _/\_

  67. respected sir
    my mother is not well.. she is not able to stand or walk. whenever she tries to walk she always fall in backward direction. doctors are not able to diagnose her problem.. i live away from her so kindly advise what can i do that can effect her and she would become fit and fine…plz help me please i beg you

  68. very urgent advice needed for me i request you plz send soon some advice for me

    Namaskar madam
    i am mrunalini
    my husband is suffring with protiens loos in urine & his creatinine is 7.3 & he is physicaly & mentally week.his age is 31
    i deosn known what to do please help me what i should do .
    i cant see him like this he is very jovial person & very strong person because of this health problem he becoming very week.
    we are having very small chidren madam.he is very sleepy . even i want some help for black magic effects also.
    when we pray to god means little bit problem will reduce all of sudden the promlem will arise last week creatinine 5.4 with week only the creatinine is high he does’nt eat anything he is under deit only why this is happening we can’t understood.
    plzzzzzzzz i beg u i request u

    plz plz madam help me & help my husband & my child.

    • p.mrunalini,
      write on a piece of paper “cerato Mimulus and Rescue Remedy” ..keep it under his pillow

  69. Good day! I have keloids on my jawlines due to severe acne a year ago. What can I do about it? Please help!

  70. Dear Naran sir,
    My son ADITYA is 10yrs old and a patient of mild Autism/ADHD . He is hyperactive and having learning disability. He is not able to express his feelings and not interact with anyone.Please help me how to cure his disability by your techniques.

  71. naranji,with regards i seek your valuable advice on my old father’s recovering from paralysis .after treatment now he is able to walk but facing difficulties to stand from sitting.he cannot chant kindly suggest a powerful sw/mantra for him by which he will be healed soon. b.dash

  72. Hello sir, vanakam. My miming hospital. Doc said blister went into leg bones. They going too monitor her for 5 days and if the bones doesn’t have blood it might have death and they will amputate her leg. I don’t have father. I desperately need my mum. I am in uk. I just visited her few weeks ago. I cannot be with her and my sis taking care of her now. Please advise any mantras that I can chant while I’m here for her to get well soon.pls reply ASAP.i really some ones help pls.

    Thank you so much for reply sir. Hope to hear from you soon.

  73. Dear Naran Sir,
    One of my sister who shifted to Pune recently, has told me that her neighbors are not in good harmony with them. Often there were misunderstandings or small quarrels with them. They may talk, but there are hidden enmies it apear she says. Is there any Mantra or Switch Word so that she can chant.
    Thaking you,

  74. Weak memory hai plz giv me magic

  75. Dear Naran Sir.
    Im a woman 42 old years .suffering from genital.herpes for 15 years . It ruins my life . Please help me !!

  76. Dear Naran sir,

    I am suffering from acute digestion problems and hyperacidity since the past many years. Also I am facing problems on the domestic front and am cut off from my relatives and friends. My enemies are only increasing for no reason and my career is also stagnant. I am told that it is the saturn effect. Please advise.

  77. Dear Naran .. Please answer to my question .. Thank you

  78. Dear naran I asking for your help I am 37 and on the 25/1/2014 I had fell and broken my ankle on my left side I am going for an operation on it tomro as they are putting pins in to help me use my ankle again could you please give me a mantra to say and anythink else u would suggest as I would be very gratefully thank you and hope to hear of u soon x

    • Helen,
      I searched blog..found these things related to surgery..
      1) take STAR OF BETHLEHEM – the flower remedy. It will help her. After any surgery this would be helpful to heal the surgical wound.Along with this take Rescue remedy also.
      2)2 days before the surgery start taking Rescue Remedy.
      3)and chant “TOGETHER DIVINE” as many time as possible.

  79. Thank you so much I have had my operation I in plaster now and will do what u said thank you for your help x

  80. Dear naran,

    I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Am suffering from acute digestion problems, acid-reflux, lack of appetite and headaches associated with hyperacidity. Have also taken homeopathic medicines without much benefit. Please advise me whether there is a way out of this.

  81. No, I wasn’t aware of this. I hope I do get a reply coz there are too many problems and no solution in sight. Have also been to all kinds of astrologers. Will definitely try. Thanks a lot.

    I m 45 years old male suffering from facial eczema in painful form for the last 20 years!! For many years I m managing it with steroids, oils, Ayurveda etc, but there is no permanent cure. I m Fed up. What mantra should I recite??

