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I have gone through your blogs. Lalitham mantras are fantastic and working well.

My family’s deity is Lord Muruga. For this can I chant “LALITHAM SUBRAMANYAM LALITHAM KUMAARAM LALITHAM SHANMUGAM”?

M has the power to go in easily, which I read it from your site only. Hence, this idea has aroused to me. Please clarify.


Your coining is wonderful. I think Lord Muruga is suggesting this through your question.

Whenever we want to have anything for us, we also should think in what way it can be useful for others. Through your coining of words, I am asked by the divine to explain.

Lalitham makes us always secured. Kumaaram protects us like Mother. In other words, when our mother is there beside us, we feel safe; we are confident; we are assured to get what we need (it is not “what we want”).

The one beauty with this combination is that you can chant this at anytime and surrender intending “He knows when to fulfill anything (for me) at the right time”.

Shanmugam is strengthening our link with the Mother Earth.

“GAM” is for steady abundance.

When it is coined with “Sha” your receiving capacity will increase. 

“SUBRAMANYAM” (don’t say Maniam, but say Manyam) acts both on our Manipura and Heart chakras, releasing our ego and replacing it with Love.

When all the three “LALITHAM SUBRAMANYAM LALITHAM KUMAARAM LALITHAM SHANMUGAM” is chanted what will happen?

You will get the feeling that you are the child of God. What else we need in this life?

Best of luck



I keep fast on a particular day in the week and doing simple charity in temple as suggested by astrologer. Please suggest mantras to recite while giving charity in temple.



About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. We are planning to visit and finalize a second hand apartment on Sunday. The owner should offer it to us on a nominal and low price. I am expecting some financial help from my father-in-law wholeheartedly.

    Please suggest remedies for the same.

    • Kalyani,
      What is nominal and low price for you? If it is nominal and within your expectations then give the money with full heart. Do not bargain.


      Thank your father-in-law in advance for helping you with money.

      Thank the one who sells the house to you.

      Thank the present house you are staying, saying,” I thank you whole-heartedly because with your blessings I am purchasing a house.”

      Thank God for everything.

      Thank your husband.

      Thank your parents.

      Thank all the houses where you had lived all these years.

      • Sir my name is sandhya age 44 in my age of 38 I got conceived but 2 times I aborted the child due to family problems now if I want a child what I have to do. In this age I don’t know it is possible or not but tell me a wonderful miracle mantra to get a fulfilled child with good health and happiness.

  2. My family is in Europe now and it two years projects. And we want to continue here only.

  3. My house owner has asked me to vacate before 15th June. I am looking for a new one to change but not able to find yet.

    Please suggest remedies to shift to a new house before 15th June within my budget.

  4. I have joined in a monthly savings chit. I want my name to be selected in the final jackpot draw so that I will get some good amount. I need this money to meet out some urgent requirements.

  5. Chant “520 FIND COUNT DIVINE”.

    Pray to wolf to pick up you name when the draw comes.

  6. Naran ji
    I have done some investment on a buisness online in which I have to post adds and profit comes to us on share basis.kindly tell me some powerful mantra to chant so that I can make good profit out of this as my regular job is uncertain.

  7. Rahul,

  8. Hello Sir,
    Sir am in real trouble is that i love a guy and we both want to marry but there are many obstacles in between ,and our parents wont accept our relationship ….and neither i want to hurt my parents i really love them and respect them nor want to quit out of this relation..is there any solution that our parents agree happily and the obstacles too get removed…please help me!!!!!!

    • atewhs,
      chant WALNUT ROCKWATER ………….(insert your name and his name)TOGETHER DIVINE

      • Sir ,
        Thanks a Ton, sir will this even help so that our parents happily accept our relation.

      • Sir ,
        Have been chanting WALNUT ROCKWATER ………….(insert your name and his name)TOGETHER DIVINE….Want to ask what does Walnut Signifies in it ??? read it on your Blog its for breaking line and relationship…so the querry arised ……Sir Please …just wanna know the meaning of it ……

        • atewhs
          DO NOT WORRY. This is a prayer to the flowers.
          Some parents are conservative believing in tradition. Walnut please break this belief. Rockwater make them flexbile and understand our love. Walnut rockwater make all of us think in the same line9TOGETHER DIVINE) so that my marriage takes place with the consent of my parents.
          ARE YOU HAPPY?
          Pray this chant as many times as possible. Surrender. Surrendering to the flowers only will make things happen.
          Best of luck

          THANK YOU

          • Hi Niveditha,

            Chant the below mentioned mantra as many times u can daily up to 21 days and this guy will run behind u and will beg u for ur love. Even if u’ll ask him to die for u, he definitely will do whatever u’ll ask him to. MAKE SURE THAT GUY SHUD BE IN UR MIND WHILE CHANTING THIS MANTRA, U SHUD SEE HIM INSIDE.
            MANTRA IS – AUM NAMO MAHA NAMO YAKSHANI DEVI(BOY’S NAME) MAY MUM VASHYA MANYAM KURU KURU SWAHA…. If u need any help then u can e-mail me at seanwhite1984@gmail.com or can call me at +919910541020…. Thank you….

      • Hello sir, can we use this mantra to get back a close friend? if not pls tell me which mantra?

  9. We sold our house to a person who gave advance & is untraceable after that. Please suggest mantra so he gives our full money as early as possible.

  10. Senthil Kumaran

    My brother’s daughter got 188 cut off in +12, still not able to get a seat in an engineering college, what mantra i can chant for her to get the seat confirmed earlier. kindly help
    with regards


    • Senthil Kumaran

      Thank you sir,
      by refering your animal spirit essays, yesterday afternoon i seek the help of wolf to get her a seat sir, and the seat was get confirmed in the evening itself. from the college they themself have called and informed sir.
      with regards
      Senthil Kumaran

  12. We are having two dogs in our house. I am giving eatables to it. After its arrival we feel pleasure. We have purchased land (in credit). Our wishes are fulfilled.

    Please suggest mantras to get its full blessings, because dog is lord Bairava. I believe it.

  13. Suja,
    Every day thank the dogs thinking lord Bairava. Thank god for sending the dogs.

  14. Shobha Manilall

    Namaste, please could you help me.
    My husband has been having extra marital affairs with many women (about 14 to date) for the past 12years. He gets into a rage when i question him. He sees 3 women on diff days. He makes me miserable & depressed. He has a business & supplies the southern sun hotels in Durban, SA. All his customers/friends covers up & book the hotels on their name for him. He tells me he is at a meeting but goes & sleeps with women at the hotel. He divorced me in Oct 2011 & blames me all the time but we living together for my kids sake. He compares me to other women & makes me insecure. He tells me that he can find many super models & sleep with them & i cant do anything bcos we divorced. I got nothing, i resigned from work 3yrs ago bcos i had a nervous breakdown. He is having a complete makeover even to the extent of skin whitening. My inlaws hate me & they’ve been doing black magic to me cos they want everything i worked hard for. They are responsible for him being that way they encourage him to do wrong & they turn my kids against me. My mother inlaw puts things in the food for us to fight but my ex doesnt see it. I pray so hard for all those women to get caught with him but i feel im not winning. All i want is my husband, kids, peace & happiness back. He must stop sleeping around. Pls help me. Jai Maata Di!

    • Shobha Manilall
      dont see anything outside. See within. address your emotions. The same emotional state will bring the same results outside. Without changing your state of mind, you cannot effect an iota of change outside in anybody.
      Only higher emtions like forgiveness, love will help you.
      Your present emotional state, every second alters your inside chemistry and your nervous breakdown vindicates that. When do our nerves (communication channel) break down? when you ignore the message of the body. You have a nervous breakdown because you are unable to bear what is happening around you.
      But your body wants you “to bear”, to endure”.
      Endurance only will bring in what you want.
      Having vengence will bring in more vengence.
      Having hatred will make others hate you more.
      “Can they not be taught a lesson?” This thought will teach “you” a lesson.
      “Will they not change?” The body asks back to you, “will you not change?”
      “Will i not win?” . Win yourself first. Win your emotions and thoughts first. Evolve with higher emotions. You will win.
      Life is not a war to win .or lose.
      Life is love – giving and receiving- transaction of love.
      Give even when you dont receive.
      Think anything as an issue to be handled with love. Bring peace to the war going on wihin.
      This alone will help you. concentrate on something else.
      daily 1000 times.

  15. Naran sir

    I read your divine blog daily.just want a clarification that when you advise to write divine words on paper for keeping under pillow.Do these words are to be written daily on new paper for keeping under pillow.Actually in one reply given by you to some one you have advised to write new paper daily and to secure old one in a box.
    Please tell as I have kept a same paper from last 10 days.

    • Gaytri,
      Write in a paper and keep it under the pillow means “write once in a paper and keep it under the pillow.”

  16. Dear Gurudev,

    Pranams. Relationship between my husband and me is very tough from the date of marraige. seven years passed. no child. no happiness. but struggled and lived together for the past seven years. now problems raised due to arragont house owner.i want to vacate the house.but he is not co-operating.if i get new one also he is not allowing.in-laws also not co-operating.planned to shift utensils to my father;s house and stay there.if i find a house there also he is not co-operating. not giving the assurance that will come to see me daily.in-laws teaching a bad lesson to him to keep him in his pocket.since it is aani,aadi(tamil month) not advisable to shift to a new house.i like to stay in my father’s house not alone with my husband.i have no co-operation from in-laws, so decided to stay near my father’s family.but he is not co-operating.not co-operating for treatment also regarding child birth.life is a question mark.not having love, kindness,mercy towards wife.all towards his family members only.i need him to come my house daily.(i have no other option at this time) iam having love and affection towards him. but he is not having. please suggest remedies for the same.


    • sudha,
      download a picture of Horse and keep it under the pillow. call wolf and say what you want. Only one intention.

  17. Naran Sir
    please advise me what to chant for my husband as he is very upset from his boss who does not recognize his hard work and is delaying his overdue promotion.He want to get a divine boss is this possible to get hi boss changed and he can get a nice boss.

  18. Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. This is a general question which i think will be benefited to all. gone through your site. all mantras, remedies are fantastic. main thing i noted is shelter problem. real estate is peak today and due to this house rent/land rate is too high which affects low middle class well. living in rent in a decent area or purchasing flat, house everything is a difficult for low middle class people. hence my humble request is to suggest remedies/mantras to peak down i.e.nominal value for land so that all will be benefitted. heard that lord muruga/planet mars is incharge of land related matters.hence suggest switch words/suggest remedies/mantras connected with lord muruga/planet mars. awaiting your reply.


      Dont go by general interpretation of anything. Each one is unique. Each problem is unique. There may be similar problems but not same. The problem in general is high rent, peak of land or house price. But each individual, undergoing this problem will react in diferent ways. “It is the world of cheats.” “This is a bad phase in my life”. “I am destined to suffer” “Prices will never come down. we can never have a peaceful life” I feel like bursting out” . “Everything is going beyond limits” “what can we do; we have to accept and move on.” Something may happen; prices will come down” God is not helping the poor; he is by the side of the rich only”
      Each will in different state of mind. each will react differently approach the problem differently. Therefore it is not good to suggest a common solution to all.
      In the above situation, what is the one general advice that can be given?
      One has to bear, with fortitude and courage to face any situation.
      If this menatlity is developed and or if one is in this state of mind, things will improve. How to cultivate this or develop this state? How to transform one’s mental state into this. Flowers are the answer.
      There are four flowers that can help anybody in the above situation.
      Cherryplum ( to bear,and endure so that our limit to earn is enhanced)
      Rockrose (to develop fortitude -mever-say-die spirit; if this is developed help will come instantly )
      Gorse not to lose hope at any time.
      Wildrose to get motivated to move on in life.
      Flowers are divine. Flowers are our teachers. Life is always a learning process. We are always students.

  19. Dear Guru,

    Land is creating tremendous problems in my life. My Sister-in-law was conceived during the time of my marraige. hence i sacrificed my bed and bedroom for her.after that also the room was used by my father-in-law. at that time itself was heart was broken.after struggling came seperate.but again problem started by house owner.i want to vacate. but my husband and in-law want to continue since rent is less.i got angry and staying in my mother;’s house.he is staying there alone.now also land is playing tragedy in my life.please suggest remedies/mantras to get rid of land matters and it should do favours in my life. i have faced tremendous problems in my life due to land.please help me.


    • ANUSHKA,
      Chant NAMASHIVAYAM daily 1000 times.

      • dear sir,
        my self g latha
        my husband not willing to go for job but without job how my house goes sir, i am worring about my childrens life i only had to go for work ,please help me
        what mantra to receit so that my husband himself goes for job

  20. Dear Guru,

    Studied in your site regarding stars. For Arudra you have given “Arudra please be in my efforts. My husband’s star is Arudra.Can I use it to get favours from him.He is unfavour/non supportive to me in many actions.can i use this.urgent reply is requested since i am in crisis.


  21. Dear Guru,

    Invoking stars topic is very fantastic. Please add for other stars also. To get good neighbours we have to paste photo of pisces.good. please suggest which star can be used to solve land related problems and to own a good house.


  22. tabethaa,
    Rohini star and Taurus will help you

  23. hello sir..,i really need ur help ..,actually ididnt wrote my exam(competitve )well becoz of my some family problems and my results r out. i didnt get much rank.which i was expected but i want admision in a good top college..so plz help me ..

  24. sir,
    please can you help me….i have applied for jobs….and my interviews go well and everytime i am positive that i will get the job but at the end…i just get disapointment…i dont get where and what wrong happens….now this whole process is making my confidence low..i have few interviews more to go can you please suggest me some remedy so i can get the job ….its really necessary for me…..please sir ……..

  25. Dear sir, now we are in abroad and my husband is getting good pay, we want to settle here only and continue the income like this in future kindly advise mantra.

  26. Dear sir ,

    I am trying for good job for past three years but only phone calls i am receiving after that i am not getting any response,please give me mantra so that i need to get a good job with all facilities as soon as possible.

    currently i am working for a company in UAE ,but for past three yrs they didnt give me any increment or any facilities i am like slave here and i am in a responsible post so that i need to follow certail rules and regulations but the CEO and the Operations manager does not allow me to do that and always cornering me and they are doing illegal jobs pls help me to fins a good job very soon.i am afraid also.

    if i got in this month itself it will be good ,pls pls


    • kasi,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT ROCKROSE ROCKWATER PINE CHESTNUTBUD daily 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water.
      write this in a piece of paper and keep it with you always.
      In the morning when you wake up say,”I AM FREE FREE FREE FREE. SINGING AND DANCING I AM FREE FREE FREE” three times.

  27. Dear Sir

    Always there is no understanding between our family members ,when ever we all get together defn there will be fight and we loose our happy .
    particularly everybody scolding mother ,pointing out her mistakes and etc so always there is problem like this .

    now i am not talking to my mom ,father and sisters even brother i am living here in UAE but no peace .

    kindly suggest me to get rid of this and give some mantra for my angry ,misunderstanding ,suspecting ,possessiveness,jealous and backstabing and fighting

    pls let me know the mantras for the above inoroder to live in a good maner.


    • KASI,
      Did you notice your 59th question? There is always a web in anybody’s life. What you do to others will be done to you.
      Can anybody, who insults his parents live peacefully in this world?
      The physical parents represent our own father mother principle. you are part of them. phone up your parents and ask for forgiveness. keep their photographs and daily do 11 prostrations to them. During every prostration, say DIVINE FORGIVE NE LOVE ME I THANK YOU. Do this for one year
      however they are, you have to concede and bow.
      There cannot be any relief in your life if you dont do this.
      in the night before sleeping, while on the bed,listen to the Two Cds. forgiveness and together divine available at the centre.

