Find Mr. Right

Lalitham Sadashivam

To get married – Lalitham Sadashivam is the mantra.

The mantra Lalitham Sadashivam is good one for marriage. If a marriage has to be done then it can be chanted a lot.

Love pangs, a case study

To heal love pangs – this mantra can be used. It will heal it.

A husband and wife were married for more than 60 years. Around 80 yrs of age, the husband passed away. His wife couldn’t live without him. She went through a lot of suffering, especially due to love pangs.

I gave her “Lalitham Sadashivam”. Now, she’s alright.

Male and Female Balancing

The specialty of this mantra is that for a male person, it will heal their female aspect, while for a female person it will heal their male aspect. Thus, it will balance both the halves of a person.

We usually say there is a “male-female imbalance”. We say that ‘I cannot live without someone’ or ‘I cannot be without them’. You can be without any person in this world. That is the meaning of this mantra because you are complete by yourself.

To realize the truth that “You are total and complete by yourself” is the purpose and greatness of this mantra.


You gave this mantra for marriage, and then you are suggesting that this will help us live without any person in this world!! Marriage means two people living together right? We do not understand.


The mantra means you can live without anyone. But, let us see why it is a good mantra for marriage? It makes the person total and complete. Lalitham Sadashivam – the inner meaning is “Ardha Nareeswara” – a perfect blend of male and female.

The meaning is not that no one should marry. What is marriage? If you are a female, and when you go in search of a male, you will select the right person. This happens because your male-female aspects are in balance.

Right person will come to you. When there are 7 or 8 choices, this mantra will help so that the most-fitting person will become your husband.

We did not have this mantra when we got married. For those who are yet to be married – you have got it now. You are all fortunate to have this mantra.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear sir,

    Does one just recite this 2 words? Or is there a continuation of other words to this Lalitham Sadashivam mantra? Also how many times does one have to recite and how/what exactly to meditate upon while reciting this mantra? Does this mantra help a person who’s is their fifties?

    Thank you

    • Sakuntala M,
      How do you get this confusion? was anything else given in the article? is there any method to meditate given there? chant the mantra as many times as possible. yes it will help all.

  2. Incredible! Thank you.

  3. Dear Sir, My husband is suffering from diabetics, sinus, aasthama and thyroid. I always fear of his health. Could you please let me know what I can chant for his good health and what i have to do.
    Please give me a mantra that we both love and understand each other with no misunderstandings…
    My Mother-in-law lost all the gold (which she thought of giving to me as a gift )during my wedding in May 31,2009. Because of that, they blamed me that,
    I am not ausipicious to them and I suffered a lot with many abuses.
    Is there anything I can chant to get the lost gold and also want to win the love and respect from all of them.
    Please help me out…..
    I am working in an MNC, I have a little daughter of 10 months old. want to earn for her lot….please give me mantra for this also.

    Greatful to you, for all the help and information you give.

    Thanks and Regards,

  4. Kodi Kodinamaskaram
    i want to give pranam, danyavan to mr.Naran S.Balakumar
    doing good service. one of my friend asked me go to your site .Really wonderful . .

    my son is in 12th grade. he has lack of confidence in his studies. especially when he writes his exam or class test , he gets nervous,panic and toomuch restless. kindly help him how to comeout this problem. He has to appear 12th exam.


    • indira
      Give him the flower remedies MIMULUS RESCUE REMEDY 2 pills each three times on exam dates. They are available in homeopathy shops

  5. Dear Sir,
    Want to know what switch word or mantra to chant if i want my husband to talk to me or communicate with me lovingly.It has been almost 5and 1/2 months my husband has stopped talking to me or writing mails.I am staying at my parents house in india and he is abroad.He is angry with me for reasons i don’t know.If i write mails and ask the reason he will not reply.I don’t know what prayer to do.After reading your blog i got some hope.
    Please help me.

  6. Uma.r
    keep a picture of blue whale pray, please help me talk with my husband.
    download a picture of jelly fish and paste your name and your husband name on it.

  7. dear sir,
    my sister got married against my fathers will…..and things are very bad know and my father is very angry with her. he dont want anything to do with her and dont want me part of her life either plz sir is there anything you can suggest me so i can tell her to chant or i can chant for her, so my father can forgive her and accept her marriage and this relationship can rekindle between my father and sister again in good way.
    thank you
    waiting for your response.

  8. KG,
    CHANT rockwater walnut holly mimulus together divine

  9. Namaste,

    I am getting married in November 2012. It is an arranged marriage and was fixed in Oct 2011. Since the time the marriage was fixed I and my fiance’ faced a lot of obstacles (including obstacles from relatives etc) and the dates were postponed twice.
    Sir, I now want to ensure a happy married life and although it is an arranged marraige I want to ensure that I give my partner a lot of love, respect and affection.
    Please help me

  10. priyanka,
    I am very happy about the marriage.
    Congratulations and Best of luck for everything in life.

    you are the only person who asked me “I GIVE my partner a lot of love, respect and affection.”