    K. S. SAJIT

  83. sir pls help me since last 1.5yrs I m facing major acne nd pores problems i nvr hd dem bt nw everyday i keep gttng dem pls help me n take me out f dis I wl go mad as I hv lost my self confidence completely pls sir I hv tried med n all docs

  84. Naran sir,
    My father who is 80 yrs old had been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and on June 1st onwards started with urinary infection, chest congestion and hospitalised on 7th in chennai. Was in the ICU for more than a week, undergone dialysis and then shifted to the room and stayed there till 30th June. Discharged on 30th had to undergo more dialysis but remain drowsy most of the time,can’t open his eyes, become bed ridden, haemoglobin dropped to 5.9, hence 2 units of blood given and in spite of good treatment he hasn’t come back to normal,complains breathing difficulty. Help us what is the mantra remedy? My mom keeps praying for him and wanted me to ask you.

  85. Dear Sir

    My mother aged 73 is ill for the last 4 years since Dec2010 when she was detected with lymphoma in the urinary bladder. it was diagnosed as first stage and than chemo and radiation was given. since than she has never recovered her health. Her health deteriorated with time. Currently she is very weak lost 10 kgs of weight. Following are are regular problems

    1. Chronic UTI and she is on catheter for last 2.5 years as the bladder size has reduced substantially.
    2. Aversion to food and very low appetite
    3. Extreme weakness unable to walk independently
    4. Kidney function compromised resulting in to higher levels of creatniane : 1.9, potassium :6 Blood urea : 54
    5. She needs to be given antibiotics continuously otherwise her infection rises and she has fever and other complications.




  86. Ashis Chatterjee

    Dear Sir,
    I live in West Bengal. My wife was in good health at the time of marriage and after 4 years she is suffering from first (1) High Thyroid. Then she attacked into Jaundice and her liver going to damage and now she is suffering from acute gastroenteritis. Poor indigestion, gas problem and pain in liver damage her health. Blood pressure is low and quantity of blood or hemoglobin is quite poor. Please give her mantra by which she can cured from her liver/intestine/pancreas problem and also can get a good health. Please sir help me.

    Thanking you,


  87. I have the stomach pain from last 15 year’s. I have tried every therapies like acupressure accupuncher pressure therapy homeopathy allopathy etc. I have also been operation for two times. And become so weak. I am taking Dippression medicines. And now I have pain all over body please tell me what should I do
    thank u sir

  88. Sir, I am facing many problems of late. At the work front I have to prove myself to get a recognition which is long due. My face is full of acne & pigmentation, sudden hair loss and to top it all severe knee jerks which cause pain and total lack of confidence. After my father passed away, my mother seems to distrust me and is very aloof, which pains me as I had always considered my parents my world.

  89. Dear sir,
    My mom is suffering from chronic kidney disease since 1 year. She is a diabetic. Her creatinine and urea levels are very high. she is on strict diet yet her condition is the same . she is also having problems with eyesight. Not able to read or see clearly. She underwent laser treatment but her optic nerves are too weak to recover. Her bp keeps fluctuating . we are very much worried and my mom is depressed and losing confidence. Please help me with healing mantras for my mom. Can I chant them on behalf of her? I am ready to do anything for her. Thank you.


  90. Dear sir, i am 38 year old male suffering from kidney failure since 3 years . i am on dialysis 3 times a week . till now life is going ok but some times i lost hope on life and some times i will be fully charged that i think i can recover . please suggest me any mantra for avoiding dialysis and get the kidney failure recover . my problem is neprhrotic syndrome

  91. dear sir,
    My mother (S.Vijaya Kumari of 56yrs) has arthritis pain for more than 20 years,she also hepatitis -b and her hand got affected due to small pox when she was a kid of 5 year old. Please help me out to find solution for her. She is unable to stand more than two minutes.

  92. priya m. banerjee

    Sir am suffering from acidity problem which doctor said as GERD. taking ayurvedic medicine. ..please let me know what mantra to chant and how to chant to get rid from this disease. Eagerly awaiting.

  93. priya m. banerjee

    Sir where do you conduct classes?
    Would like to attend.

  94. Res sir,
    My mother (smita karnik) is 56…has undergone by pass in april 2013 n then has to go to hospital every month once or twice n each time 5-10 days hospitalisation…..she is diabetic n creatinine is 3.8 …sometimes low sodium n all multiple probs….right now she has been discharged from hospital thursday itself n her legs n stomach is swollen ….v don’t understand wat to do for her …m her only child n m so worried …please guide me

    Thanks n regards

  95. My mother mrs Indira Singhal ageing 60 has Liver Cirhossis, oesteoporosis at very high level, stones in kidney and have been suffering badly from the last 8 years..We have lost of the hopes and find very difficult to see her in this position..My parents are alone there..No children are with them…She lives in Indore ..