      • Kasi Sathappan

        Dear sir ,

        While chanting the mantras ,some negative thaughts coming and very difficult to continue chanting but anyhow i am chanting continously .

        Is there is any mantra ,so that negativity will not arise while chanting.

        Note : while chanting ,when the negativities come across i am afraid that it is going to be happen ,its just fear ..is there is any method to clear or remove the negative thaughts that already reistered ,while cchanting.

  28. Dear sir ,

    In my company all people are playing double game ,they are talking infront of me as good and backside they are spoiling all my facilities and increment saying some nonsense reasons ,but on seeing me they are laughing and talking as if they are caring me so much .

    manytimes i insulted them by saying all their wrongs but even inspite of that they are talking .

    whenever they need help they are getting from me and after that they are throwing me ,i tried to stop helping them but whenever they are seeking my help i am doing abd later when they cheated me i am worried a=nd thinking y we had helped them so i will decide next time i wshld not …but when again i will help them ….pls ]

    give me some mantras so that i can be perfect in taking decision or judging people.

    always i am looser ,i dont have any facility in this company and i am not getting any increment past 3.5 yrs

    i dont have any friend also …



    • kasi,
      chant CENTAURY CHICORY PINE SCLERANTHUS GENTIAN daily around 300 times. Write this in a piece of paper and keep it with you while in the office.

  29. Namaste Sir,

    After so many years of struggle i got job in my field, as i am hard working i am able to get along by accepting and doing work. But where ever or what ever the team i am changing there will be problems with team and me.
    Generally i never go controversially to the maximum extent i will be with patience and do my work and go ahead. But people in the team will trouble me like anything even when i go ahead with work calmly.
    I am facing this problem where ever i go. Finally i will be made a scape goat if i raise a concern when i can not take any more pain.

    Now i want to change job as my current job is in risk, what ever my be the trails i am doing every thing is failing.
    Can you pls suggest something for saving current job and getting new job successfully. And to eliminate this negativity through out my life profession wise or family wise. For mental stubbornness also.
    Because i am earning but no happiness in office how long i can work without talking to others or smiling or joyful.
    Its the same situation with my family.
    To over come all these i will be doing some charity work from which i find piece of happiness.
    A guruji told that i have some sarpa dosha i have done pariharam to that. But my troubles will be eating me even i keep my mouth shut down.

    • rajanionweb
      chant AGRIMONY(mental torture) CENTAURY(not to be a door mat) WILLOW(to overcome resentment and “why me” feeling) PINE(low self-esteem doing all pariharams- when you do pariharam, you put the blame on yourself)CHERRYPLUM (to accept what cannot be endured) 100 times over a glass of water and dirink this water daily. do this 2 times.
      write the above words in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  30. hello sir …,actually its my health problem my butt is big ihave done many excercise but no result due to this my walking also been changed ..everybody is laughing at me ..and now iam a clg studfent nobody wants to be a friend of me….plz tell me some remedie..

  31. Kasi Sathappan

    Dear Sir ,

    One of my elder brother ,he got married around 6 yrs back and after one week of marraige they seperated and got divorce also,we are trying to do second marraige but so far nothing happened ,what mantra he can chant for getting married soon.

  32. dear sir, my fiance is attending visa interview soon, and is worried he might not get the visa, please give some mantra that will help him, or something i can chant on his behalf to help the situation. Thank you.

    • write WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE in a piece of paper and ask him to keep in his pocket.
      you chant the above for him

  33. kasi sathappan,
    q 64 65 ok. go ahead

  34. Dear Sir,

    Good Morning. Iam facing many problems in rented house. my husband is not willing to move from here.please suggest remedies to change his attitude and move from this house.


  35. sharadha
    chant TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER as many times as possible.

  36. Hello sir,

    we are having so many family issues going on in our house every day fight between me and my wife with my mom and dad, she is carrying now and we look after her very well still she is fighting with us saying she will leave me and my family

    2)my elder sister is facing paralysis from last 4 years she is not even walking she stay with us

    3)my elder sister is having a baby child she is having health problems and my sister is not getting nay job

    please help us with ur suggestions for our problems

    • Raj,
      Buy the flower remedies BEECH WILLOW HOLLY CHICORY CHERRYPLUM WALNUT . Put 3 pills of each in common drinking water.
      you chant “open heart together divine”

  37. Naran ji
    Please tell me switch words to write and keep under pillow of my 17 year son as now days he has become irritable,he also has lots of pressure of studies he is very good at studies ,too much computer use.
    I do not want him to be emotionally attach with some girl at so young age.sometime I doubt may be he has teenage attraction towards someone.
    I want my son to study higher,make a good career first.he should share every problem with us like friends.when ever I try to ask him whether he has problem or advice him to use less computer and take proper sleep his answer is —— I think you have adviced enough now go or do you think I really care?
    I can give him water charged with mantra if you suggest me.

    • Namita,
      charge the water with AGRIMONY WILLOW CHERRYPLUM WALNUT BLUE SAPPHIRE. Chant 100 times over a glass of water and give him
      You chant for yourself VERVAIN CHERRYPLUM REDCHESTNUT as many times as possible. Keep these flower names under your pillow

  38. Dear Naranji,

    Good Morning. This is question related to astrology. under stars heading i studied this : Arudra please be in my efforts. can i apply this technique for ketu planet or whichever dasa is running. just a small thinking because facing many struggles during this ketu dasa. my coining is
    ketu please be in my efforts.
    is it ok to get good from this planet.so that evil caused by this planet will be reduced. please help because all people like me who are facing struggles like a particular planet will be benefitted. awaiting your reply.


  39. kalavathi
    what is the struggle you face? what is your mental state?
    if you think Kethu is giving you problem chant willow pine over a glass of water and drink it.

    • Dear Naranji,

      Thanks for your immediate response. Iam facing many problems in my personal life. Husband is spending less time to me.Spending much time to his parents only. Feeling lonely in house.Chid birth is getting delayed. Facing struggles in treatment also. Getting less support from all relations. Consulted an astrologer he said it is all because of this ketu dasa. hence i requested you to suggest a remedy. please help.


  40. Kasi Sathappan

    Dear Sir,

    The mantra “EE JOE” is working fine ,but the problem is everyday i am getting the rising of gas inside upwards and feels like Heart pain then i will chant for some time the same .
    is there is any permanent solution for this acidity problem.
    Note : i am chanting “EE JOE” 1000 times a day.

      Nothing is permanent. Life is fundamentally management of mind and body. Rising gas means you have wrongly understood all your relationships. Come out of all your confusion. A simple surrender and full effort with love only is what is required.
      You have to take some remedies for your gastritis; change food habits. I cannot tell all these things in a blog. meet me in person and prioritise your problem.

  41. Kasi Sathappan

    Dear Sir,
    As per my astrology chart ,GURU is NEECHAM and hiding ,is there is any remedy by chanting.so that GURU will be powerful

    • kasi,
      Dont come with astrology questions.Astrology is not solution-based. Astrology is one way of interpretation of life.
      Look at your life. Speak with kindness. dont judge or criticise or blame. This is the message of your Neecha Guru.
      chant beeja mantras of chakras.

  42. wordpress.com

    hello sir, as my parents were compelling to meet a guy for marriage and i asked you mantra for getting it postponed as i love guy and need time to disclose it i chanted it 1000 times mantra …but i have to make a great fight which worsened the situation at home and parents are torturing me ….i mean scolding me …..and taken me back home…please help me so that situations get back normal..

  43. wordpress.com
    Dont blame your parents probably they dont see what you see in that guy. Add Vervain chicory to the previous chanting and continue

    • wordpress.com

      Sir am not blaming my parents…..for anything,according to them their point of view is right..but just denying to meet the guy of their choice ,they became so rude and strict..were not allowing to move out of home,to talk anybody and so….i just want that they should calm down ..and things get normal…….sir mantra u gave was CHANGE DIVINE ORDER FIND DIVINE ORDER..this u gave me to postpone things…do i need to continue chanting it and where to add VERVAIN CHICORY

      • wordpress.com
        either go against their wish or remain without complaining. for you your view is correct. For them their view is correct. If you think that they are putting a lot of restrictions, talk to them with open mind.
        Nothing was given to postpone anything. Everything is given to change as per the divine order.
        When everything changes to Divine order.,when any event or person changes to Divine order, everyone finds happiness, and love.
        The Divine order is a state, where everyone understands the other, where everyone does not impose his will, where everyone sees the beauty in others and where everyone stops blaming the other.
        Change and Find Divine order. The above chanting is given for you to change. When change to a state of love, you parents will change. Both will see from the same point of View. At this lower stage, one cannot say who is right or who is wrong. When you have a higher perception, which can come only after your internal change you will understand that everything is happening as per the higher plan – divine order.
        Understand this, Evolve yourself you will accept what i say.

  44. hello sir.,sometimes i feel that my life is waste..i want to become sucessful in my life but not evn ihad a job…and even somtimes i feel i doesnt like my profession i mean my profession course(computer engg). iam very confuse.if i doesnt like my profession then i ask myself a question “what i like.? “but i really dont know what i like beoz i like art, music actng,inqustor .iam totally confused i dont now which feild giv me a satisfaction and happy.

    • archu4,
      take the flower remedies star of bethlehem and wild oat 2 pills each three times a day.

  45. Savi Jayaram

    Dear Guru,
    Please help me get a good job in a company that I like here in London. I am struggling to get a job, I am trying from 1 year. I really need to work as we have a lot of financial troubles. Please help me Sir.

  46. hello sir…,my friends r cheating me evry time and they r giving wrong info abt any important thing for example certificate are giving todaythey tell that will giv(clg) on some after 15 days .i trust them becoz my clg lectures r not going be tell when they giving certificates. i went clg after 15 days they doesnt giv but 5days i know the truth that they r cheated me …plz giv some mantra that my friends cannot cheat me and then i want genuine friends…

  47. Dear Gurudev,


    I am from a relegious hindu brahmin family. i got married before 8 years.the problem now i am facing is my husband is too relegious and this is affecting my personal life.he is much attached to his family members.not to me.not showing interest in married life.but showing more interest in all other things. facing plenty of obstacles in all aspects of life.even in treatment for progeny.i am much confused.i will not seperate even a lid from the container.because i have the thought pairs should not be seperated.but all are waiting in line to seperate my pair from me. whom shall i blame. everybody. his closest relations.one more son is there for my in laws.but expecting my husband for all. not disturbing elder for anything.both financially and physically. spoiling my life only. please help me.

  48. Kasi Sathappan

    Dear Sir,

    I am chanting as follows ,

    as per your advise regarding my questions.

    I can feel the improvements on me and what i need now is

    I Need a Job very Urgently as things are going on Different here ,i am afraid that my name will get spoiled here if i continues to work here anymore, as the CEO doing all illegal things .and i loose all my patience by telling them ,they never care for me.

    so I request you to SUGGEST SOME REMEDIES mantras or bach flower names inorder to get a job very very very SOON.

    Note :

    Apart from this i am chanting 5 chakras mantra 108 times each seperately.Then
    Ambika Anadhi Nithanaa aswarooda aparajitha – 108 times
    Shivohum etc…

    after chanting also still i have fear of something which i cant realise why and what ?
    Pls help me whether i am doing any wrong chantings or ?

    I know that i need to meet you in person when i come to India ,as i am now in UAE.

    • kasi sathappan,
      i am very happy to note that you do every chanting so religiously.
      vallabham mantra will get you the job and will protect you at all levels.

  49. Guruji help me.
    M writing my problem wth tears in my eyes..my mother in law has made my life HELL..she want me to leave the house with my 2 kids..she take out reason 2 fight daily..husband and all family members knows tht my mom in law is wrong.. bcos no 1 tells & make hr realise she take advantage of it..guruji frm morning till night I work like maid bt still she fights..in betwen work if kids cry she wl not take thm infact she fight again and say”see ur dogs r crying”..she harass me a lot..she gvs bad words and tell people tht my daughter in law is useless..my 3 sis in law(hubby sis)also support her..my parents r poor I cnt even tell them..I WOULD HV DIED GURUJI BUT BCOS OF MY KIDS M HERE..help me I beg of u..bless me..

    • Ritu,
      chant SWEETCHESTNUT MUSTARD ROCKWATER HOLLY PINE 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water. Do this three times a day.

  50. guruji,
    i am a student who completed my engineering.. i want to do my MS in Canada.but my parents are completely against it because i loved a guy but we recently broke up due to caste differences.
    my problem here is my career as well as my love life…

    1.i want to study in Canada and earn a good job..i wish my parents should agree with my plans of education in CANADA

    2.i need him as my husband and we should be married by the approval of both of our parents

    3.he should love and care me forever, and we both should have a happy married life

    4.due to this relationship problems i am suffering a lot..i need some mental peace..

    i beg you please give me a mantra…i am suffering with these issues since one and half year..i worshiped many gods.but its my fate that i am still suffering…finally i am seeking your help..plz suggest me a mantra which makes my wishes and dreams come true..plz give me the procedure and number of times to be chanted..plz.

    • hh,
      both cannot happen. Either listen to the parents and go to Canada. or marry this person to be in india.
      chant forgive love thank together be divine. as many times as possible

  51. Thanks a lot for your immediate response. Gone through your site and read all your mantras, bach flower remedies, switch words, animal spirit. all are fantastic and excellent. chanted vallabham, gajananam, ekadantham in crisis and experienced the results. all are working well. the main change in me before chanting is if anything gets postpond, i will get angry and expose it. but now anything gets postpond, iam not getting angry and mind is getting convinced itself as everything is divine order and it is for good only. iam able to experience it. thanks a lot once again for all the services rendered to human kind and helping people suffering like me.i will start chanting BASKARAM PRABODHAM. can you explain the meaning of the above because i am having the anxiety to know. how many times to chant/ write. awaiting your reply.


    • SARANYA,
      THANK YOU. i am happy that you are using most of the techniques.
      We can remain happy without having anything. When we remain happy, we attract what is good and anything bad is repelled.
      Out happiness should not depend on anything outside. Baskaram prabodham will keep you in a happy state whatever be the situation outside.
      best of Baskaran’s (the sun god ) grace!

  52. Respected sir,
    Iam writing this message wth lots of depression and tears 😦 I got an admission into ph.d morethan 2yrs before…yet i havn’t started my research work.. facing lots of hurdles at my lab and with my teachers and collegues..im a veryyy sincere student from childhood..but now i became very useless as no one is allowing me to carryout my work at my lab.. applied for many scholorships but nothing worked out.. people who are of less knowledge, skills and liberal at work are getting selected for stipends ..even at my home also no one is listening to others so lots of disputes are arising everyday among all family members.. all these issues at home and college are making me more depressive ..even im trying for suicide also though iam against to it ..bt im helpless at that peak moment i thought ending my life and bought some pesticides 😦
    im still working hard to get the things clear out..bt still im not getting wat i deserve nd wat i least expect ..
    please kindly guide me what to do ..

    – to get success in my studies and to cross the hurdles at my college with collegues and teachers
    – to get some stipend so that i wouldnt hav to financially depend on my parents
    – to get family peace

    thank you so much for readng this …awaiting for your reply and thanks in advance

  53. chant SWEETCHESTNUT CHERRYPLUM 58 over a glass of water 100 times and drink this water daily. do two times
    write this in a piece of paper and keep it under the pillow.