    My special prayers will be there for you and your husband. As and when any obstacle comes, just say, ” i submit this to the feet of Divine” and move ahead. Dont have any ill feeling towards anybody.
    Thank the marriage day in advance. Thank your parents his parents and all those who are involved in performing this marriage. Thank the choultry, Thank the cook thank the attendees,think and thank every one who is involved in this marriage.

  11. Dear Sir,
    My sister is 32 years old and does not want to get married. My parents and i have tried seeking help from numerous astrologers but in vain. My parents are very willing for her to get married if she is interested in anyone but she is not. she keeps changing her mind from agreeing for us to look for grooms one day to not wanting marriage the next day.please help us. thank you.

  12. uma
    chant SCLERANTHUS WALNUT MIMULUS 100 yimes over a glass of water and give this water to her

  13. Dear Sir,

    I just broke up with my boy friend. He cheated me after 7 years.
    I don’t want to take any revenge but I still have some feelings towards him but seriously I want to come out of it and get my Mr. right.What should I do to get over my ex and to get my Mr. right?This mantra will not take me to my ex right?

    Thanks a lot in advance..Good luck!!!

  14. Anu,
    chant chicory walnut honey suckle 100 times over a glass of water and drink it. you will forget x and move ahead.
    there is no guarantee for getting Mr.Right. fill up your heart with the energy of love. Thank every person and every event in your life. don’t miss anything saying that this is bad or not required. Understand that every person every event is required for the next phase in life. Today is born because of the death of yesterday.
    Everyday morning say three times, i thank the divine for giving me the right life partner of my choice. Finally say, i release this intention to the all-providing all-knowing quantum field of divinity.

    Say what you want. leave the “HOW PART” to the divinity.

  15. HI Naran,

    I am 39 and am not maaried. Nor am I fidning anyone suitable and if I do get into a relationship, I end up being used, cheated and betrayed. I am an emotional person and unable to go through these failures in love & relationship. Please suggest an appropriate remedy for me.

  16. shalini,
    take the flower remedies centaury chicory holly pine 4 PILLS OF EACH THREE TIMES A DAY.

  17. hello naran sir,
    i need help from u to make my husband listen to me.
    He always supports his mom inspite i am adjusting and right,
    Hes very stubborn, we have small smaal fights because of my mother in law.
    As she tels things from me to him .please suggest me something

  18. Hello Sir,

    I had a relationship for 7 years and it broke up very badly. Its my age (27 Years) of getting married and I am searching for my soul mate.Please tell me something so that I can find him soon. Thanks a lot in Advance.

  19. ANU,

  20. hello naren sir,
    thank you for it .It started working .
    One more request.i am working in an MNC company weri have joined as fresher they trained me Java but put me into php project .
    where ther wasn ot much development.Then they released me since six month i am on bench .For java project they say no exp and not php project in bangalore location.
    Since three months i am trying to search job on java only ,after studying my self.
    Now the comany people say i need to resiogn tomoroow as i am nto ready for reloction.

    Please suggest me somethng to get a job in java soon sir.

    thanks deepthi

  21. deepthi,
    chant gorse clematis

  22. thank you naren sir .
    chant together divine has changed a lot in my married life.
    Now we don fight for silly things.
    thank you so much.

  23. Hello Sir,

    I am going from a very bad phase of my life. I was in a relationship and loved him a lot he cheated me after 7 years I also lost my job.
    Please give me a mantra to find my soul mate and a good job soon.
    It will be great for me. Please help.. M loosing hope..

  24. aNU,
    REGAIN HOPE by chanting GORSE daily 100 times.

  25. sir, plz suggest a mantra for love marriage.. I want to marry the guy of my own choice. But my family won’t accept..

  26. hi naran sir,

    Its been 1.5 years i have got married but i am not able to conceive. I and y parents wants a child soon but my MIL is not interested as she is happy with her daughters kids.
    Please suggest me something,i pray god daily .I want to conceive and make my parents and husband happy.
    Also my husband is searching for a new job ,he has attended a interview three weeks back he cleared all the round but appointment letter is delayed please suggest something for him also .
    Thanks you sir so much .

  27. Please help I love a boy but now he don’t want to talk.he is looking for other girls. I want to get marry to him.i know he loves me only in anger he is doing dis.please help me.

  28. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website He will not reply your questions here. Naran answers your questions on REACHNARAN.COM. Best of luck.

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