Want a healthy baby


I lost my newborn baby girl very recently due to high pregnancy B.P. Please suggest a suitable remedy so that God willing I can have a healthy baby as early as possible.


Chant OM


Thank you for the prompt response. I just wanted to know whether I have to chant OM with proper breath control or as a mantra continuously and is there any limit to how many times it should be chanted or can I chant it anytime anywhere and any number of times.


No posture needed for chanting OM. Chant any number of times.


Sound is the creator of Form (Cymatics science).

Om is the primordial sound which creates this world with the perfect sacred geometry. The primordial sound, which is the creator of this world and which is behind every birth, is the creator of perfect form (body).

Since, the person had abortion there is some disorder in the formation of foetus. Hence, she was suggested Om, the creator of perfect form.

“I am the syllable Om. I am the sound in ether and manhood in men” – Bhagavad Gita chapter 7 Sloka 8.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hi sir,can om be chanted by all pregnant women’s?any other mantra for havin a heallthy baby with normal delivry.

  2. sathya,

  3. Dear Guru,


    Got married before 7 years. Till date Child birth is getting delayed due to many reasons. by closest blood relations, money, house and tensions caused due to other people. done many remedies. but no positive result. but two are normal according to medical report. taking medicines suggested by doctor but positive results not yielded.

    please suggest remedies to break all obstacles in the matter of child and give birth to a healthy baby as soon as possible since i am already 32. also remedies to get the full benefits of the medicine/treatment taken.


    • anuarun,
      CHERRYPLUM WALNUT 2pills each one after the other. Dont mix. Dont touch by hand.
      Hang a picture of Rabbit in the bedroom.See the picture daily.
      chant RELEASE RESISTANCE TOGETHER FIND DIVINE CHILD 200 times and write 51 times daily.

  4. Dear Guruji,

    Can I chant god related lalitham and other mantras during monthly cycle. please clarify.


  5. Nirmala NO

  6. Dear Guru,
    Sorry for asking this.I know you will be hurt my reading my q.How is it that you have given anuarun, elobrate answer.i too posted my question but you just said chant some flower remedies.You never mentioned any pill or no. of times i need to chant and no. of times i need to write.my situation is grave and yet i could not get clear elobrate reply.Please let us know why this difference

  7. Kp
    i am not at all hurt. Except one or two who post questions in the blog i dont know anybody personally, who posts questions. i am also not interested to know who is who.
    Somtimes i feel like explaining and sometimes i don’t. But all my replies are sincere with 100% prayers to you all. For every person who comes here, his situation is grave.
    you go through entire pages of this blog. Most of the questions will have one word answer only.
    Chant as many times as possible.

  8. Dear Sir,

    Good Evening.

    Can I use this Release Resistance Find Divine ——————
    to one desire which i want to fulfill which is getting delayed for a long time.

    Please clarify.


  9. Naran dear
    My son got selected for some paid training .i gave him water chanted with Ambika mantra.he is getting some problem.Training is in July and August but he has to complete his one subject in July itself which is very important to complete in same month.but if he refuses training then also it will be a problem because by getting training not only he will get payment which can be spent in university study but also will get entry in big firm.due to clash of timings and schedule he is upset please help he donot want to leave both opportunities.

  10. devipriya,
    yes you can do

  11. My sister is having one teenage son who is in his 12th std (board exam) this year. He is not interested in studies. Not attending to his tuitions regularly and not listening to his parents which is a cause of quarrel between him and his father. His father is also going through some job related problem.We are very much worried for this boy because this year is his board exam. Please advise something?

    • user1
      give him the flower remedies AGRIMONY SCLERANTHUS WALNUT CHERRYPLUM ROCKWATER each two pills three times a day. dont touch the pills by hand. give the pills one by one. Flower remedies have to be given.



  13. respected sir

    my husband and his partners are building villas. usually they will build only flats but this time they have entered into building villas which is very costly. but unfortunately we could sell only 1 villa out of 11 so far. time is running out and all our finances are blocked into this ambitious project. please suggest a way for early sales and good profits
    will angel numbers help
    thanking you

  14. gomathy,

  15. vishnupriya,
    pranam sir,
    i am 4 months pregnent and i wanted to have an healthy babie …… can u sujjest me what mantra can i chant?
    thank you

  16. vishnupriya
    chant “SWEET CHESTNUT TOGETHER DIVINE” as many times as possible.
    chant this over a cup of water also and drink that water

  17. dear naran sir,
    i’ve got thyroid problem for past 3 years. now we are planning for baby.my age is 34.my weight is about 74kg.suggest some switch words to balance my hormone level and also to reduce my weight.thank you sir.
    we are dseparately looking for child.pls help me sir.waiting for ur reply.

  18. Its been 2 n half yrs of my marriage n I m edesperately waiting to conceive a baby…plz suggest me any mantra qhich helps me in conceiving…

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