  54. Dear naran ji, I am been reading your blog from so long and tried some of the Switchwords and mantra.but now I don’t know what to do and where to ask for help. I liked this guy and suddenly things got really serious in us that we planned everything together, but after going out for two years he just totally shut me off. Due to lot of arguments he totally broke all the contacts and relationship with me. It’s been year that we never contacted each other. He told me he don’t want to be with me,even lot of apologies didn’t helped and everything ended in very bad way. Till today I am so hurt, and still some part of me want him back.i tried to forget and move on with my life but thought of him not being a part of my is killing me. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to contact him because all the things he said to me. I don’t want bad for him,I still have feeling for him and wana rekindle the broken relationship so all the mistakes I did can repair and be together with each other. I don’t want to hurt him In anyway,I pray so he can make contact with me or in anyway the Broken communication opens so we can clear our negativity and start a stronger and better relationship than before. Please naran ji help me I thank you from bottom of my heart,because instead of focusing on my life he’s in my brain all the time I don’t know how to let go of it,or how to fix this.
    Thank you

  55. Bubble,
    you hae to let go this relation ship and be peaceful.
    chant WHITECHESTNUT WALNUT CRAB APPLE CHICORY 100 times over a glass of water and drink this water. Do this two times daily.
    In the night, keep you index finger at the base of the thumb and let the thumb tocuh the tips of little and ringer finger.. Be in this murdra (both hands) chanting TOGETHER OPEN TO DIVINE LOVE BEAUTY GRACE and sleep.

  56. Dear Naran sir, twice i followed ur mantras, one is fulfilled, one is under process now. I am really thankful to you for the great help. I am really lucky to got your blog.

    Sir, i requested mantra for my brothers marriage, it has been fixed, engagement also done. i chanted ” vallabam gajananam yekatandam” continuously.
    Please advise mantra for my above request.

    now i need one more help. We are planning for kids now, me my husband like both boy and girl, but first we are expecting baby Boy. A healthy, Fair, good looking, good luck, Intelligent baby Boy.
    Kindly advise suitable mantra please. As per my previous requests i am already chanting Lalitham subramanyam Lalitham kumaram Lalitham shanmugam. and “SCLERANTHUS GENTIAN ASPEN”.
    Now adivse chant mantra for baby boy.

  57. Naren ji,

    im preparing for a national exam and wanted to get succeed in it .. and i need som money right now plz advice me some mantra to get some parttime job
    these days im scaring of everything ..like people, situations , problems, and for evey wrk i wanted to start.. fearing for everything
    thank you..

    • prassu,
      say the statement three times and forget it. “I open up to the divine rays of money. I thank the divine for giving me the job and money.

  58. Dear Naran sir, twice i followed ur mantras, one is fulfilled, one is under process now. I am really thankful to you for the great help. I am really lucky to got your blog. now i need one more help. We are planning for kids now, me my husband like both boy and girl, but first we are expecting baby Boy. A healthy, Fair, good looking, good luck, Intelligent baby Boy.
    Kindly advise suitable mantra please. As per my previous requests i am already chanting Lalitham subramanyam Lalitham kumaram Lalitham shanmugam. and “SCLERANTHUS GENTIAN ASPEN”.
    Now adivse chant mantra for baby boy.

  59. Hi Naran,
    In my office I was close to a colleague and she also was very close to me. We shared everything together in office and always liked each others company. I was truthful to her and she was same with me too. But few weeks back she fought with me cz I confronted a 3rd person who was teasing both of us which she didn like, instead she stopped talkin to me and from that day she hasnt been respnding to my texts and calls and says” I dont want to talk”. I want to win her back , but she is very upset and her upsetness is not coming down. She just says hi and bye when I do and nothing more than that these days and completely ignores me. Please help me as to which mantra I should chant to win her back. I have been chanting kaartaveeryaarjuno prayer from past few days. Please tell me which mantra to chant…. I also secretly wish to marry her in future if all goes fine.

  60. cdt,
    chant centaury chicory willow beech pine 100 TIMES over a glass of water and drink that water daily.
    chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible

  61. Sir,
    I am into stock market and would love to have this as my business/career. is there any remedy for strengthening income from stock market and avoiding losses.

    my financial luck is not going good for the last one year. so please suggest me a remedy to enhance finances and protect me from financial losses and give me good profits daily in trading.

    • subhayu sur
      write GORSE(not to lose) LARCH(to bull) CHERRYPLUM(to bear) in a paper and keep it infront of you.
      write the above words daily 51 times in a notebook

  62. Dear Sir, I want to change my job in the same company i am presently working. Please tell me what mantra to chant.

    • Dear Sir, Kindly reply as my desperation for changing the department but not the organization is increasing a lot.

    • niru,
      change divine order

      • Dear Sir, As told by you i am chanting “Change Divine Order” as many times as possible and also writing Mimulus Larch 51 times in a note book (honestly speaking not everyday). I got an offer from another department yesterday. The HR formalities are still pending. I am praying everything should go smoothly and i should do extremely well in the new position. Kindly suggest a chanting for the same. One thing i noticed after i started writing Mimulus Larch in the note book is that i have become more peaceful. Instead of worrying what will happen to my future continously now whenever such thought comes to my mind i immediately tell myself there is a divine force that will take me in the right direction the only thing i need to do is keep faith and keep chanting and believe in God. Thank you sir for giving me this peace of mind.

        • niru,
          continue writing.

        • Dear Sir,

          I am glad to inform you that i got a job in another department in the same company. I am chanting as told by you and writing as well. Now my aim is to do extremely well in my new role and grow in position. I also need the strength to take care of my aged parents and my daughter. Please let me know what i should chant for continous peace of mind and prosperity in life. Thanks you sir for your guidance without which i would not have had peace at all.

          • niru,
            chant ELM OAK OLIVE

            • Thank you Sir. I will chant Elm Oak Olive as told by you. Also, i gave money in installments to one of my co-worker for buying furniture more than a year back. they kept on postponing without giving me and when i said i dont want to take it any more as it is almost one a half year since i gave the money that person refused to give my money back. Her mother called me and shouted badly at me saying had i orderd in a furniture shop and not taken it they would not return my money. Later when i checked i saw that they were chargin me much more than the second hand furniture actually costs. I am scared to asked them for my money. Now this co-worker of mine is bad mouthing me to all the others. Is it possible to get my money back. It is 12000 Rs. and i dont want to lose it.

              • Dear Sir,

                Please respond to me Q. no. 159.

              • NIRU,
                you thank the person for giving the money.

                • Dear Sir, I want to start reading lalita sahasranamam from vijaya dashimi day. But, someone told me that when a person starts reading it in the initial days they have to go through lot of problems and later (may take years) it will all be fine. Is it true?

                  • niru,
                    do all the persons coming to this blog are reading lalitha sahasranama? or Do people who don’t visit this page have no problem?

  63. Naranji, I want improvement in my career. Please help me.

  64. Respected Naranji,

    I suffer from physical disability and work from home. Kindly suggest me remedies or mantras for better work opportunities (more fulfilling) and spiritual growth.

  65. Hi Naranji, im really thankful to god that i came through you link. Please help me iam very much depressed in my life, i love a person who is also my relative, i havent said him that l love him, he is my only hope, i want him as my husband, i have no guts to let him know that i love him, im afraid of the consequences but i cant live without him, i always pray god for him else to kill me, but i really want to live with him, his family, i dont expect anything other than his love, please help me Naranji, i am waiting for your reply.

    • AS,
      Adamancy will not take you anywhere. Don’t demand anything from God. Your demanding will happen as per your wish in a diffrent way.
      When you pray like this, “i always pray god for him else to kill me,”
      God will kill you first. How? the circumstances will so develop that you marry another who will kill you emotionally and mentally.
      Instead pray, I THANK THE DIVINE for getting married to —-.

      Write Centaury ( for a person who does not have the guts to ask for what he needs or desires) chicory ( clinging and bepossessive) Gentian (not to be disappointed) Wildrose (to accept what happens)

      Write these four words in a notebook for 51 times.

  66. Hi Naran sir,

    I had told you problem earlier too about this fren of mine who used to be my best frend and vice versa but now she is very angry and doesnt want to talk to me, in question 140 on ds page n u replied n asked me to chant 2 mantras each day

    [[[[[ those are : chant centaury chicory willow beech pine 100 TIMES over a glass of water and drink that water daily.
    chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible ” ]]][…

    I am following yu as u told… bt now still she is very angry and kept on saying that “I don want to talk to you, I don want to talk to you, please don irritate me lik dis, I don want to talk to you, I ve told you 100 times that I wont talk to you” whereas initially she hd tld dt she wd talk after her anger is gone, bt nw sayin dt wont talk even if she is allryt… am feeling very bad hearin those, she not listenin only to me even after i apologised many times…. Naran Sir I want to win her back, please guide me on what extra, what more I can do to win her heart back and make her proper like before? I am getting into depression and not able to concentrate at work also 😦 its becomin very hard for me to see her behave dis way trusting all d wrong ppl and hating me more each day… please guide me with this, awaiting your reply badly sir, please help me sir….

    • sir and today just few moments back she replied to me saying that if i try to tatlk to her again she would complain to the HR about me… she called me best fren earlier and now she is sayin I am just another colleague to her and that she doesn want any kind of relation with me… please help me remove all this feelings from her mind… she is talking all these cz she is hurt and in anger mood

    • cdt
      continue the same chanting. Don’t beg for anything. you are asked to do chanting only. don’t ask her or phone her.
      when you are not able to concentrate on work chant QUIET MIND OPEN HEART RELAX.

  67. subhayu sur
    dont take anything other than i mentioned. if 39 remedies are available will you take all? i have already explained within brackets how these remedies can work

    • sorry sir i did not mean that…you asked me to write gorse larch cherryplum 51 times every day…so as i have those available just was wondering if i can take too along with the writing…

      • sir,
        i am awaiting your reply. i seek your guidance sir. i am experiencing tremendous financial turmoil and instability of income. i am doing regularly writing gorse larch cherryplum 51 times along with the chicory gentian clematis cherryplum find count divine 100 times over a cup of water and drinking it daily. though i am experiencing little bit of mental peace and confidence in myself post doing these for almost ten days now. but my need of attracting a large sum of money is immediate. its only last month that i lost 1 lakh ruppees from my business capital in loss. please let me know if all that i am doing currently is sufficient and should i go ahead and take the gorse larch cherryplum which is available or only the writing as you said is all i need to do sir. me and my family solicit your precious guidance. please forgive if i may have been bothering by writing so many replies before, i could not help but feel extremely desperate and pushed to the wall kind of a situation in life. thank you sir…

        • subhayu sur,
          if flower remedies are available, take the remedies. Each 2pills of larch, Gorse cherryplum.
          write I THANK THE DIVINE FOR PROVIDING ….(AMOUNT) NOW DONE.around 50 times.
          Write in a piece of paper SWEETCHESTNUT FIND COUNT..(Amount) divine and keep it under the pillow while sleeping.

          • thank you so much sir, i am starting this from today and will you keep you posted about the improvements

          • i forgot to tel. you i have drops available so in that case what do i do. how many drops of each and how many times a day sir?

            • subhayu sur
              put two drops in 500 ml water and keep sipping it over the day.

              • thank you sir. i will do that.

                • Sir,
                  I am doing the things. do i continue doing the same or you would suggest something different. i might be totally wrong but i am not seeing any change in my finances sir. its getting worse. i am feeling this immense blockage somewhere in earning.

                  just wanted to bring this to your notice sir, nothing else. Did not want to wait for long enough to make things worst. i apologize if i am being impatient.

                  I am at your disposal. Please guide me. the anguish and frustration has reached the pinnacle. i have a little son and wife to take care off.

                  Apart from this, there is one unwanted relation in my life sir which i want to ward off. this is one female colleague of mine who came close to me and now is not leaving me and being hindrance in my peaceful family life.

                  all put together my financial distress and this ladys presence in my life is making things worst in my life and i am going through the worst phase of my life.

                  please help sir.

                  • Mr. Naran,
                    I am waiting for your insight and guidance on the above context.

                  • subhayu,
                    pray to god to help you come out of this lady. Daily affirm, i thank ….. to have parted from me. Thank her(mentally) for what she gave you. At some point she gave what what you lacked. Dont hate her now. Thank her forgive her as many times as possible.
                    write CHICORY WALNUT ROCKROSE in a paper and keep it under the pillow.

  68. Naranji, I want to improve my communication skills in English and Hindi. Please suggest mantra/remedy

    • somayajulu,
      chant CERATO LARCH

      • Dear Sir,

        I am chanting “change divine order” as you said regularly. A few opening came up last weekend and tomorrow is the last day to apply. Somehow I am not confident enough to apply as the mind set of the people here is that people working in lower levels are brainless and are not even fit to apply for a higher post. Though I am a post graduate I am doing this small post because of the job security this company offers. I am scared that I might not grow in position at all. Please help me remove this fear from my mind. I also desperately need the job as I am the only earning member in my family.

    • Dear Sir, As suggested, I am chanting
      CERATO LARCH for improving my communication skills in English and Hindi. I am doing lot of mistakes while speaking. Sometimes I am not able to speak. Please help me to improve furthermore. My career is depending on this.

      • somayajulu
        buy the above flower remedies. put 6 pills of Cerato and larch in water and have 6 to 7 small sips of that water in a day.

  69. Hi Naranji,

    i want to marry a person whom i love. Please help me with mantra/remedy. awaiting your reply.

  70. Dear sir, Good Morning…… I have been following your mantras. and i am feeling good. please help me for the below.
    I got married in 2011, its love marriage, after a lot of struggles we married. when i see our ( me and my husbands ) horoscope, it is showing i am under Astama shani ( 2.5 years ) and my hunsband is under elnati shani ( 7.5 years ), i am very scared. pls help me. mine is revathi nakshtram, meena rashi. and my husband’s is hasta nakshatram, kanya rashi. we are very much scared. kindly advise me any solution and chanting mantra.
    I already contacted you for kids issue you told me to chant ” Lalitham subramanyam Lalitham Kumaram Lalitha shanmugam”. now to escape from Shani kindly advise the solution. we are living outside India. and we want to settle here only for carrier purpose and for good future. kindly advise mantra.
    1) To escape from Astama shani & Elnati Shani.
    2) To settle in Europe where my husband is working now.
    3) To conceive and get good kinds.


  71. Dear Sir,

    I have realised..the more I ask for ,be it from you(I asked for a job,family harmony,curing skin issues) or simply from God..it has always been granted to me.. I am really grateful for it..sometimes I think God has me in his special list 🙂

    However ..now I feel guilty.. it’s like some loop of desires.. now I want to get married to a wonderful,understanding and loving husband.. After I get that..I will want a child..then it will be her/his education..desires..life..money..

    I thought life’s aim is to be detached from the world and arise out of all the attachments.. and what I seek is totally different from what I ask for.. If I keep asking.. and one day if I don’t get..it will be the reason for my sorrow..So finally my search for happiness will drive me to sorrow..isn’t it?

    I want to give up all attachments and live and enjoy in this world at the same time..I don’t understand my path of life..

    I need guidance. Please help.. you are one person who I truly revere.I sometimes wonder how do you have so much patience to read and reply.. to so many queries.. everyone here is always asking..always wanting things..I don’t blame them.. you provide solutions which work.. it gives all of us high hopes..a ray of light..


  72. Radhika
    If we think that everything is provided by God and thank him with the open heart daily, we will get inordinate joy. Whatever is good, he will give it to me. If anything is not needed, he will deny it. If we think in this manner, there is no sorrow. By thanking him or by adoring him we are not adding up even 1% to his divinity. But wondering at the way the Divine field operates, and thanking for everything, will make us content.
    Your greatest teacher is living within your heart. Everyday, in the morning say, “i open and align myself – all parts of my consciousness – with the grace of Divine love, beauty, harmony”.
    Just close your eyes and start thanking what happened on the previous day.
    Best of luck. a nice question.

    • Dear Sir,

      I chant gayathri mantra 2-3 times every morning..and ask God to bless my entire day.Is it alright?