  96. priya m. banerjee

    Is there any mantra for cobra snake bite? Patient is in severe condition in icu .please help.

  97. sir i am24yrs recently since 6months i hav got a problem of hearing loss iam unable to hear anything thing properly i can only hear loud sounds and docotrs say that i hav a hole in my rite ear n my ear nerves are weak please help me which mantra should i chant show dat i could become normal n hear everthng lyk befor please .

  98. Hi, My son Ajinkya Kunar is 1 and a half years old.He still cant walk because he Has DOWN SYNDROME.Please tell us how can we improve his cognitive and physical condition. ..

  99. I have melsma on my face from 8 years it is looking ugly and I took so many madicines and applied cream,but no use .please advise

  100. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website He will not reply your questions here. Naran answers your questions on REACHNARAN.COM. Best of luck.

  101. My husband age is 30 years..and he is admitted in hospital right now for pancreas related has done surgery 15 days before for infection and all puses ..but still he is in which mantra or puja should I have to do

  102. Siva Durga Bhavani

    my 7th month son has heart hole please help me sir

  103. Siva Durga Bhavani

    Sir, I am Durgabhavani. My son name is Sai Koushik. he born as premature baby from the birth he has so many health issues. he has hole in heart. i am very much scaring. please help me sir…

  104. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website He will not reply your questions here. Naran answers your questions on REACHNARAN.COM. Best of luck.

  105. srigiriraju sai vandana

    Respected sir/madam
    My name is vandana iam 27 years old(Oct 11 1987) suffering from von willi brands disease type 3.
    I was diagnosed with this disease when I was 4 years old.because of my health issues I could not complete my studies as am getting hospitalized very frequently I request you to please help me as there is no permanent cure I want to study n get settled in my life with a goog health n job and takecare of my family.
    Thanks and regards
    Vandana srigiriraju

  106. I am looking for remedy to cure from. Mouth cramp or so called dystonia
    Cause due to dentist wrong treatment at root kanal which has made injury to nerve
    Which goes to brain

  107. My duaghter faces severe cold, cough and fever frequently. She i s 3.5 years old. Is there a switchword which I or my wife can chant to overcome? She isunable to go to school regularly due to this frequent ill health.Also can I knwo what is this cirlce technique and how I should wtire and keep this under pillow/ bed where my daughter sleeps?

  108. Hi naran,

    My husband got cancer (tumour) in his right eye canthus and he lost his vision in the left eye

    Please provide me mantra to remove this tumour and his vision back

    Please help us as soon as possible

    I would like to tell the mantra behalf of my husband

  109. Sir, my boyfriend is suffering from a liver disease and i doubt apart from that, he also has heart cancer. He has frequent blackouts and chest pain… he also coughs blood sometimes but doesn’t want to go to the hospital… is there anything i can do to cure him? any mantra?

  110. Resp madam /sir,

    I a doctor by profession, i am 33ebb years old ,unfortunately I am suffering from autoimmune disease , GULLIAN BARRE SYNDOME. since two years I am bed ridden , I have recovered 70 to 80 ·\·, day by day I am recovering but my recovery is very slow , will you plz plz plz suggest something so that I can walk . Now my legs have improved 60·\· ,but I am still bed ridden, so kindly suggest me something , I will be thankful to you

  111. Resp sir,

    I am dr.prashant, I am have been affected by gullian barre syndrome on 06.01.2013, since 2 years. In this disease there is damage to nerve fiber. The nerve fibers get demyelinated. Now i have recovered 70 percent. But I am bed ridden since 2 years. What can be done for faster re myelination. And to sart walking, plz help me
    Thanking you

  112. My mother have chronic kidney disease ckd diabetic bp heart she have swollen legs and pain and she is hsving water in chest on right side having difficult in breathing plz help me with powerful pujas or mantras for my mom recovery

  113. I am obese with 90 kg weight, suffering from multiple sclerosis,my speed at work is very slow,output very less,memory becoming weak with passage of time, logic becoming weak. I feel I am surrounded by bad luck because i have tried to do freelancing business of teaching but no customer coming,also i am not able to put my thought actions,on the whole life is stagnating, my husband quarrels with me everyday, saying that I don earn, please help me .i sometimes wonder why i am alive. m y husband does not respect me so my 14 yr old son also does not respect me…..please help ,that i can overcome my disease, do good business nd earn well, and come out of stagnation.pleeease suggest some chant

  114. Dear sir
    My son piyush is 8 years old .When he was 5 years old he was admitted to PGI. After very hard tests doctors diagnosed the problem as sarcoidosis disease. For which he was given steroids. Now his steroids are about to finish his problem occurs again. Please guide what to do.