      My parents are wonderful folks.. they are the ideal people any child can have.. I want to do so much for them.. but I turn lazy when time of execution comes..(for eg when my mum needs me to press her legs.. i do it everytime..but in my mind the ‘laziness’ factor turns in..I want to get rid of it.. I feel really bad for having that feeling while i am doing my duty)I have my inner voice telling me to not behave like this..I don’t want to..but I have fight hard with the thought of being ‘lazy’

      Also I turned 25 this april.. My parents didn’t socialise much in their lifetime..so there aren’t any contacts that they have to find a suitable guy for me…and I am really tensed over the whole thing..I know it usually takes so much time to decide over the guy..I am worried..I don’t want to grow too big that I will have to settle down for a guy I don’t even like because my age is beyond appropriate.. I want to get married to a right guy who understands me and values the entire institution of marriage at the right time.. please help me with the mantra..so that i start getting alliances from men belonging to good families and I happen to choose a right guy and my marriage lasts forever with love and understanding.. (too much to ask for? : ) )

      And talking about me growing old.. please suggest some mantra so that I can retain the youthful radiance in me while I am growing old..(My hair is turning grey..skin is developing issues at this age : ( )

      I hope you help me with all that I mentioned above ..please give me some mantras which are not in english..I find it really difficult to identify my feelings with english as a language.So when I chant in english.. i have half my attention elsewhere..


  73. Dear Guru,

    Pranams.Your reply to Radhika is nice.particularly these lines:
    Whatever is good, he will give it to me. If anything is not needed, he will deny it. If we think in this manner, there is no sorrow.

    I have a general question.Ladies is facing plenty of problems in life from childhood.gents are also facing but less compared to ladies.from childhood a girl should be safe in all areas of life. if married responsibilities increase. also hearing bad words under circumstances : if marraige is delayed, child birth is delayed
    society will say that girl is unlucky.i have said only examples many more are there. for example at the age of 45 also a boy is married as a first marraige / second marraige.but in case of ladies how many are ready to marry a girl at the age of 45. same first marraige/second marraige. is it a curse to be born as a girl.girls are equal to boys and studying well, earning etc., but in particular cases enjoying less freedom only in the society compared to boys.

    just remembering these words :
    we get full independence when a girl can walk in the midnight wearing plenty of jewels and safe in all aspects. after so many years of independence also it has not been fulfilled.

    tomorrow is independence day. hence this question.

    please reply.


    • menaka,
      thank you.

      Why should i see and feel sorry for the problems? Or why don’t i see the good in the same society and feel happy. Whatever is happening in the world is just an event. We judge any event by categorizing it bad or good. We are not taught to see good in bad too. When anything happens to our dislike or when anything disturbs our peace, fill up that event with love by just chanting FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER BE DIVINE.
      Forgiving the person will make you think that every person is directed by the Divine will. If every person is directed by God, why should i meddle with the divine will. i extend my love to him. If i can send the energy of love from the heart which is open because of forgiveness, i thank the Divine for this revealation – new thinking.
      Thanking any person – a state of gratitude- unites your mind with the Divine. you will BE one with the Divine flow -TOGETHER BE DIVINE and be blessed.

  74. Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. Iam regulary studying your site.All the topics are good.I have tried many of your mantras eg:vallabham, ekadantham, gajananam, find count divine etc., reply to mallika was really good.
    My dear Mother I love you, you are the source of my love, you are the source of all my relationships, My dear Father I love you from my heart very easy and nice words.

    iam also having struggling relationship with my husband.with all of them i.e.husband, in laws.many misunderstandings between us.main reason my husband is having problem physically to give birth to a child.confirmed in doctor report. not co-operating with me for anything (for treatment also) my star is anusham(vrischika rasi, magara lagnam) and his star arudra(midhuna rasi, rishaba lagnam).this is sashtashtakam (8th and 6th place) and hence there will be misunderstandings an astrologer said.we too are having sarpa dosham also. before marraige i was not aware of this.but after eight years also iam not happy with my marraige life.there is no second chance in marraige according to me.we get reply for all in this site.hence writing to you.i need remedy for:
    1.sashtashtakam (8th and 6th place)
    2.he should co-operate with me in all areas of life.
    3.he should become healthy to live a happy married life.

    please help.


    • annapoorni,
      WRITE TOGETHER DIVINEin a note book around 100 times. chant NAMASHIVAYAM as many times as possible. Both of you take bach flower remedies beech willow agrimony cherryplum walnut FOR 6 MONTHS.

  75. Dear Guruji,

    Writing and keeping under the pillow required switch word/remedy.how will it work.please explain.just to know.

    • gayathrid
      What is the one thing that spearates Gayatri from others. Everything – animate or inanimate – in this world is vibrating with a frequency signature. This is unique to everyone and everything that is used by the world. Every article vibrates constantly at its frequency to be in touch with everything else. This energy exchange between one and all is taking place without awareness. When we direct our thought (this thought is also an energy particle) to a particular word it is influenced and starts influencing.
      The whole world is a web of Parasakthi – the ever abundant all-knowing all-encomapassing energy

  76. Dear Guru,

    chanting names of person.For example chant WALNUT ROCKWATER ………….(insert your name and his name)TOGETHER DIVINE. In such cases which name should be used. i.e. nick name (name which we call) or name given in certificate.

    Please reply.


  77. Dear Guru,

    Namasthe. I was suggested by an astrologer to change my name and wear particular gem stones for some personal problems. i started wearing gems.but not interested to change my name.using my old name only.please suggest remedies to get full benefits with this existing name itself.


  78. Dear Guru,

    Going through your site daily. You are studying all the queries and answering with patience.Thanks for rendering a wonderful service to all of us.

    My hubby is having naga dosham(dosham due to snakes)not willing to do remedies for the same suggested by astrologer. family life is affected in all ways.please suggest remedies so that i can do on behalf of him.


  79. karpagam
    if there is naga dosham, prays nagaraja daily. I thank nagaraja for freeing us from any naga dosha” chant this daily 51 times

  80. Dear Sir

    If possible give me new for getting job soon

    I need job because for past three year no increment ,no benifits also ,everybody here is playing double game where i could not able to tolerate.

    I am chanting the following for past 2-3 months




    but so far i did not get any job.

    kindly advise me

  81. Sathappan
    drop these. now chant Ruby diamond.

    • Dear sir,
      Thank you very much i will chat this and will stop chanting the before things as you advised.I will update you the feedback after one month.

      • Dear sir,
        Already i printed the same and kept in my purse should i keep the same inside my purse or i can remove that.


  82. Dear Sir ,
    DO you have any mantra or switchword for Dandruff and stopping hair fallings for me after bath i can see lot of hairs falling down.

  83. Dear Sir ,
    Sir i asked you a mantra so that i can get the job ….which i was not getting….after chanting the mantra ..after a month or so i got job offers but due to some or other reason i could not join them..later i joined a job which i have to cause sitting idle will prove a great barrier later on…but these job is not so related to my field …..Sir can u please suggest me some remedy so that i can get the job i really want which will help me to grow in my carrier…..please sir help me so that i get the job i want………

  84. Naran Sir, Thank you very much for your divine Mantra, It works effectively, I want mantra for get starts a new business for my husband, and for my son good future, he is not interested in studies please reply me immediately

  85. Sir, i want some money for my health problems (surgery)and for my studies, nt getting any help from my parents…
    so please kindly tell me som mantra for money and academic progress , thanks in advance

  86. Surendra,

  87. Dear Sir

    My sister’s son ,He has good handwriting but he is not fast in writing ,he writes very very very slow where by he is not finishing his homework on time and in exams also he is very slow in writing .

    please suggest some SW inorder to make him write fast also.


  88. as,
    chant WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE as many times as possible

  89. I Love my husband and my 2 kids very much but sometimes i behave so rudely with them and scold them and sometimes I even beat them. I am very normal but whenever I see that somebody irritates me whether it is my kids or my husband I immediately become like a rogue and sometimes I scold them or sometimes I myself punish by hitting my head with my hand or closing the door and threaten them that I ll die or even I go to kitchen and try to on the gas stove and fire myself, these all things I dont do when I am consious but when I do all these things I know that I m out of my control, when I m trying to do all these bloody things I lose my control but after I m normal I realise that and I try to ask sorry to them even it is kids also.I have seen all these things done by my mom when I was small and similarly I dont want it to continue with my daughter which may spoil her life. When I do all these things I can see my 9 years old son and 3 yrs old daughter get scared and started crying .Sir pl sir I want to overcome my anger and stop all these stupid things.

  90. Sir,
    I love a guy and so he ….but theres are lots of ups and down in our relationship……there are lots of problems in his life…he have few court cases which are not getting resolved then he is not able to clear his exams coz of some plotics in the department and when situation worsen up in his life he stop talking to me…coz he thinks this should not affect me …..and this kills me ……sir please help me i am with him in any situation ….but he just moves away…sir cant think of life without him..can u please suggest me some mantra so that he understands me and be with me always ……in any situation….he start sharing the problem with me ….sir please sir asking you with great hope.just want to be with him always….

    • happiness19
      take the flower remedies AGRIMONY WALNUT regularly for two months.
      each two pills two times a day.

  91. Sir I asked the question in NO-227,but u didn’t replied,sir please,i’am in big tension,checking my mail daily for ur response,but i’am not getting any response..,sir you are answering all the users accept me,i dont know why??

    • Pulkit Malviya
      here in this link the question 227 was asked by sathappan.
      the answer was given in 228.
      If your question was 229.
      chant WATERVIOLET LARCH GENTIAN WILDROSE RESCUE REMEDY for the campus interview and other endeavors also.

  92. Dear Sir
    Presently i am staying in sharing room in abudhabi ,UAE with all facilities inclusive ,since my house owner brings his family i need to vacate the room this month end.

    The problem is that i have plan to go vacation on Oct 18 ,i will there in India till Dec 9 .

    I thought that i can live in this room up-to Oct 18 and then on DEC i can come back and join in a new room ,so that i can save some money(One month rent ) here rent is tooooooo high which will helpful for me .(Every time i will do like this only)

    please suggest me some mantras or sitchwords or Bach flower so that i can execute the plan without any problem and i should not suffer also .

  93. Hi Naran Sir,
    As per discussed with you on Q139, 168.
    I have been chanting CENTAURY CHICORY WILLOW BEECH PINE 100 times over a glass of water and drinking that water as advised by you daily. I am also chanting FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER DIVINE as and when I get time.

    I havent spoken to her or met her as per your advice. But there are no changes from her, she has still not called me up nor texted me or made any sort of attempt to contact me.
    Please advice me Sir as to what more should I do to win my friend back. Awairing your reply heartfully eagerly.

    Q 139.
    Hi Naran,

    In my office I was close to a colleague and she also was very close to me. We shared everything together in office and always liked each others company. I was truthful to her and she was same with me too. But few weeks back she fought with me cz I confronted a 3rd person who was teasing both of us which she didn like, instead she stopped talkin to me and from that day she hasnt been respnding to my texts and calls and says” I dont want to talk”. I want to win her back , but she is very upset and her upsetness is not coming down. She just says hi and bye when I do and nothing more than that these days and completely ignores me. Please help me as to which mantra I should chant to win her back. I have been chanting kaartaveeryaarjuno prayer from past few days. Please tell me which mantra to chant…. I also secretly wish to marry her in future if all goes fine.

    140. Naran | July 23, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    chant centaury chicory willow beech pine 100 TIMES over a glass of water and drink that water daily.
    chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible

    168. cdt | August 1, 2012 at 7:41 pm

    Hi Naran sir,
    I had told you problem earlier too about this fren of mine who used to be my best frend and vice versa but now she is very angry and doesnt want to talk to me, in question 140 on ds page n u replied n asked me to chant 2 mantras each day
    [[[[[ those are : chant centaury chicory willow beech pine 100 TIMES over a glass of water and drink that water daily.
    chant FORGIVE LOVE THANK TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible ” ]]][…
    I am following yu as u told… bt now still she is very angry and kept on saying that “I don want to talk to you, I don want to talk to you, please don irritate me lik dis, I don want to talk to you, I ve told you 100 times that I wont talk to you” whereas initially she hd tld dt she wd talk after her anger is gone, bt nw sayin dt wont talk even if she is allryt… am feeling very bad hearin those, she not listenin only to me even after i apologised many times…. Naran Sir I want to win her back, please guide me on what extra, what more I can do to win her heart back and make her proper like before? I am getting into depression and not able to concentrate at work also its becomin very hard for me to see her behave dis way trusting all d wrong ppl and hating me more each day… please guide me with this, awaiting your reply badly sir, please help me sir….

    169. cdt | August 2, 2012 at 9:41 am

    sir and today just few moments back she replied to me saying that if i try to tatlk to her again she would complain to the HR about me… she called me best fren earlier and now she is sayin I am just another colleague to her and that she doesn want any kind of relation with me… please help me remove all this feelings from her mind… she is talking all these cz she is hurt and in anger mood

    170. Naran | August 4, 2012 at 12:39 am

    continue the same chanting. Don’t beg for anything. you are asked to do chanting only. don’t ask her or phone her.

  94. please advice me as I am getting heavy urges to go talk to her, even though when I am sure that she will not listen to anything I say. I am not able to concentrate also on work thinking about her.

  95. Dear Sir,
    I want to get good marks in ielts but my english is not so good. Please help me to get good marks as I am going to give the paper soon.

  96. Dear sir ,
    I heard that if the left eye or eye lids for the men gets vibrating (thudikirathu in TAMIL)there will be fight with somebody ,is there anything like that or its just an assumption…

    it s my personal experience every time i had that ,i fight with somebody either room mates or office colleges or family members
    depends upon the type(some times little or sometimes continous) the fight will be bigger or smaller.

    Is there is any Switch word to avoid that or to avoid fights during that time or any MANTRA please.

    i am suffering a lot due to this most of the time left eye ,some times right eye.


  97. Dear naran sir ,
    One of my sister has Ovary cyst ( 2 on Right side and 1 on Left side) inside the ovary and she is suffering from stomach pain often and during the mensuration time also more pains.

    yesterday we got scan report that there is cryst on both side of ovary which has to be operated .

    Is there is any remdy from your side
    Is there is any Switchword for the stomach pain (lower stomach)

    she is married and 2 kids .

    please reply with SW


  98. dear sir ,

    I have one bad habbit always i am disturbing somebody where by they are hating ,many times they told also and even i tried also to control that but could not ,for example
    in chat if i saw somebody my friend or relativess i will sent msg to them ,if they no reply also continoulsy i will disturb them and finally they will get angry …like this
    so please suggest me so that i should not disturb or hurt anybody.
    i need to cahnge this habbit so that everybody should like me


  99. yes,
    i know. of all the people you have put maximum questions.
    you have to take the flower remedy HEATHER.

    • Dear Sir ,
      Dont think that i am disturbing you ,those things which i posted was of my real feelings and facts.
      Your advise and SW are very helpfull and it works so that only i am posting more .

      You are doing a excellent serivice.


  100. kasi,
    If i think anybody is disturbing me i will not answer. one should frame questions in such a manner that the answer given is useful to others also

  101. Hy
    Naran Ji
    First I want to thank you for giving me a advice and Switchwords with mudras to chant. I asked you on July 18 about my relatinship with my ex.After you suggested me I been doing that and came out of that miserable place where I have completely let go of my ex and I m very happy and grateful that I am able to let go of my ex boyfriend and forgave him in every way.
    After chanting the Switchwords you have suggests I got in contact with a wonderful man who is very good to me and I really like him and he likes me too. Please sir the way you help me earlier, plz help me again because I want to settledown with him because he makes me laugh and care for me and i just felt he is the one. I want our friendship turns into beautiful love relationship so we can get Marry.please sir help me if you can, I know because of the Switchwords you suggested I met him and know I am ready to spend my life with him and I am very thankful to you.

  102. Bubble

  103. Dear Sir ,

    chant CENTAURY CHICORY PINE SCLERANTHUS GENTIAN daily around 300 times.

    After 2 months of chanting ,i asked you ,then you told me drop those and given me

    Ruby Diamond

    now i am chanting ,i can feel the differences but the problem now is

    again the people around me are comparing with them and annoying me or disturbing me in saying that you are getting more salary bla bl bla and alll and i am getting angry very soon when they compare me with them bcoz i am in managerial position and they are in secretarty and labour position …since i am travelling with them in the same bus ..it all happens it seems.

    1) please provide me some SW or Mantras to overcome this situation
    2) i need to get a car from company also – what SW i have to say pls all other managers are getting all facilities and i am the only one who does not get any facility.

    • kasi,
      Daily before boarding the bus thank all for being friendly with you.
      chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE LOVE THANKS DIVINE while in the bus.

  104. Dear Sir

    My boss(CEO) sometimes he is good to me and sometimes he is like psycho ,he is irritating me with words and actions even though i am perfect in my works ,he is expecting me to support all his illegal things against the company (rules and regulations) and getting angry on me if i say no. His main problem is he is listening to otheres and getting angry on me and not discussing about that with me also.

    He promised me that he will give increment for me as i didnt get any increment for past 4 years ,but now nothing happened

    now i am chanting WILLOW PINE CHANGE DIVINE ORDER -108 times daily

    please advise me what i have to chant so that i can get increment and tension free.

    • Kasi,
      Add Rockwater. Do not support any illegal things. Daily thank him before going to the office. chant TOGETHER DIVINE while going to his room and while be in the room

  105. hi sir,
    I do not know what to do, have been chanting as per ur instructions… will ask no more questions n trouble u… ll b silent here n wont proceed to her until u say so cz i don want to ruin things wd her and also don want u to ve bad thougts regardin me,,, thank u fr help sir, ll b waitin fr updates frm u,… thank u. bye as of now.

  106. subhayu sur
    chant BLUE SAPPHIRE for total financial crunch

  107. Hello Sir,
    I have fibromyalgia problem from last 20 years but diagnosed 1 year back.whole body pains, no muscular pain but pains in nerves. what mantra will be good for that.I am 40 years old, because of that I dont feel like to do exercise, but I like to be slim and trim.
    My second issue is my business as a fashion designer. I want it to grow very big, Last year only I have started my business after finishing my Bachelor degree in Fashion design, because after waiting for 2 years I didn’t get any job.what will be mantra to increase my business??
    Thanks and regards.

  108. Dear Sir ,
    Another problem in my office ,the secretary lady philipina and the Hr lady Indian ,joined hands and telling unwanted things to CEO and spoiling my name and they are trying to remove me from office by saying something unnecessary or which i didnt do or say.They are cooking stories by themsleves and telling me that ,we will show our power and teach you lesson.Actually the real fact is that they dont know anything about work simply coming and going doing all nonsense things ,please provide me SW to overcome this and to avoid unnecesary fear also.CEO also not discussing anything with me he hears them and taking actions.

    please advise me

    • Kasi,
      when you are in the office keep a paper written with HOLLY WATERVIOLET HORNBEAM in the pocket.
      chant Ruby as many times as possible while in the office.

  109. Please help me Guruji,

    I have fibromyalgia problem from last 20 years but diagnosed 1 year back.whole body pains, no muscular pain but pains in nerves. what mantra will be good for that.I am 40 years old, because of that I dont feel like to do exercise, but I like to be slim and trim.
    My second issue is my business as a fashion designer. I want it to grow very big, Last year only I have started my business after finishing my Bachelor degree in Fashion design, because after waiting for 2 years I didn’t get any job.what will be mantra to increase my business??
    Thanks and regards.

    • Guruji,

      Thanks for your reply,and remedy for my business, could you please tell me the remedy for my body pain as well, I am fed up with my body pain and low energy.
      Thanks and regards,


  110. VANDANA,
    you have to buy a cd from me

  111. Ours is Pakka Love Marriage and I Loved my husband only for his Love and same I expected from his family members also which they gave before our marriage,but due to some conditions we were to get married before his elder brother and 2 younger sisters got married, our marriage happened with all elders permissions only but also my in laws side they asked us to wait till the sisters got married but I had a situation that If I get married after some more years I ll not get kids,so we married that too we did not love today and run tomorrow for mariage after we waited for 14 years only we married. I think this wounded them and they started reacting badly with me alone. Even though we got married me and my husband fulfilled all our duties like Getting married to 2 sisters and also we did all their maternity expenses etc etc,after doing all these also .I feel that they are treating me like Alien like when I got conceived for first time my parents came and they were with me helping me, but nobody from their house turned to me and the same thing happened with the second delivery also,after that even I started acting negatively to them I started hating them whenever My husband speak with them from Dubai (We stay in Dubai) to India I become aggressive and started fighting with him,this is continuing for 10 years because of all these things our life s going bad. I want to overcome this vengeance towards them, and over all We both husband and Wife should love love till we die,since I am over posessive on my husband I dont want to sacrifice him for anybody even to his mom for any condition. Either they should understand me or my husband should understand their charecters. It is not that my husband is loving me he s loving me till date but when he speaks with his mom his reaction ll totally change.I dont say that my in laws are bad they are very good but they should understand the love I have for my husband and they also respect my feelings.

    Next thing is after this mobile,laptop and all electronic things have come it s reducing our Love also, Like Sir my husband when he gets up n the morning he ll on his mobile and start browsing something and he less concentrate on me. This thing he should change whenever he comes home he should not touch the electronic things but should spend time with me and my kids since we get less time for that. These are the basic things I m expecting in my life I want to understand whether I have to change me or he has to.
    Pl sir I want the remedy for all my questions

    • lavanya,
      can you take the remedies?
      chant CHICORY WILLOW,HOLLY CHERRYPLUM 50 times over a glass of water and drink that water daily.
      chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU thinking about your husband and in laws. You have to change your mind and have broad outlook. When you want love give love without condition.

  112. Dear Sir

    For a short vaccation we are going to new place and stay for some days ,i would like to aks you some SW for the common things
    1) COLD
    4) Not digesting properly
    5) Any pain (back or leg or hand or neck etc )
    6) Tiredness
    7) Running nose
    8) Head ache (both sides and single side head ache also)
    9) to be happy trip
    10) Njoyment

    • Lavanya,
      chant WALNUT FIND DIVINE ORDER throughout the vacation. Do this as a ritual. In the morning sit and chant for 10 minutes. In the night, thank the divine for whatever happened. chant the above swithc words for 10 minutes.

  113. I have 2 kids
    one is boy – 10 yrs old
    second is girl – 2 yrs old
    the second girl always playing in tablet or watching tv.
    i need to change her attitude ,if we are not giving her laptop or tv ot games she is shouting crying untill we give her back.
    so please suggest any SW so that she can be good .

    watching watching and playing we are worried abut her eyes ,the same problem for my son also he is 10 yrs but now wearing glass for reading or even watching.

    pls your advise

  114. Lavanya,
    the child has to be given flower remedies orally.

  115. i am loving one girl, she talks to me but don’t know whether she loves or not but my life fills with joy if she is my wife, now what to do, i am worried about my love and i am asleep every night because am i missing her, i cant propose her because i am afraid if she says no to me, is there any solution ……….

  116. mahesh,
    if you love a person ask immediately without hesitation. chant CENTAURY (to be assertive) GENTIAN(not to feel dejected if “no” is the answser CHERRYPLUM (to talk sweetly) and ask her.

  117. I am a single mother. I have 4 year old daughter. My ex-husband is giving me and my daughter a lot of troubles. My daughter does not want to stay with her father because his behaviour is not good with her. Now I file full custody of my daughter. Can you please give me any mantra or any remedy so that I can win my daughter’s full custody court case. This is a humble request from me and from my daughter.

    Can you please tell me any mantra or any remedy so that I can won my daughter’s custody case. I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Please help me and my daughter.

  118. Dear Sir ,
    I am working as Quality Manager in a company ,there are around 30 peoples in the company.I am here for 4 yrs now.
    recently our company hired some peoples and they are very young and fresh guys .since they are new they used to come and ask me for the doubts ,Sir how can we do this ,that etc etc ……
    But the problem we have one receptionist lady philipina ,she called them and told that dont call him sir bla bla call him name dont give respect …..The beauty is that she also does not know anything about job and she is Secretary to CEO also so she is thinking that she is powerful and threatening them .Everytime when they called me sir ,she will immed scold them in their language and they told me everything.

    I dont want to fight wid her at the same time i dont want to leave this issue as it is as i am elder and 14 yrs expereince in industry.

    so please advise me ,how can i shut her mouth and those guys also hearing that bloddy receptionist.

    So far i ddint see a girl like that sir,Always jealous and telling something about me to all and destroying my name ..like this many ,many many she did already ….now i lost my patience and scold her also.

    pls help with some SWP so that i can get my respect ,meantime i want to teach her lesson also.


  119. dear guruji;
    my husband loking new job since 1 year but didnt get any success please tell me what should we do we want to settle in our life

  120. Sir I want to change my department in same company plz suggest me any mantra..

  121. Namaste pandit ji

    Q1) I was married on 24th jan 2007 but it got annulled on august 2011 as it was not a proper match and i was in a very troublesome difficult situation and also i didn’t find my perfect match that i wanted but was forced to marry because of my increasing age.

    Can you plz suggest me a very strong chant to get my desired partner with all the desired qualities i want in him. I don’t want to just get married only for the sake of it but only to a person of my imagined qualities and type and for that can you give me a very special specific potent mantra.

    my ishta devta is narasimha, some say mahavishnu and some say shakti but it’s a fierce deity, i have mangal dosh and my DOB is 14-1-1979, Time of birth- 9.45 am, place of birth – new delhi(this just iam giving for any reference)

    Q2) Can you give any mantra that gives answers in dreams to any qustion asked before going to sleep at night?

  122. guruji, plz give me a chant to get my exboyfriend back. i love him alot.

  123. siya,
    chant chicory gentian honeysuckle hornbeam

  124. Dear Sir,

    Even though i am technically strong and able to do multiple tasks many times ,i am not getting good name or appreciations or even some times somebody is getting that credits.

    in the same way ,i could not represent properly in group of peoples ,if i know the answer also some thing is stopping me to open my mouth and tell the matter.

    Wherever i go its there (Meeting with customers,Internal meeting with CEO and other members etc)

    People always judging me in wrong way and keeping that in mind and they are talking ,teasing etc which makes me disappoint and feelings though i have lot of good qualities y this happening?

    please suggest SWP so that i can able to deliver or represent the things properly and lovably’

  125. karthi,
    chant cerato(knowing the matter but unable to open up) larch (for self confidence)

  126. Dear sir,

    one of my sister ,name Nandini ,she got married and 2 kids ,they are good and they are living nicely .But her husband is too reserved he only talks to her and kids ,if any guest come also he never talks or interactive wid them ,or not even care them .its very difficult for her if some functions going on ,he is not talking or mingling to anyone.he always thinks about his wife and kids .But as a public behaviour he has to be social enough to talk to all.she is afraid that during her daughters marriage if he is like this ….so please provide some SW so that he can understand the things and to mingle with all others .

  127. Hello Sir,
    I need your help in fixing the problem of my life. I truly loved a person and lived like as if he is my world. He too gave me more love than what i gave. 2.5 years we are very happy and we lived together. All of sudden a 3rd member entered in his life and started to flirt with him which lead me to fight with him as he also responded to her positively. I don’t want to break up with him but as the fights continued for more than 4 months he said we should break up as we both cant live happily together. And its been 1.5 years we brokeup. All the time I am trying to get back to him but he is not at all giving me a chance to talk to him. I dont want to be get dumped like this. I want him to realize his mistake and come back to me. All I can do is just keep my faith and trust in God. Performed few prayers/ rituals like Chandi homam, sri chakraarchana andrecited mantras for 40 days. there is no much change in his attitude. He was saying that he had no intention to cheat me but he is afraid to come back.
    Please help.

    • Ganga,
      chant CHICORY HOLLY 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water.
      do the forgiving exercise.
      i ganga forigve you….(his name) you please forgive me and release me. Repeat within 300 times daily.

  128. Namaste Naranji,i hv a press(nt very succesful stil okay).my parties always delay for payment,they always show some excuse to give after someday.plz give me a SW so that i can get payments at right time when it needed.THANKS

  129. Janaki Anantharaman

    Namaskarams. I am basically a very impulsive, aggressive & indecisive person. When I want to do somethi
    ng i start with great enthusiam, but later i lose interest in it. That is how my whole life has been.I am unable to focus or persist with sincerity ever. So, i feel dejected because of my shallow inconsistant nature. I have spiritual inclinations.

    Sir, please help me. I tried many remedial measures, but my basic nature does not help going deeper into anything. My life seems like a boat in the river without direction.

  130. Hello sir,
    Could you please give me mantra for weight reduction , more I am worried about my weight more I am thinking about food and feel like to eat food. Very puzzled. My stomach is bloated very badly and constipated.
    Wann regards,

    • vanda
      chant cherryplum scleranthus walnut crab apple
      100 times over a glass of water and drink it daily

    • sir .. i want a suitable job for my qualification, urgently i need some income . oflate my temper and ego is rising which leads to anger and loosing people..plz tell me switchwords for staying all my friends with me forever , i really dont want to loose them….i do every work soo lately, somtimes im veryyyy lazyy ,i procrastinate things and i do everything at the very last moment, im a very slow eater, take hours to eat and what not ..i take ages to finish even a simple work, i always make people wait for me …plz help me to get rid of this nature…im suffering from pimples since 10 yrs, even after crossing teenage and youth also i have them on all my face, im feeling inferior becoz of it..(took lots of medicine and following pakka diet.. ) i want a flawless glowing skin..and also suffering from dental problems..all my molar teeth got severly affected and doctor said to replace all the molar tooth on lower jaw ,for that i need some money and job please help me sirr ( recently 1 month back i got wisdom teeth, yesterday i noticed a small cavity even on it also….huhh plz help me… )

      • shan,
        chant blue sapphire as many times as possible

        • thank u sir…
          guruji , i have an important presentation infront of high deligates, plz tell me som sw to perform well and to impress everyone … pleasee

          • shan,
            chant ELM GORSE HEATHER ELATE as many times as possible before the meeting. Write this in a paper and keep it with you.
            or prepare a bottle of water. chant this 100 times and take the bottle with you. have sips from that water

  131. guruji can i stop transfet of my husband witn any mantra kindly suggest me

  132. iam a research student , though highly qualified im not getting any salary. my batchmates told somthing bad about me to my guide and head of the dept sir , so they are treating me like an insect , im very much depressed for this .. so plz kindly tell me some sw for these 4 problems
    – to impress my guide and H.O.D with my skills and knowledge
    – i wanted to get gud ideas and analytical skills to carryout my research.
    -academic excellence
    -very imp thing is i need salary for my hardwork …im not greedy sir bt i badly in need of 20k-25k /pm to buy my chemicals (bit costly) and to meet my research expenses … now i couldnt efford that much money with out any income …
    plz reply me sir .. i need your help very badly ..thank you

  133. Dear sir,
    Thanks for your reply sir ,i dont know where can i buy that ,pls give details ,untill such time is it possible to chant that WATERVIOLET
    My sister has 2 daughters ,in that elder one is always not showing interest in studies ,my sister has to tell more than 15 times study study study ..like that ,finally she will study but without interest and she forget also.’
    in the school also she is not having any friends its seems ,so please provide some switchwords for chanting .so that she can study well by her own and have some good friends also.