  115. Hello,

    Due to an auto-immuundesease my dad becam kidney failure. Renal function is about 8%.mhe has to go on dialysis 2 times a week for 3 hours. He has still urine production (1.5 Liter per 24hrs.), so no humidity is gained during dialysis. I am convinced i can heal his kidneys with my thoughts. What is your experience?

  116. dear sir,
    i have delivered a baby through ceserean operation but doctors by mistake left some of the pieces of placenta inside my womb..they have cleaned ma womb 2 times but there is still something left inside…i dont want to go to hospital again….so this mantra will work for me as well…plz do rply me

  117. Respected Naran Sir,

    My Mother Mamta Oza has been detected with low grade glioma tumor in 2011 July 23rd from that time we have done so many remedies ayurveda; neurotheraphy, acupressure, homeopathy but nothing worked that tumor keep on growing….now week back mom was ill so dr did mri n saw due to tumor n it’s swelling pressure the midline of brain was shifted one side n that’s life threatening. Dr advice was brain surgery n remove some part of brain which have tumor…. Surgery done successfully n 30% off tumor with brain n given for testing n to find out which grade of tumor it is n start radiation or chemotherapy….but doctor has to say sometime this kind of tumor don’t response to such radiation n by radiation they can only slow down growth of tumor n there is no treatment to cure fully.
    Sir are there is mantras to cure my mother from glioma tumor disease further she also have diabetes thyroid high blood pressure frozen Shoulder but my wish is to cure her low grade glioma tumor.

    Can you please help me….please do reply

    Vivek Oza

  118. Hello Sir,
    My daughter is 7.5 years old and has hearing loss in right ear since birth.left ear is fine.
    Can you please suggest mantra to chant for me,so that she can start hearing through right ear?
    Aapka bahot bahot dhanyawad!

  119. Hello,
    Please help me and advise what to do. Recently my father has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, it’s very complicated, the last stage of cancer so doctors are doing chemotherapy. Please tell me what I sould recite to heal my father?

  120. dear sir ,
    my mother has undergone spinal suregery and she couldnt stand up or walk independently even after 5 years of physiotherapy and all post surgical treatments.Still she is bedridden ,lost control over urination n stools
    and rarely using wheelchair.Iam totally disoriented n lost hopes in doctors.I have to see my mother as earlier even at the cost my life.PLS SUGGEST ME ANY SPIRITUAL WAY TO INVOKE DIVINE POTENTIALIUTY IN HER.

  121. Sir plz help me . My son was born on 14 feb 2015. He has problem in respiration. From 14th he is in ICU. Doctor has also told that he has hole in heart. Plz guide me mantra so that his disease may be cured. Plz sir help me

  122. Respected Naran Sir,
    Sir on 19th Nov 2014, I had paralysis stoke my & left side of body is affected, I have tried Ayurveda & English medicines but numbness is still there in hand, I keep loosing my balance while walking, Also I feel Dizzyness when look up or bend to pickup anything from ground, Please help me Naran Sir, Which Mantra should I chant?
    Thanking You
    Sagar Vyas

  123. Sir in my family my uncle is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and we are afraid of that whether other people in family will get it please our family is fully disturbed we need piece of mind please help me what mantra should I chant please sir pls pls help me

  124. Respected Naran Sir,
    Sir on 19th Nov 2014, I had paralysis stoke my & left side of body is affected, I have tried Ayurveda & English medicines but numbness is still there in hand, I keep loosing my balance while walking, Also I feel Dizziness when look up or bend to pickup anything from ground, Please help me Naran Sir, Which Mantra should I chant?
    Thanking You
    Sagar Vyas

  125. Sir,
    My 4 years old daughter got operated for congenital cataract when she was 6 months old. She has very poor vision in left eye along with high squint. Here left eye moves in ward. Please suggest me some mantra to correct her quint & good eye vision with complete procedure and duration .
    I shall be very thankful to you sir.

  126. Hello sir, My mum was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in March 2013 ..she was operated and recovered from it after chemotherapy and radiation. Now after 2 years she is again bedridden with urinary infection which is not being cured and also has a low fistula. She is in and out of the hospital every now and then. Today my father has written the mantra Kunjitha Padam sarnam and kept under her pillow.. Pls help me sir what else can we do for her recovery.. Thank you!