  134. sir,
    namakar sir ji,,,,
    i m priya,,,i hv done MCA in last year.but yet i am unemployed…ihv no job.i hv passed the govt teacher comp test..but due to 5 numbers i m not short listed.i m very tensed….i m giving many competitive test but failed….but i hv to do…..for a good job…..plz help me sir….what mantra is best for getting a good job ……suggest me……

  135. naran ji
    my complexion is light brown and my skin is becoming darker day by day and lost it glow, most of the time i dont go outside.suggest a good remedy

  136. rosie,

    • thanks lott guruji

      • sir ,
        im kind of assertive person, childish nd pure at heart ..bt everyone mistook my words and treats me as rude/harsh person, bt i know im very kind at heart and speak likthat for others benefit only. if ”my people” are doing somthing wrong i go nd told them and ask them to change…bt they understnd it wrongly…please tell me
        – sw to get many ‘good ‘friends
        – Sw to attract everyone who surrounds me
        – Sw to make others understnd what iam really

        -bad luck always follows me …if i go to xerox center at that right moment that machine will get damages, if i stand in a queue my front person will get his work done and stops with me .. if i stand in a line to buy movie tickets till my front person everyone gets chance except me .. like these things will hapens smoothly to everyone surrounding me ..except me .. if i want something i reallyy reallyyyyy had to work hard to get it ..nothing happens for me smoothly, i wont nd never get anything easily ..even for small things also.. plz tell me some sw to make things workout easily ..

        -to get success in what ever i do (even after working veryyy hardly im not getting any results )
        thnk u , and god bless u , sorry for asking many things

        • rosie,
          take the flower remedy Gentian two pills three times a day for one month.
          dont try to correct others. chant TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible

  137. veer,
    chant walnut blue sapphire as many times as possible

  138. Naran ji

    i have backlogs in my engineering .suggest a good remedy for clearing them

  139. guruji can you please tell me any mantra to stop my sister’s transfer. I am waiting for your reply. its very urgent.

  140. narnji,
    i have gain weight day by day mostly on upper part of the body and shoulders. i regularly workout on treadmill and burned 200-400 calories per day. but of no use. what should i do for loosing weight

  141. Namastey sir,i need ur immediate help.i hv joined a new company just b4 2month.its a very unknown place for me but i got good relation with my trainer.but suddenly he is planning to leave his job.plz give a strong Sw so that he wl nt leave it atleast 8 to 9 month more.plz help me sir.

  142. Guruji can you please tell me any mantra to find missing jewellery in house. I am in a big problem. Please help me.
    Thank you
    Waiting for your reply.

  143. POOja,

  144. Dear sir,
    I would like to study new languages like Arabic,Hindi, English like that ,many times i bought book and tried to study but after 2-3 days i will drop that and automatically my interest on that will reduce…. ,so please suggest me a SW so that i can study the language to a manageable level to speak atleast.

    for me – Arabic
    for my sister – English and Hindi

  145. Ranjana Datta Sur

    Dear Guruji,
    I am facing a problem which is making me mad..i am having a younger brother. He is 3 years younger than me.We had a very sweet relation in the past..we used to love each other, we used to fight also.. but that was normal. But with times our relationship has become bitter..we have stopped talking to each other completely near about for the past 10-12 years. In between i have tried to make him talk to me but he denied directly. i don’t know whether he loves me or not. i believe he loves me. but he always show his hatred for me. But i still love him very much as he is the only sibling. I feel very bad about thinking how he was in childhood and how he has been changed. He is very much out of control now a days. he always torture my parents mentally. I have got married very recently. He even does not like my husband and especially his family members. So he did not attend my marriage. And he is not allowing my parents to talk to me.. he is continuously blackmailing them that he will leave them if they do contact with me.He is even very concerned about the property, he thinks(as he speaks out sometimes) that i will ask for my portion though i will never do that..few of his friends misguide him that way… please help me out.. i want my parents..and i want my brother back..after my parents he will be completely alone, nobody except me loves him.

  146. Hello Naran Sir,
    Thanks for replying to my all the queries and helping me by giving mantras as a solution, I am chanting all the mantras religiously.
    My main problem of my fibromyalgia(nerves pain is stress)and that is because of my not having good relationship with my husband, as I am reserve person not like to share my personal problems with others, I hesitated to share with you, But I have discussed each and everything with my husband how we can make our relationship better, he will always tell he will improve but he has never. I am very honest person and get attached very easily and do everything for others with full heart, but ……
    My husband believes in show off, he loves also for show off, spend money on me also to show others, shows my children also that he is very caring husband and loves me a lot , and your mom is only bad that she gets angry very fast and behaves badly, because of his nature, I am totally broke, cant believe him anymore.He has done so many things(ditched me) with me that others has told me and I have asked him also, but he doesn’t want to discuss.he is very selfish only cares about him,he has no interest in me.I just have dragged this marriage because of kids.My boys are 19 and 17. They also understand that our relationship is not good.My kids also tell me try to be happy and stay busy.
    To keep myself happy I am trying to keep myself busy in so many things,I have started business as well. but whatever I am doing he has no interest in my things.I am trying to detach myself from him also but its really difficult, I don’t know, what to do, but still i want true love from him.
    Now i am more worried because next year my second son will also go US for his under graduation, I don’t want him to go, because I will be all alone with my husband, he still behaves nicely in front of my son, I really can take his, don’t care attitude.
    Please help me- which mantra will be best to change his attitude towards me.
    Thanks and warm regards.

    • vandana
      what is needed for you to change yourself to him? You only want him. Ask yourself what is preventing you from getting his love?
      Your blaming within? your judgmental attitude within? what is in you that is preventing you from getting his love and affection? Is it your desire to change him? what is in you that has caused his rejection? What is in you that has attracted this unloving person.
      Reflecting on your thoughts, behaviour will make you understand your life better.
      What do you need to change in yourself? Did you not anytime anywhere with anybody in the past? What is that which is hidden in you/ what all you hid from your parents in your past? How much love you have to others? Scale each and every love you gave to others? is it not different with different people?
      chant pearl as many times as possible.

  147. vandana,
    read the sentence, Did you not anytime anywhere with anybody in the past?
    as Did you not anytime ACT anywhere with anybody in the past?

    • Hello sir,
      I have never acted with my own people, whether they are my panents, sisters brothers, or close friends. I am always honest with them. I don’t lie aswell, I don’t believe in changing people, I accept everybody as they are.My only problem is I have expectations, that if I have explained him already, The ways
      We can make our married life better, by spending more time with each other, he has all the enthu when he meets others , he entertains them like any thing but at home he didn’t want to do anything. He likes parties so
      I arrange for him, but if I like to spend time with him he should also do some effort for that, we just each T.V together, nothing to talk or share, I do talk with him, but no interest
      I won’t say he doesn’t love me, but their is no effort in making life and relationship cheerful.

  148. Dear Guruji – Namastey Sir,

    I and my husband both are facing lot of financial problems. I am working in a pharma company since past 14 years but no proper increment and my pay is still very very low. This company is not doing well and we are not paid salaries since past 6 months. I am looking for a very good job where I can work and retire happily.

    I am having lot of knee pain also I find difficult to go to office sometimes. Please suggest some very good mantras for the same.

    My husband is into Real Estate Business and he is also not doing well for the past 6 years. Please suggest very good mantra so that he could soon become very successful. Both of us are truly suffering a lot. So far, he could only close 2 petty deals.

    I shall be very greatful and highly obliged to you sir.

    Your early reply is highly appreciated.

  149. Sir, I attended visa interview for my job and I need to go back to my job by end of this month but visa processing is taking too long and I’m worried about it. Please give me a mantra to chant so I get my visa and passport back stamped really soon. Thank you sir.

  150. hello sir,
    I am looking for a job change very disperately. but m not getting any job offerings call. the reason why i want to change my job is my kid. From next year i have to admit my kid in school.i have to alone take care of my kid. So i want to be financially strong. Plz help me to get a decent job sir.

  151. suganya,

  152. Pranam Guruji,
    I applied for a job on sunday 23/12/2012. I want this job. this is my last opportunity. Please give me any mantra or switch word so that I can get this job. And manager call me for interview.
    Its really urgent.

  153. Nanaste sir, i need your immediate help. i had arrange marriage because of my parents. i can’t speak infront of my parents and i am doing whatever they are telling me. my parents did my arrange marriage in our relatives, but we did not get along. we are divorced now. and i have a kid also. now i loved a girl and i want to marry her. i dont want to keep my kid but my parents wants to keep my kid. only because of my parents i have to keep the baby with me. now my exwife put a custody case. i want to give the child to her mother but because of my parents pressure i am unable to do that. my parents hired a very stron lawyer to get the custody of kid. i want to move on with my life and i don’t want this kid. can you give me any mantra or switch word so that my parents lawyer can’t speak infront of the judge and judge gave the custody to mother. in that way, me and my parents will not do anything. and also they are not going to blame me that i gave the custody to my exwife. its really urgent. and can anybody in my family chant this.thanks

  154. yog,

    • namaste sir, thank you for your reply. but i have one problem now. my parents came to know about everything. and they are very angry. Is it okey if my exwife and her parents can chant this mantra and court gave the custody to her. please help me, i don’t want to see my parents like this.
      i am waiting for your reply. reply me as soon as possible.thanks

      • yog,
        they can.
        be clear about one thing. This chanting will do everything as per the divine will and divine order only.
        if you are afraid, handle your fear. fearful persons will never progress or get what they want.

  155. Hello Sir, Im writing this after a long time. As per your advise you asked me to chant “I thank divine for getting married to —-, i have been chanting but there is no progress, pls help me sir with any mantra so that i can marry him, there is still no talks abt our marriage, nor i have got a chance to meet him . His parents is looking a girl outside family to get him married. Please help me sir i love him a lot and i want to get married to him. Pls sir i cannot live without him nor i can think of a life without him.

    Im eagerly waiting for a reply from you.

  156. As,
    chant holly heather Gentian sweetchestnut

  157. namaste naran ji

    thanx 4 ur reply..
    my situation iz getting worse..i am pregnant nw bt my MIL wants my husband 2 leave me n cursed d baby..she doesnt wan him 2 go 2 my hse n threaten 2 commit suicide..she alwiz hurt n insult me n my fly..she says all my husband money is 4 her n i cant touch a single cent
    she ask me 2 stay away fr him..she doesnt let us sleep 2gather n alwiz cry leg pain n make him 2 sleep in her room..in front of her friends she condemns me..do u hv any mantras 2 make her stay away frmy husband n my life? her actions r killing even i tk care of her nicely..she tells my husband tht one day she wil get rid of me..i am in depression..plz help me..

  158. jey,
    take the flower remedies chicory holly rescue remedy other chant these names over a glass of water and take that water.
    write i am sorry please forgive me i love you i thank you in a paper and keep it under your pillow

  159. namaste sir, i applied for a job. can you please give me switch word so that i can get this job. thanks

  160. pooja

  161. Namaskaram guruji,
    Sir, I am facing a critical problem in my life time from the date of my marriage. Bcoz of my husbands bad usage of language I Lost complete interest on him,bcoz of my kids future, I am living with him
    I have done a big mistake in my life,I.e., I kept all my gold in moneylenders shop and spend all money for my personal and also for my childhood friend on her marriage. But, sir I can’t understand how I did this , without thinking of my kids and my family members . For which I lost my. respet among all my relatives.
    Sir, why have I done this kind of thing unknowingly? Sir, couldyou please help me to gain respect among my relatives, ,sir is it possible sir?
    My name is. J. Vani
    D. O. B:- 29-12-1973

  162. VANI,

  163. Respected Guruji,

    I run a real estate business. I want my business to flourish. I am going through a bad phase. What shall I chant to improve my real estate business?

  164. my husband loves each other but quarral every day with out any reason.so we are losin manasanthi.

    i get one job but finally they rejected with out reason. my husband get one abraod offer finally they will delay everyday nothing is new in our life tell me any mantra to get desires and to get happy days

  165. i m 26 yr old.mine is love marridge.bt in 1 mnth my husbund left me n go in other city,now he wantd divorce also he has an affair with other girl.bt i dont want to break relation.plz help me.he is breaking relation without reason.he cheated me.

  166. rohini,
    chant I am sorry please forgive me. love thanks divine.
    write willow holly chicory daily 51 times.

  167. Dear Guruji,

    I got married in 2012 and it was an arranged marriage. Within this one year, I was completely devoted to my husband but he drove me out of the house since his parents got extremely insecure about losing their son to me. I tried to make peace with all three of them but of no use. His parents are completely against me and have filled his heart with hatred and bitterness for me. He is completely in control of his parents and wants to divorce me. He is spreading all rumours and ill words about me. Even after all this, I do not want to break my marriage and wish to spend my life happily with him. Is there a way that he will get reformed and realize that he is committing a hineous crime by breaking the sacred bond of marriage. I have been meditating and praying for forgiveness for all my previous karma. Please tell me if I can get his true love and devotion towards him and have him back in my life. If yes, then how?


  168. dear sir,

    i want some advice and mantra for my problem,my in-laws don’t behave with me properly,now my husband has started listening to them.he want them in his life not me.my father in law uses bad words for me every time they come to meet us.now my husband is saying u have to except them the way they are,i don’t want anything from them just some love and respect,i was in a relationship before marriage and my husband knew this before we got married.i didn’t do anything wrong when i was in previous relation . in fact i told him about it.but my in laws use bad words because of the same. iam married since 3 years,but didn’t get any happiness from my husband neither mentally nor physically.and now he has started listening to his mother ,father and sis.please give me some mantra so that he will respect my feeling also and love me and care for me,also should stop listening to his mother and father and atleast defend me.i want all of us to b happy.please help me iam on the verge of getting mad.

    thank you

  169. annu,
    chant centaury rockwater chestnutbud willow walnut over a glass of water and drink that water daily

  170. Respected Guruji, I had employed 2 employees. I sent them both home from 1/1/2013. The senior employee knows all about the running of my business. This employee opened his own office just below my office, down stairs. I am upstairs. This is affecting my business and I am very very afraid that he would disclose all my confidential dealings. I want him to earn his living but I do not want him to interfere into my business. I want peace and a flourishing business and do not want to be fearful and afraid of him. I need mental peace. Please give me a chant and please also advise the number of times and what time should I chant and whether I can use the beads or not? Sincerely yours, Dor

    • Dor, write holly gentian mimulus larch in a paper and keep it in your pocket.
      chant these names – flower remedies – or take three pills of each one after the other three times a day. Buy from any homeopathy shop.

  171. Dear Sir,

    My brother has given MBA entrance exams. He has cleared the written test. For final selection, he has his interviews coming up in 5-7 days. He is capable and sincere but lacks confidence and is very pessimistic. It is really crucial for him to get admission in a good MBA college this year. Please suggest what can he do or if I can do something to increase his confidence, bring out his best in interviews and selection process and ensure admission in best colleges.

    Thank you,

  172. gaurisha,

  173. Respected Guruji, I have lots of office work pending through partnership. I give instructions to my business counterpart who completes all my legal works. I have lots and lots of work pending with their office. Can I be given something to chant so that I deliver complete transactions to my clients through this business partner? Dor

  174. Dor,
    Take the flower remedies ELM OAK IMPATIENS HORNBEAM – 2 Put 6 pills of each in a bottle of 300 ml water and have small sips from that bottle every one hour.

  175. naran sir,

    as per your advice my husband is taking mustard pills and chanting TOGETHER CHANGE NOW from last one month but no improvement is seen in his property matters , there is a sudden decline in his furniture business , and our godown owner has told to vacate the same within 15 days, sir please advice so that my husband get his hard earned property from my in-laws and have improvement in our business and own a house in this area where we are in rent now. sir please help.

  176. gurji i have lot of liabilities. iam in a dead trap my sons marriage also coming soon. in my family nobody knews my problems and i dont want to convey also. bcz if they know means they ll throw me away and i am running a shop which have lot of potential and i dont have my mind concentration in developing my busines also give me good suggesion and u ask to chnat above mantra but i know LALITHAM SRIDARAM LAITHAM BASKARAM LAITHAM SUDARSHANAM. iam interested in chanting but somehow my mind is struk pl help me

  177. R. santhanameena,
    if your mind is stuck up,
    take the flower remedies gentian hornbeam in the morning 2 pills each three times a day.
    Take Agrimony chestnutbud 5 pills each before sleep.
    Dont say that i dont bach flower remedies. visit this site http://www.naranaheal.com and get to know the flower remedies. Buy the remedies in any homeopathy shop or from the centre.

  178. Dear Sir, I m looking for job with good package which will help me to satisfy my family requirements,please suggest me chant for this.


  179. Deepa,
    together count divine job now

  180. Naranji, My 4.5year son gets over sweat & prickly rash before summer itself.He sweat a lot pls give remedy for it.

  181. Dear Naran sir,
    Please provide me some SW /Bachflower remedy for chanting
    around 5 yrs i am working in this company i am not getting any benefits or increment ,so i plan to look for good job .

    i am in managerial category ,the same way another manager is from germany he is getting all benefits .

    As per your blog , i am chanting the following

    Vallambam – 108 times
    Om gam ganapatey – 108 times
    rockwater willow pine change divine order – 108 times
    ruby diamond – around 300 times
    i am sorry pls forgive me love thanks divine
    i am sorry pls forgive me love thanks divine car
    i love you i am sorry pls forgive me i thnak you
    Namashivayam – 500 times
    Laltiham Sridharam mantram – 108 times
    Lalitham subramanyam mantram -108 times

    recently i started forgiivng exercise also for all the peoples

    pls advise me what i have to chant now for GETTING GOOD JOB WITH ALL FACILITIES .

    pls reply me .

  182. Dear sir ,

    When somebody(friends ,relatives .3rd perosn etc ) is very close to me or if they are taking care of me in a good ways or if they are talking to me in good ways ..immeditely i had a thaught that soon we both will seperate by fight or soon we fight eachother or soon they will cheat me ..etc etc etc ..like this .I dont know from where its coming but its coming when ever i meet that persons.

    always i am worried when the relationsip willl broke …..always i had this thaught only i could not come out of that

    so please provide me SW bach flower remedies to over come this

  183. Dear sir,

    I planned to study astrology ,before 2-3 times i started and then suddenly i am not able to continue .But now already i talked to a GURU in India and he told i can study now.I am going to start the class on March 1st 2013.Please provide me some SW /Bach flower /angel numbers so that i can understand ,i can remember the techniques so that i can become good astrologer with good predictions.Please

    • Kasi
      to have focus have water violet. To understand any subject easily take Mustard. To know its application, have oak. To learn quickly, have chestnutbud.
      have two pills of each three times daily. You can take the pills one after the other.
      dont touch the pills by hand

  184. Pls help me. My daughter has been living with me, off and on, for a great number of years. She has not been able to get a job for almost all of that time. Now she is being irritable and cantankerous also. Pls give me the chanting for (1) her to get a good job immediately, (2) her to move out of my house immediately, (3) me to get a good income from the new business I am wanting to start but feeling stuck and no time because of my day job, (4) me to get a good house of my own by the end of March & without my daughter continuing to live with me, (5) her to have her own money to live on from now on. Thank you very very much. I will do the chanting you tell me.

  185. Dear sir,
    I paid some amount for the online course ,learning astrology ,but unfortunately he cant able to take the course in english ,before payment he told he can take the course in english now he is struggling and i told him ,to refund the money back .
    i am calling in his mobile he is not taking the call or he is not answering me in e-mail or chat message.i am very much disappointed.please provide me some SW /bach flower remedy for chanting so that i will get my money back.please
    already i have many books of you and now i am chanting

  186. kasi,

  187. Dear guruji
    I m in love with a boy for last 8 yrs i m hindu and he is christian but my parents are not agreeing for our marriage.plz help me i love him and want to spend my whole life with him. plz let some miracle happen and my parents agree for our marriage

  188. Naran ji,v r happy with gods grace & ur blessings.my date of birth is 12.5.77 i amgoing to start new textiles retail outlet, what colour to choice for out logo & bags,business card any pictures which bring success to our business.

  189. I have a very problematic married life in my 3 years of married life. Finally, I am blessed with a baby boy now. After 1 yr. again the same problem has started from my husband and in-laws. I am feeling very depressed and not able to concentrate on anything. Pls help me I want 2 be known their mistakes and allow us to live peacefully.

  190. veena,
    Take the flower remedy pack HARMONY
    do the forgiving exercise for them

  191. Most Respected Guruji,
    My both children are matured for marriage and we have been searching for suitable life partners for both for the past some time,but no proposal has come yet and we found that there are many hurdles to settle .I ask you to advise me which mantra should be recited daily and also how many times by parents for getting suitable matches and early marriage of our children.

  192. vrghesE
    write SWEETCHESTNUT MUSTARD WALNUT OAK SCLERANTHUS IMPATIENS in a paper and keep it under their pillow.
    chant vallabham gajaananam yekadhantham

  193. Respected Guruji
    I have been chanting “Release Resistance Together Change Count Now”. Have not been able to sell any of the properties/land which I had advertised in the news papers.

  194. Dor,
    listen to the cd Release resistance and welcome change

  195. shreejaramakrishnan

    Sir, I am 39 years old lady, married for the past 9 years but no child yet. There are a lots of ups & downs in my life. Someone is doing black magic on me from the age of 18 and I feel it. Please sir please help to get relief from the persons who is doing black magic on me…..please help me sir…so that no one is able to do black magic on me or my family…….thanking you Shreeja

    • shreejaramakrishnan
      listen to the cd daily Durga
      take the flower remedies MUSTARD WILLOW CRAB APPLE WALNUT 2 pills of each for three times a day.

  196. Pranaam Naran ji,

    I have been unemployed for close to 6 months in Uae. I have less than one month to find a good paying job AT THE SOONEST; where I can grow and prosper. I have accumulated high debts. Kindly advise.
    Thank you in advance.


  197. Subhasree upadhyay

    sir i love a guy and he loves me also. my parents does not like him and they wants to do my marriage with another guy. help me

  198. Subhasree upadhyay

  199. Sai Ramakrishna Burgula

    Dear Sri Naran,

    Our land supplementary agreement is in registrar’s office who is objecting to certain parts of the matter which will give strong legal right to us. Please suggest a mantra to have the registrar agree to our version of the agreement. Kindly help us and give us a reply soon in 2-3 days.

    We appreciate your help, and follow the mantra chanting described by you.

  200. Sai Ramakrishna Burgula

    Dear Sri Naran,

    It looks like the land problem is going towards a case, please suggest a mantra which will prevent this, and solve this problem. Kindly help.

  201. Sai Ramakrishna Burgula

    The builder is colluding with the registrar. They don’t want it to be registered, because the builder does not want to implement it, because of the various deviations he did to the space.
    There is also harassment from all sides. The other flat owners are pressurizing us to sell for a lower price, warding away new buyers. They are extracting money towards maintenance for empty flats, and not accounting for bills. The municipal authorities do not want to change the name from the builder’s name to my father’s name, because they want dues which need to be settled by the builder. They are refusing to assess taxes for the new flats.

    There is pressure from all sides, and no solution in sight. My father is getting stressful by the minute, unable to think of a solution as to how to solve these problems. I am his son, and unable to help because we are far away from them. Kindly suggest a mantra which will solve our problems. Too many negative things are happening by the minute. Kindly help us in this matter by suggesting us some mantra.

  202. Sai Ramakrishna Burgula
    CHANT mustard oak hornbeam divine wind transform victory

  203. Dear Sir ,
    After long time i am requesting you SWP or Bach flower remedies
    when ever i am doing meditation or sitting and reading something or working ,i had a feeling that i am falling down due to slip (in bathroom ,or hospital or fre areas) and hitting some where ,it happens very frequently that i can feel as it is real because the images are very clear and i could not stop it.Please advise me sir.= with SWP

  204. Hi Naran sir,

    We have a flat in a property in the center of the city. And we have some flats up for lease. We have signed a lease agreement with the Bank’s Premises and Estate Department. From the bank’s side a family has come forward to take the flat for rent for 3 years.

    From the beginning this couple is creating a lot of trouble and they are continously demanding a lot of things. We are the owners of the property and being renter’s they are behaving very high headed and demanding. I am already sensing a lot of negative vibrations from them and as though they are up for trouble. Could you please suggest a mantra which will change their behavior.

    I would like them to move out or transferred, because as owners we as a family would not like to give to trouble makers and high headed people. Please suggest a mantra for their behavior change or transfer from this location.

  205. Hi Naran Sir,

    I came to usa for long term project assignment.Its very tough to understand the new project work and communication with the client.

    Moreover,I’s remote area and there is no transportation facility and I have to find out new accomodation within a 1 week and arrange transportation facility. So far, I did not find out any new accomodation within a budget .

    So many thing should manage within a short period of time. Mentally iam feeling alone and discomfront, How I am going to learn and manage my project with client, finding out acccomodation and managing transportation facility alone.

    Please suggest some mantra to understand my project without tension and to get good apartment within a budget.


    I am chanting ohm namashivaya mantra


  206. malini sankaran

    Naran ji namaskaram,
    i am married since last one year and havein a kid. My husband always listen to his mothers words and my mother in law is not at all respecting my parents . My husband is from a poor family and we are from upper middle class and my father gave us everything home app,furnitures jewels but still my mother in law is asking for a double bed room flat and a car which my father is not in a position to do now my husband also not at listening to my words pls suggest me .she’s creating too much of problem my husband stopped talking with me he’s has not come to see the baby also. I love him a lot i want him to listen to my words.

  207. Namaste Naranji, please can u let me know mantra on god meenakshi and mantras to recite in newyear to make wonders.Thank u Sir.

  208. Pranam Naranji, I have started myh own business in Capital Markets. Please suggest the mantra to recite to create abudance in my life and money flows in regularly

  209. Hi Naran Sir,

    First of all thanks for all the mantras for different situations we face. it helps and I can vouch that they really work and I feel fortunate to have found you.

    This is regarding finding a permanent full time job. I work in the IT industry and for a long time, have been working in projects which last from 6 months to maximum and year to 2 years. It has never been that I am at a place for certian number of years in a full time opportunity.

    Please suggest a mantra which will enable me to find that full time permanent job in a location, without shifting continously and having stability.

    Thanks again Naran ji for all the help provided.

  210. Respected Sir,

    i shall be grateful if you suggest remedy or switchword to get conceive , we are not having child after 4 years of marriage all reports are normal, eagerly waiting for your reply.

  211. sangita

    Hang the picture facing your bed, so that you could see them first thing in the morning and last thing in the night.Chant “SWEET CHESTNUT, WALNUT” in the night about two hundred times.

  212. Namaste please i am writing to you to ask what I can do to get married to my partner. We have been together 4 years now his mum knows and my parents too however his mum is not communicating with my parents been 2 years and we desperately want to marry as we are now 30 years. How can we make this happen? I’ve tried everything i can. Please can you help ?

  213. Dear Sir culd you please tell me what is the main objective of Aswaroodha Mantra

  214. Please sir advise me on what to chant, I have lost all hope in getting married now. Please sir help me to get married to my partner asap. Thank you

  215. I am on verge of getting divorced, I have not taken any dowry, but still my wife put dowry case against me and my parents and demanding money, though I tried convincing my wife, even my tears didnt change her, she is very stuborn and want to get divorce, is their any way divorce could be avoided, though my marriage was from may to sep, still I love my wife a lot, thought she sent me to jail, still I love her and could not forget her.

  216. Sir my wife and children are in Europe and i wanna be there with them i wanna go next week there , what can i chant that every thing go smooth that i can be with them there next week?

  217. Dear sir, please suggest me remedies for the following two problems:
    1. I want to get married as soon as possible to the person I like, and
    2. I need a job which is perfect for me in all the ways as soon as possible.
    Thank you in advance.

  218. Guruji
    My name sriram,
    From my child hood I am facing only failure. … all my desire are just going as a dreams. …. working hard but no recognition. … just living life with out meaning. Want one good job as i like with good salary and that job should help me to grow wel and my love have to get success. ..
    pls help me

  219. I have a testimony to share with you only if you are willing to listen to me, My name is Williams Edwin from London. I have been having problems in some aspect of my life which almost led me to commit suicide, several time I applied for jobs and each time I was turn down, it come to a point that my Wife left me for another Man and this made me to have high blood pressure (B.P). One day as I was looking for job online in the internet I came across a testimony of a woman how a great spell caster called VOODOO help her with his spell to solve her problems so I decided to contact the Spell caster (Voodoo) by mail. I narrated all my story to him and the only thing he told me was don’t worry because your problems are solve already. for you have made the right choice of contacting me. I filled his form and provide the item he requested from me for the preparation of the spell to get me a good job, bring my ex back and also to heal my high blood pressure (B.P) and today my brothers and sisters that are reading this I am very glad to say that Voodoo is a God on earth. I have a good Job now, My wife is back and I am healed of my High Blood Pressure (B.P). Do you have problems and you think all hope is gone, I advise you to contact VOODOO today and your problem will be solve just as he solve mine ok. Voodoo email is: voodoolovespelltemple@hotmail. com. this african temple is genuine I swear. WOW AM ON TOP YOU CAN BE TOO.INSTEAD OF FALLING FOR THOSE SCAMS THAT CALL THEIR SELF SPELL CASTERS, VOODOO YOU I WILL CONTINUE TO THANK YOUR TEMPLE.

  220. Hello to every one out here, am here to share the unexpected miracle that happened to me three days ago, My name is Edwin Wallace i live in United State,and I`m happily married to a lovely and caring wife,with two kids A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my wife so terrible that she took the case to court for a divorce she said that she never wanted to stay with me again,and that she did not love me anymore So she packed out of my house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. I tried all my possible means to get her back,after much begging,but all to no avail and she confirmed it that she has made her decision,and she never wanted to see me again. So on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of mine who asked of my wife So i explained every thing to her,so she told me that the only way i can get my wife back,is to visit a spell caster,because it has really worked for her too So i never believed in spell,but i had no other choice,than to follow her advice. Then she gave me the email address of the spell caster whom she visited.(supremetemple@hotmail.com}, So the next morning,i sent a mail to the address she gave to me,and the spell caster assured me that i will get my wife back the next day what an amazing statement!! I never believed,so he spoke with me,and told me everything that i need to do. Then the next morning, So surprisingly, my wife who did not call me for the past seven {7}months,gave me a call to inform me that she was coming back So Amazing!! So that was how she came back that same day,with lots of love and joy,and she apologized for her mistake,and for the pain she caused me and my children. Then from that day,our relationship was now stronger than how it were before,by the help of a spell caster . So, i will advice you out there to kindly visit the same website {supremetemple@hotmail.com},i f you are in any condition like this,or you have any problem related to “bringing your ex back. So thanks to Dr Papa for bringing back my wife,and brought great joy to my family once again.(supremetemple@hotmail.com}, Thanks..