  127. Namaste sir,

    My mum was hospitalized for heart problem. Doctor said need Open Heart surgery. i write the name of mummy and mantra using the circle technique, in a piece of paper and keep it with me. please please suggest mi what should i do?

  128. sir, my mother named S.Sakkubai,71 years,she was got paralysis leftside during on5.5.2005 and she recovered littlemore.Her left hand not working.During on 15.2.2013 she was felldown at bathroom,now she can”t walk,she was bed riddenwe did operation also.I can”t see her problem. It is very pain to me. plz and plz sir kindly suggest me to make my mummy to recover..

  129. Sir,

    I am suffering from fibroids which is quite large. I am afraid if it would lead to some problem. It does affect my regular menstrual cycles. So kindly pls suggest me how can i shrink the fibroid.


  130. Namste sir ,
    My friend has been detected with minor cardiomiapathy i want to chant a mantra which will heal it and his mom has major so i want a mantra for that also .
    Thank you sir

  131. Namste sir ,
    My friend has been detected with minor cardiomiapathy i want to chant a mantra which will heal it and his mom has major so i want a mantra for that also .
    Thank you sir

  132. I would like to know how many times do I have to chant kunjitha padam saranam mantra and what is the meaning of the same

  133. Dear naran sir,

    After coition all breathing & constipation problems started.kindly suggest a remedy…


  134. Suunil gupta

    My son met with an road accident and suffered head injuries on fore head and chin. Thin layer of fluid is noticed around scalp in mri. And a clot. Doctor says it will dissolve and repeat ct scan after a month. Which mantara will help in regaining health and faster cure. He is forgetting things also

  135. once for healing if we start mantra KUNJITHA PADAM SARANAM. can we stop chanting same

  136. Naveen Jasuja

    Hi Sir
    My father was met with an accident on 27 Feb 2015 after accident he was suffering from facial paralices and clots in pallmuray artery veins due to this he is suffering from breathing problem and now he is again hospatilized due to a hole in some stomach veins or large intestine….situation are very critical please help us to avoid surgery and his age is 65 years

  137. I want to buy books on switch word and animal spirits

  138. Naveen Jasuja

    Thanks a alot sir.Please tell me what is the method to chant this mantra for my father.

  139. Hello Sir,

    My mother is a rhemutoid arthritis patient from last 20 yrs. Last month she was visiting our native home and she fell, although with the God’ s grace she didn’t get hurt much.Got a wound on forehead which is healing now.But from last 1 month she is continuously having fever ( exactly after 3 days), which was not going..She feels claustrophobic in a hospital that’ s why didn’t take her to the hospitals and doctors were visiting her at our place.But 3 days back doctors told there are lymph nodes nearby shoulders and they need to do certain test and we took her to the hospital…They are right now not sure whether its TB or something carcinogenic.But after she is being admitted to the hospital, suddenly her health deteriorated. Now from last 3 days she is not even recalling us and has forgotten everything.Please do suggest something.Thanks, A worried daughter.

  140. Dear Naran Sir,

    Can I write kunjitha pada saranam on my ankles? Or should I chant it?
    I can walk but not run because of arthrosis.

    Thank you

  141. Vanaksm sir. Please assist with remedy for keloids
    Thank u

  142. Narayan sir,

    Many thanks for your advices to all needy here.

    My father 54 year old, he has liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis C, diabetic. He is hospitalised and in ICU since 9 days. Lungs got infected as bolld entered into them when he vomited blood 10 days ago. And also doctor said liver has to be transplanted. i really do not know how far his body would be able to support transplantation as he is already diabetic.

    please suggest me a mantra looking the problems he is facing from above sentences sir..



  143. First of all thank you for helping out others. Last year 2014 my ovarian cyst was operated through laproscopy. Again in this year July 2015 it came back on my left ovary. Please suggest some mantra so that it gets cured. I even want to conceive after thst. Please help mr out with this problem of endometriosis. I want to live a simple and happy life. I want a baby also I am so nervous. Please assist. Thank you

  144. Dear Naran Sir,

    Please suggest mantra and floral remedies for foĺlowing issues,

    1. Iŕritable bowel symptom
    2. Hernia
    3. Eyesight problem and glaucoma

  145. Hi, my sister is really unwell and is in ICU, her dialysis happened yesterday and has developed a lot of complications. I can’t keep any kind of paper under her pillow as hospital would not allow. Plz tell in what language should I write the mantra (Hindi/Sanskrit/English) on paper. when can I chant and how many times in a day? Please help , I really need her to be well. Thank u.

  146. Saravanapriya

    I’m currently hospitalised with 28 weeks pregnant for pass 2 sugar was under control before hospital it’s goes haywire.up to today my insulin are 4 times a day 20 unit/20unit/20unit/22 unit.this really freak me.I’m very positive n alwiz think I’m fine with my daily I want my reading to go down n out from hospital.please help me.

  147. Saravanapriya

    I’m 35 year’s old pregnant with 29weeks.recently diagnosed with diabetes and now admitted in hospital to stabilise my sugar is my 8th day in hospital.I want to get discharge by tomorrow and I want my sugar level under control.pls help me.thank you.

  148. Sir my mother is suffering from nerve disorder. She is on mechanical ventillation . she has shortness of breathe. Doctor says there is no treatment for nerve disorder. Also she is unable to walk. Pls. Pray for my mother recovery and suggest there is any remedy or any other solution.

  149. Dear Sir,

    I am facing periods issues since age of 14 I m 27 now. Without pills won’t get periods and hence got polycystic ovaries,weight gain, skin issues. Please help me I m infertile.

  150. Dear Sir,

    My mother is suffering from pancreatitis and is having trouble to wean off from ventilator. She is long hospitalized in ICU for 6 weeks. Doctors say her lungs muscles are weak due to pancreatitis nutrition is not given from mouth and only from tube.
    I love my mother very much and want to do whatever I can. Please suggest mantras I can chant on her behalf so that she can recover and come back home quick.

  151. Hello sir,

    My 4 month baby was diagnosed with viral myocardiopathy. He is under lot of medicines and doctors say there is no particular medicine for that. Body has to heal automatically on its own it seems. PLEASE provide a slokan so that he recovers soon 😦

  152. Hi,I’m 35yrs fr malaysia,I’m 6weeks pregnant n this is my 2nd pregnancy after 7yrs.Dr.did an ultrasound n found out that I’m having fibroid on the upper lining inside my uterus it’s 3 to 4cm big n a cyst in my right ovary.each year I do full medical checkups,as all my systems care good.I’m worried for my fetus growth .is there any mantras to just shrink them off.pls help n advice .pls email me asap.thanks for ur cooperation,sir.

  153. saritha adimulam

    hello sir.
    my name is saritha few days father met with an.accident and brain damaged still he is in coma even though doctors said that operation was success but still he is unconscious what mantra should i chant for him give me reply as soon as possible.

  154. Dear sir, my husband is a patient of severe gastric and cronic constipation. Advice me some to get rid of. He is under treatment but no improvement since 1 and half years.

  155. Dear sir, my husband is a patient of severe gastric and cronic constipation. Advice me some to get rid of. He is under treatment but no improvement since 1 and half years. Thank you, manisha das. Cuttack, odisha

  156. Sir my father is on ventilator and suffering from chest infection. Doctors are saying they do not have any hope. Kindly suggest mantra to remove his illness asap.

  157. My mom is 72 and is very frail and fragile. She had severe cardiac arrest on 21 Nov 2015 and is now on ventilator and unconscious. Doctors are not very hopeful since according to them there is no progress. Please suggest a mantra to improve her condition and she gains conscious with a healthy body. We need urgent help

  158. hlo sir,
    I have sciatica pain, plz give me some advice…

  159. Dear Sir,
    I am a kidney failure patient , on dialysis. age 35yrs . i wish to get well by reviving my kidneys. please help me.

  160. How many times we should chant it? Dose it work to heel reproductive organs too

  161. Any remedy or healing mantras for canker sores in the mouth. We can’t figure out if it’s allergy related or from something going on internally. Every week I get a new one. One finally starts healing and another pops up.

  162. Sir my wood be diagnosed with lung cancer. would you please suggest any mantra for cure the disease.Please sir

  163. Sir,
    My sister is in ICU and doctors raised their hands, they told that she is suffering from double pneumonia, but they are unable to cure her and it seems difficult for her to survive. Please tell mantra which can be effective as soon as possible as very less time left for her.
    Please help as soon as u get the message.

  164. My Mother Rajeshree Rajaram Jadhav is suffering from Rheumotoid arthrities since last 12 yrs. now her fingers are totally bend .please give mantra to cure this disease.