  221. Sir,

    My husband has OCD problem . already 11 years are still facing the same problem . he can not sleep well and can not do any job. He always told that negative thoughts always bother him that he did not live like healthy person . Already five years we have been Married but not happiness in our lives . there is no understanding was arrived at between us. My husband does not listen to my words . he did Suffering with negative thoughts . he was afraid of things that are not meaningless. he could not go to the temple with a clean mind . therefore he did not go to the temple even though he wanted to go because the negative thoughts take over until he could not do anything . I fear our lives will be destroyed because of negative thoughts . we still do not have children. I could not do anything in this issue. every day I pray to God just saved my husband and our life . please tell the sacred words to help us . I really hope for help from you. thank you sir.

  222. I have a problem and i urgently need your help, I changed the job recently and so not like the new jobs, I d..I dont like anything here and whatever opportunity comes that does not materialse for me

    I want to change my job with the working hours i want and desired salary……..my mind also is never at peace…pls help me to get the results soon !!!

  223. My husband name is naveen .he has no enough income source he started business in selling and buying lands there is no growth ehat should I chant for getting money

  224. Hello sir,
    My hubby had got an golden oppurtunity to work abroad : U.S. But unfortunalely our visa got rejected … My hubby’s clients are looking for alternatives … Can u pl give me some mantra or kriya where we wil get this chance to go abroad and work …
    Awaiting reply
    Thank you very much …


  225. Sir I have a doubt that my lover hiding something to me..means he is cheating me..I want to know the truth..is his love to me is true..There is some changes in his behaviour to me..but he shows he loves me more.. but I feel a doubt in his sayings..he is lieing to me..Please sir How can I know..I dont want to lose him..

  226. Dear guruji,
    I have gone through all the people who have received your help, I wish and pray that you will surely help me too . I have seek the help of so many pundits and do what ever they told me to do but to no avail sir you are my last resort please help me out I have been cheated by lakhs of rupees nearly a crore by all the people in promising a contract work then by workers in my workshop that now I have to close it down I do not know what to do I have nothing now just lakhs of debt to be paid.whatever work I am thinking to start never work.I am completely confused I really do not know what to do now please sir help me I just want to get back my money please. I am eagerly waiting for your help please

  227. Nran sir, what is the best mantra shivoham or namasivayam

  228. respected guruji, my frnd having some family problem.pls help her immediately.my frnd husband always drinking alchol how to control also he is an womaniser plr help her to say powerful manthra .thank you.

  229. Hi Guruji,

    My brother in law is working on few projects and when the time comes for the final settlement some or the other issue pops up and the never project gets dropped.
    NOw there are 2-3 projects in hand and i want a mantra for the success of these projects so the many people life’s are settled. since many people are engaged in this.
    Please give me mantra so that I can chant for the success settlement and without of these projects any issues as soon as possible.
    Thanking you heartly

  230. Hi Guruji,
    I want to move from my current position to a job of my wish with a good hike, as i m working past 8 yrs in a company and my pay is less than the pay of a new joinee.Please give me a mantra that I can chant to get a job this month itself as I need it desparately.
    Very much in need of a change and I have got interview phobeia too.I want to give my interview with confident and without any nervousness.Please help me out of this.Looking forward for you reply as this is will be a big help
    Thanking you in advance.

  231. Hello Guruji,

    I want a mantra for my husband for the change in job as our current financial status is not so good. I want him to get a job which gives him good position and also very good rise in the salary too.Please give me a mantra that will help him to get a very good job of his wish in a very good company.Desperately waiting for your reply.
    thanking you

    • Hi Naranji,

      Help me out with the concern i have raised above..we are in very much need of your advice.plz give the mantra which i can chant as ii need a good job asap

  232. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Best of luck.

  233. Niraj Kumar Borah

    Sir, please help me finding a way for fame and money. I am really going through bad days and poverty.
    I also regularly practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Grappling Sport). But don’t have sufficient money to train in Singapore/ Brazil/ USA and compete in World Champion title.

  234. husband is having extra martial affair& i am pregnant. he cares for me as well but still are in contact with that lady. pls tell a mantra to stop his affair

  235. will I get back my wife?she has filed for mutual divorse . how much I chant this mantra?

  236. i would like to have some close genuine friends that last for life long as i find difficulty making friends. some of my close friends have gone overseas and we have lost contact. i miss having someone to share my feeling. i want a dear friend who is genuine what can i chant please rescue me

  237. Gurudev,
    I am working in a webchat process in a reputed company. But I want to to go to CITI process of the same company. But the existing team leader and manager are not letting me to shift to another process . Can you please suggest a mantra for this problem?

  238. Sir,

    I have some debt problems and I went to one person to help. He suggested me to apply a loan in consumer product & that product will sell outside and gave the money to me, he promised. I applied loan and sanctioned and got that item to sell outside and gave some money out of his promise and the balance money is not at all paying since 2 months even though he promised and make me in trouble for that reason I’ve to pay EMIS & that also I could not do as no sufficient money with me. That person has not speaking with me & some times he sends SMS through Mobile and make false promises and till now I have not get my money (Rs. 30,000).

    Kindly give advise me in which way I have to approach & his residence also not known to me properly. How to get my Rs. 30k at the earliest.

    Hope to receive a favourable reply from you at the earliest, Sir.

  239. SIR,
    i am having some problem. I am a single mother of a daughter. though i am not separated. Iam staying with my parents. there are lots of differences between me and my father and he interferes a lot with upbringing of my daughter.my daughter does not value me. i feel very alone and depressed. is there any way to make my daughter closer to me. and there is lots of negative energy in my house how can it be eradicated. THANKS AND WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY.

  240. Dear sir,
    Would be obliged if you could help me, I am 43yrs have done MBA in HR, but my major experience was in Customer care, but did not get break in HR, I have experience in Recruitment, but wanted to pursue my career in HR, and now not getting good job in HR.

    Sir currently working in internal marketing in Software company , and was able to help the company to get well known clients, their turnover has increased by 5 crore, but was not given any reward. This people were known to me, they were my Ex bosses who started their own company so while I was pursuing MBA my office shifted, they asked me to join them.

    But all through my life people have always taken advantage of me and also some or the other person do backstabbing. Here to one of a girl went and told lots of lies about me and one of the director whom I was reporting in HR started harassing, other directors asked me to join marketing. By Gods grace I performed well, and company made huge profit, but alas they did appreciated me all the year round,but at the time of increment they always give silly reason, and don’t give me increment.

    Sir want to do a refreshing course in HR and get a good stable, well paid job, give me a mantra to do it well so I get a good stable and well paid job and also give a mantra to be protected from backstabbers and cheaters.

    Thanks in advance

  241. Thota Raghavendra Rao

    pls help me also..how to get good job with good salalry..?

    Thota Raghavendra, 22/5/75, 5.30am, machilipatnam, krishna dist.

  242. Dear Sir,

    My loved one is not talking to me without any reason. he stopped all the communication with me. I want him to call me . pls sir help me.


  243. Dear sir,

    we have a land and we have planned to construct a house but i dont the reason but we are not getting the permission for construction and some obstacles are coming in between what should i chant pls help me sir

  244. hello sir my family is looking for a guy for me but i want to postpone my marriage for at least 2 years please tell me a mantra where my parents themselves stop marriage trails please sir help me out

  245. Please give me some switch which can fulfill my wishes please… I am in a very bad need of it. Please help me.

  246. Dear sir can any wish be fullfilled through mantra if yes plz suggest mantra

  247. reciting lalitham mantra whenever i can..hope it will work for me….concerned about my daughter;s career, husband’s health and parents’ health…hope this blog will prove useful for me..anyway thank u guruji for your loving and kind advice to everyone…namaste

  248. Muruga i wanted to get marry this year. I am 27 yrs old divorcee. My parents worrying more.. U know all my sufferings, pl i beleive only u.

  249. Namasthe sir,

    My friend is suffering from depression as his US visa was rejected 2 times..now he is planning to appear for a third time.Please advice a mantra so that he can get his visa this time ..please please help

  250. I’m lagging in my studies. I was getting nearer to success but still I’m loosing it by just a very little marks. I want to know whick mantra should I follow to get good marks in my exam.
    And also I had some plans in my studies. My parents should accept my plans. Which mantra should I follow to get approval from my parents??
    Please reply. Thanks in advance. I need for my two wishes.

  251. Namaste sir,

    My dob is 29/12/1990 born at 6.40 a.m Andhra Pradesh. Though I am currently working at MNC company I need to go to abroad for my further development. Will I go to abroad? If yes, please say me when I will go. Thank you.

  252. Namaste sir,

    Currently I am working at a MNC company but I am trying to find a job in abroad. Will I get a good job in abroad, please provide the required steps to be taken. Thank you

    Dob- 08.10.90
    Place – chennai
    Time- 17:30

  253. sir i have my cat exam in november sir
    please suggest something to me to clear this xam vd good marks please air my whole lif is based on it sir please help

  254. Dear guru ji. I am 19 yrs old. I don’t have any good friends. I am always lonley.Please tell me a remedy to get a good friend who will always be with me and help me.

  255. Dear sir,
    I am writing for two problem first my married life though it all seems Allright but I feel no love be it physical or mental from my husband.we know each other for last 19years and am married for 8yrs.his behaviour suddenly changed after our marriage. he is a very nice person but not at all interested in me… I have a year old daughter. Though he loves her a lot but gives her very less time and even when he is with her he is much more interested in talking to a friend over phone or watching TV or some offce work… Even his mother creates a lot of difficult situation for me he is not ready to listen too single word against her. Please help me get the love back…

  256. Dear sir,

    I need huge funds today to clear the debts pls do help me sir. Thinking of this am totally upset and feeling like to make suicide. Now for me Sade sati is going on. But pls help me to come out of this sir pls. I need huge money by today evening. Pls pls pls pls pls

  257. Lot of my clients owe me money which they are not giving after my hard work . Please suggest some remedies

  258. I wana marry my gf. bt d caste is d matter. so she told dat her prnts wont allow. nd she is facing some family issues too so nowadys she has no mood in relationship also. so pls help me dat hw can I marry her nd such problmes nd obstacles wil also go frm r life.

  259. I have to get my pending salary 12000rs. Which mantra to chat get my money back

  260. namaste naranji,

    my husband mr. I Patnaik is an advocate but he is always unwell and unable to do his work and my father-in -laws and brother-in-laws are always unhappy and rigid with him and are not interested to share the parental property with him. Sir, kindly suggest me mantra .

    Thank You

  261. Guruji, I wana marry my gf. but the problem is caste problem. and she is facing some family problems too. so please guide me any mantra cause of which everything will be as we want. I love her alot and even she. bt she changed since some days cause of problems. she don’t even have interest in anything. so please guide me that what can I chant and for how much time. pls help.

  262. Namaste sir,
    My dad is facing so many problems while selling our apartment , buyers are asking to return their argeement.. sir I want to help my dad through prayers please suggest me a mantra to solve my dad’s problem.. Thank you..

  263. I completed pg but I have not settle in IT job and also I preparing for bank exam, but not selected in anything….no job till now wat I do sir

  264. hello sir
    myself amit from chandigarh…frm.d last 6month m.facing financial related prob…plz suggest me.what should i chant for abundance n prosperity

  265. Hello Guruji,
    I am in love with one guy who also loves me very much .we both are age of around 40 & 44 years. My parents are not getting ready because the boy is from Upper caste. Please suggest me a chant to change my parent’s opinion on the caste & they should be happily get ready for our marriage.

  266. naranji…am in a big trouble now..I am loving a person..he too love me also..bt now he don’t want me..but I want him back..pls give some solution to get back his love ..I want his love…next month he is going to abroad

  267. Tell me a mantra so that I can get job easily n quickly…?

  268. Sir my name is sandhya age 44 in my age of 38 I got conceived but 2 times I aborted the child due to family problems now if I want a child what I have to do. In this age I don’t know it is possible or not but tell me a wonderful miracle mantra to get a fulfilled child with good health and happiness.

  269. Hi can you please help..I have lost huge money in stock.market..don’t k ow how to recoup .when my husband comes tk know about this its going to be huge problem…thought of suicide but have a small.child and don’t want to leave the kid alone..what should I do

  270. I have lost my job and want to join back in that school only, the principal and vice principal abused me and I want them to ask sorry from me and give good salary and call me bac,, suggest me mantra so that within a week my wish is fulfilled.

  271. Hi Naran,
    Good afternoon,

    My self Rekhavathi I’m from bangalore I just went through your site and the reviews as well I felt some one is there for me to help spiritually. From my childhood I’m suffering from only pains and sorrow due to my parents my father has married twice as I’m only daughter for my dad and my mother is first wife and did not have the second one and there was no proper understanding among them later he married my step mom they had two boy babies. My education was not complete coz of this but some how managed and completed B.Com and joined a company for good salary. I was not able to work there coz of superiors discrimination and later joined a different company there I had good job satisfaction for some days and again my problems slowly started I left there ad well now I’m job less my financial position is very bad now. I was in love with guy he used he both financial and physically as well and now he says that he is not interested in me any more some how I wanted him to marry me. Could you please provide me some solution for a good job and as well for the marriage.

  272. Respected sir
    Please help me to find a way to get a good regular, faithful obedient maid to take care of my baby and house work.My baby is two years old and i am working.I am scared to leave her at home only with maid.
    Also suggest a remedy to make my maid regular, faithful and obedient. The current maid i have becomes ungrateful and takes so many leaves sometimes despite i pay her more than others and also treat her very nicely and always give her gifts.
    thanks in advance

  273. Sir I am suffering from psoriasis from 5 months. And leucorrhea problem. I am becoming very weak day by day.
    What should I chant for recovery.
    My partner is suffering from serious money problem and can not start a business for the obstacles of money. And some people does black magic on their family when their business was in good condition.
    Sir tell me some upay for money problem.
    What should he chant before starting any business for very good income and can make growth of business and can able to make a good name in business industry. Sir please help. I will be eagerly waiting for your reply. very thankful to you.

  274. Sir I am waiting for your reply…
    Sir please reply…

  275. unityspelltemple

    How i got my Ex husband back when he was Cheating on me and left me with two kids. I’m Candace Clifton, a US citizen, 26 years Old. I reside here in Denton, TX, United States. My husband and I have been married for about 14 yrs now. We were happily married with two kids, a boy and a girl. 3 months ago, I started to notice some strange behavior from him and a few weeks later I found out that my husband is seeing someone else. He started coming home late from work, he hardly care about me or the kids anymore, Sometimes he goes out and doesn’t even come back home for about 2-3 days. I did all I could to rectify this problem but all to no avail. I became very worried and needed help. As I was browsing through the internet one day, I came across a website that suggested that Dr.Unity can help solve marital problems, restore broken relationships and so on. So, I felt I should give him a try. I contacted him and told him my problems and he told me what to do and i did it and he did a spell for me. 28 hours later, my husband came to me and apologized for the wrongs he did and promise never to do it again. Ever since then, everything has returned back to normal. I and my family are living together happily again. Dr.Unity is the Best online spell caster that is powerful and genuine. If you have any problem contact him and i guarantee you that he will help you. Email him at: ( Unityspelltemple@gmail.com ) you can also call or Add him on Whats-app: +2348071622464·

  276. Respected Sir
    I am going to fill a form for residential plot in lucky draw by goverment. wat to do so that i can get a plot in lucky draw. This draw will be hold after 5 or 6 months

  277. Sir,

    This is Vinutha am loving one guy he also loving me, but in his home they are not agreeing without parents agree we cant marry and main his grand mother and grand father also not agreeing they are staying in native they expected more dowry…please help me i want to marry him only please give some suggestion to make them agree and to make my guy also to conveyance them.. he is scaring that something will happen.
    i cant live without him please help me his parents and my parents have to agree and i want to marry him only…

    Please request you please help me.

  278. Sir

    Someone has illegally occupied our property and is not vacating the same. Which Mantra should be chanted so that person will vacant the property immediately peacefully without demanding anything

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