  165. Hi respected sir, My mom name lakshmi.R is admitted in icu frm past 22 days…. she had a bleed in her brain n blood clots remained in water bags of her brain… Some how by treatment by doctors bleeding as been stopped n to clear clots they hav operated and inserted EVD line to her brain nw it’s been removed and as per doctor 60 to 70% of clots as been removed… but the real problem starts here as soon as they removed tat EVD LINE she got breathing problem n her concious level is low now… but all other things r normal… she is breathing through ventilator… i don’t want to loose my mom b’cus i love her n care her so much pls i catch hold of ur leg… she is still 49yrs old… pls show me a path to make her recovery soon by mantras r pooja’s to be performed and help me to save my mom plssssssssssssssss help me…. reply me soon as possible sir

  166. pls sir when am speeking I speek normal,but when I making a call on the phone I stammer badly. pls help

  167. helo respected sir, i want to know that is there any mantra that can heal state of mothers brother is on ventilator from last 2 months…so i need your help.

  168. Hello Sir,

    My husband age 32 is suffering from IGA Nephropathy (Chronic Kidney Damage) 2 years back. The doc. are saying he will have to go for dialysis and then transplantation after some years and saying this is a progressive disease and cannot be cure. Sir is there is any way u can help. I had visited to number of homeopathy, naturopathy, allopatic, ayurvedic every doctor but no positive result is coming. We had married 2 years back only. Since from childhood he has healthy living style, no alchol, tabcoo, smoke, pure vegetarian, do exercise, yoga even he is suffering from this problem.

    Plz if you could help..plz help…….

  169. respected sir, provide me a mantra or other ways to Increase manhood

  170. dear sir,
    I m 6 months pregnant n last week my ultrasound done n doctor said there is some difference in my baby kidneys n after birth child will he to go for surgery otherwise there will be urine problem pls help me or guide me what to do

  171. Namste. Mera baby 15 month ka hai. Lekin ab tak wo chalta nahi hai. Bethta nahi hai.hamne MRI kiya uske brain ka. Usme thoda problem bataya hai. Chalega lekin thoda late chalega. Aise dr ne kaha hai. Fir bhi Plz plz sir muze upay batao.plz plz help me. Plz plz

  172. Where is nephew is suffering from kidney problem.

  173. Need urgent help
    Respected Sir,
    My sister renuka babu ambi is hospitalized & operated in the brain for brain tumour. She is unconscious now and pulse was very low.she was monitored in an ICU.Operation was done successfully.kindly suggest what can be done to cure this problem?

  174. Respected sir
    Please advise me my mother is suffering in Brest problems and doctors suspected as cancer so prescribe for biopsy please sir advise me what to do for my mother waiting for your advise….

  175. My name sagin…im having seizure attack for long 13years..what mantra can chant to cure this dieases…pls help me!

  176. my father has a lot of constipation he is diabetic heart pt and kidney problem can you suggest any remedy

  177. help me out or give me some mantra my nerves frm my neck to back upto lower rib cAge of left side it pinches like a pin and my stool is also not proper feel like undigested. help me out 🙂

  178. Dear Sir
    I have been given wrong medicine by an allopathic doctor nd its damaging my brain cells
    Plzzz help how can i cure my brain

  179. Dear Naran Sir,namaste
    need your urgent guidance.I have got three fibroid and one is quite large its pressing the right kidney a bit.sometimes the pain is immense.i have been taking homeopathy medicines since 1.5 years medicines but size is not reducing.i am unmarried on the other side of 30’s.i had only one fibroid earlier.i feel i am loosing wants me to get operated is there any hope for me.please please help.

  180. Rajesh Purohit

    Pranam Sir

    My 3 -1/2 year old son has been diagnosed with autism.since a year back.We have been taking him for speech and other therapy with very minor results.His main problem is speech.Eventhough he is able to communicate with sentences and hands he is unable to speak.

    Please advise.



  181. Hello sir, I am suffering from acne since the last 15 years . Tried various medicines but it comes back. I am 40 years old female.i will be very grateful if you could help me.

    • Let me now more about your issues?

    • i took birth control pills for an year and a half upon prescription of my dermatologist and the acne clears within a month. but i stopped it this year in march after taking it for 2 years as i dont want ti be dependent on it for the rest of my life. but now the acne has resurfaced and its not only on face but upper arms and back and upper chest as well. i want to get rid of it forever . please help.

  182. My left leg ankle has been swollen for last two days suggest me what mantra to b chantes to get quick result. Tomorrow is vishu for UA and v will b visiting temples

  183. My mom is hospitalized and suffering from cancer very critical condition please guide a strong mantra so she will be out of danger .

  184. Sir my husband met with minor accident he got operation for knee pain I..e ligament tear bt still he is suffering with that pain what mantra I use to make him recover

  185. Hi Sir, i am suffering from sudden deafness/ hearing loss in my right ear. please suggest i want to get out of this hearing issue. i am very much depressed of this inspite of all problems. please help me

  186. Naran Sir, my dad aged about 80 is a chronic kidney patient (stage 5).I am unable to undergo Dialysis for him due to my poor financial condition. Plse. tell me procedures to heal his condition.Can the mantra Kunjihta Padam Sharanam help to heal his condition?If yes, plse. tell me how 2 use it .Also tell me way to revive his kidney function and rejuvenate his miserable health.I HAD EARLIER SENT A SIMILAR E-mail IN YOUR SECTION OF ‘Contact Us’ hoping to get reply soon but did not get any response yet. PLSE. REPLY THIS TIME.I AM VERY DESPERATE.

  187. Very much interested in knowing the mantras for different ailments

  188. Hello,
    My brother was diagnosed with mouth cancer last year and was operated for it May followed by Radiation therapy.
    This year in February he had pain and discomfort, so the doctor did a PAT Scan. Although it cannot be said for sure without biopsy if cancer has returned, doctors have prescribed palliative chemotherapy.
    My brother and we have decided against it and he is taking Ayurvedic treatment and Accupressure treatment. But he is losing hope and is on bed most of the time.
    Please provide a mantra that we can chant for his relief and early recovery.
    Thank you. I’m grateful for the remedy you provide. May the blessings you give to other return to you multiplied many times.

  189. Sir, I am facing multiple health problems. acidity, pcod, back pain-disc bulge and recently diagnosed with pre-diabetics. please help me how to get out of these problems.

  190. Sir, my friends son, mpwho is just days old, underwent an open-heart surgery a few days ago and is unconscious now. The doctors are unable to stitch up his chest because he has infections . He is on dialysis, ventilator,pacemaker and what not. P!z help !!!!!!!

  191. Few days back my wife right index finger first portion detach from main finger in accident , we have shown to the doctor . She undergone plastic surgery , doctor says it will take time. My wife is in great pain.Is there any mantra to cure this and regenerate the loss tissues.
    Please help , please.

  192. Dear sir,
    My dad has always has health problem 10 year back undergone brain tumour surgery,recently 8 month back he had heart attack.I am very scared of my dad health.he is 56 year old,Sir Please do help.Thanks

  193. Namaste sir
    I had a stroke 8 years ago at age 9 years.After the treatment I ‘ve been left with a small damaged brain part(in the left brain)which has resulted in asymmetrical growth of body during these years.What mantra can I use to recover my lost brain cells and get fully symmetrical body ( divine healing)?

  194. Dear sir
    I had a stroke 8 years ago which has affected some functions of my body and also has resulted in asymmetrical body.The left half is a bit less grown(including bones).Which mantra can I use to heal my brain and get a symmetrical body and have divine healing?

  195. Dear Sir,
    My husband had poison mixed with alcohol. Somehow doctors managed him to survive, but he had been hospitalized for than 3 months. But he is still unconscious when we call by his name, he just woke up and see, but he is not able to talk and recognize too. Since there is a problem between for me with my in-laws am staying in my mother’s home. Is it possible to recover him by chanting the above mantra on behalf of him from my home? Please do let me know.

    Thank you!

  196. Hello there,writing this with lot of hope .My mother is in icu since 15 dayswithout any visible improvement in her condition.She got brain stroke and her brain is not responding since then.Doctors have lost hope but I still believe something could be done.Could you please help me

  197. Dear Naran Sir,
    Plz help, my father got cervical area ruptured due to exercises he used to do in this age. He was unaware of this problem. Suddenly one day both his hands got paralysed. He got operated for cervical area healing. But still not able to move hands, doesnt get sense of releasing stool and urine. He is very weak. I cant see my strong father so helpless. Plz suggest some remedy as not getting sense to release stool and urine is very big problem alongwith hands. Thanks and regards, Priiyankaa

  198. Dear Naran,
    My mother is suffering from stage 4 glioblastoma and underwent a craniotomy but then due to infarction on left side is unconcious. Please help to bring her into conciousness and heal her as the doctors say they cannot do anything more for her.

  199. Dear Naran Sir ,

    One of my known has been diagnosed with Brain Tumour & had paralytic attack & had got got Bp prob kindly suggest what we should chant as switch words .


  200. Hello, my name is Sharmishtha Baandal. My husband has lost his vision since December 2015 after he had an epilepsy attack. There is no further cure in allopathy for this condition called cortical blindness. Kindly suggest what I should chant on his behalf. He is also suffering from a cancer called Multiple Myeloma. Please help us. Thank you in advance

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