Millions Thanks to Hassle-Free Mantras


Just want remedies or any mantras for following:-

a)      Success in his education (will be doing MS in health care management in USA)

b)      To get 100%scholarship for his education

c)       To get a part-time job in his campus only, so that he can save time and money in commuting to all places

d)      to get a good/divine place to stay, which will be nearer to his campus

e)      To protect himself from any hurdles, negativity or calamities or problems (from people, circumstances etc.)


  1. Chant “RED CHESTNUT” as many times as possible, whenever anxiety about your son comes in order to overcome your concern for him.
  2. Daily in the morning pray to flowers requesting them to protect him. “WATER VIOLET, WALNUT, SWEET CHESTNUT, STAR OF BETHLEHEM and ROCK ROSE! Be active around him for the next 24 hours and heal him”. Do it once a day.
  3. Call Wolf to be beside him always. Just Say, “Wolf” and say whatever you want it do for your son. Wolf is for help. It will do the needful.
  4. Pray OM ARUNAAYA NAMAHA (say three times) and request, “Lord Aruna! Protect my son from anything unwanted.”
  5. Then “The Mother Bhuvaneshwari, protect the limbs of my son, from all the ten directions”. Do it once.
  6. Call St. Michael the arch angel and say “Please keep your blue flaming sword around him and allow divine light and love only to enter”. Do it three times.
  7. “Violet flame! Give umbrella protection to my son wherever he is”. Do this prayer once.


My son reached US safely, without any customs issues (London /Dallas /St. Louis). Also he got a good apartment for rent and even his roommates are good.

I told my son to chant “Find Divine” throughout the journey, and his journey from Mumbai to US was hassle free.  

Millions thanks to hassle free mantras.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran Sir,

    I find your website very interesting. I’d like to enquire regarding Angel Nos. Are there any other numbers which we can use besides the ones stated in your site?. Also I would like to purchase a book (if available) on the complete set of angel nos. Could you please let me know how I can go about this.

    Thank you for all that you are doing.


  2. sir
    I plan to do my masters in states but being a girl i am worried about the financial aspect that my family will hv to bear so i am planning to work for 2 yrs.I also hv fears if i will get the university of my choice.Pl help so that all this will work out for me.
    thanks sir

  3. I am so thankful to God for your generosity!

  4. Dear guru,

    Namashte.My house owner is always shouting like a devil unnecessary.In a day only at the sleeping time she is of the hours shouting.not bothering that she is disturbing others peace and sleep.suggest remedies so that she will become a peaceful woman and concentrate in some useful things rather than gossiping and shouting like a devil.also some remedies to get a divine, peaceful house and move from this house immediately.i knew it is not my job to change her.but i want peace until i stay in her house for rent.


    • sya,
      do the forgiving exercise for her. and say continuously when she shouts, i thank….(her name) for keeping me peaceful

  5. Dear Sir, As advised, I am chanting “I thank the divine for keeping … away from me. Do the forgiving exercise. I soma forgive you….(name of that person). you please forgive me and release. Do this forgiving continuously whenever you feel angry or frustrated.” Very first day they thought to vacate the house, but after that no signs of improvement. They have not vacated so far. Please help me.

  6. sir
    can i use the above statements to protect my family as a whole or do i need to chant for each one of them.
    thanks sir,

  7. Dear Guru,

    I am trying to come to office in time.But somehow it is getting late.Please suggest any remedies to come to office in time.


    • VALLI,
      After getting up,be in chin mudrawhenever possible chant SCLERANTHUS HALFWAY DIVINE till you start to the office

  8. Dear Guru,

    My husband is not interested in celebrating birthday / wedding day.but iam lagging for this.once in a year celebrating these days.please suggest remedies so that i can chant resulting in he himself willingly celebrate these days.


  9. Dear Guru,

    Pranams. My hubby has the habit of watching television in night times.he has no other bad is the only entertainment for him.but this is disturbing my sleep as well as family life.i am a working woman and mainly my sleep is affected.please suggest remedies.


  10. kripa,
    be in sleep mudra, thumb touching little and ring fingers.
    i am sorry please forgive me love thanks……(insert your husband’s name)

  11. Dear Sir,
    I am trying to buy a plot because I don’t have support from anybody to buy house. If I buy plot, I can afford some amount. 1. Please help me to get the money to buy the plot 2. I want that plot very cheaper because he is expecting more from that plot. 3. I am in dilemma whether I am buying right place or from right builder. Please suggest. Which mantra or which remedy will overcome.

  12. Dear Sir, Please suggest remedy.

  13. Dear sir, I want money. please suggest remedy for the above and for this also.

  14. dear guruji…my problem is that i’ve got less marks in one sub but particulary i read that sub every day and even on exam before day i’ve solved the problems..even though iam not getting good marks in that particular sub ..which topics i’ve have studied those topics are also not come in exam paper …plz sugest some mantra so that i can read sub with more concentration…

  15. archu4,
    chant 398 for about 51 times over a glass of water and drink that water.
    do this daily.
    write 398 in a slip of paper and keep it under your pillow while sleeping

  16. sir i hav one more doubt…in our clg they asking to me to 2 more hours..becoz i hav got less marks ..if complulsory i ican stay but daily means it difficult to me becoz that time i dont have clg bus but after one hour there s one bus…but it too late sir..what should i do…i ve already said that there is no bus at that time…and even i dont know the routeso i cant go by myself…plz suggest me

  17. arch4,
    say this to wolf

  18. sorry sir again iam disturbing doubt is how to call wolf

  19. my children are not concentrating on studies my son iv yr has some arreas, and daughter intermediate has arreas. they are not obeying us. how to overcome this please help me. my daughter alway watching t.v and son computer internet

  20. My father is having prostrate enlargement slightly. It has been diagonised only yesterday when he went to the doctor because he need to urinate quite often. A sonography was done when it was said that there is a slight swelling on the prostrate. Please suggest some mantras for getting the prostrate back to normal.

  21. gopal
    he has to take a prostate mix available at the centre

  22. Sir,
    What is your website name. I read lot about you giving suggestions to other people. I get confused when you say Bach flower remedy. for eg. yuo tell people chant ‘cerato mimulus’ . What language is this. Have you published any books? Please let me know.

  23. Dear Guruji,
    My daughter is in 11 Th science and not studying hard. She daydreams , is very unorganized and insincere.Actually she is very intelligent and has achieved almost all state and national scholarships . But now she is not topping anywhere. I want her to take good efforts and be mature.
    I request you sir to please give me some mantras so that I can chant them for her.

  24. Dear guruji,
    i am always having problem with my son. he never listens to me and keeps arguing with me for every small things. i really want him to concentrate in his studies and come out of bad companionship.kindly help as he is our only son and i want him to settle well in life. kindly help.

  25. MANO,
    chant REDCHESTNUT VINE CHERRYPLUM IMPATIENS as many times as possible

  26. Dear Guruji,
    Thanks a lot

  27. Hi Naranji,

    want to get married soon with the right person and be very happy with him, have already crossed 30 finding the right person and havent yet found and hence please help me with the mantra to get Mr right as soon as possible as i cant delay anymore….please suggest a mantra and also what is dis angel number and what should i do with that. Most a big thank you for helping people who are in need it means a lot..thanks a ton naranji ….god bless you and ur family…:)

  28. dear guruji,

    my husband is having lot of problem in the present job. He is trying for new job for a long time but without any success. can you please suggest a mantra for him to get a good job. kindly help. Thank you.

  29. vinitha,
    Write in a paper WATERVIOLET HOLLY HORNBEAM MIMULUS and keep it with him. chant these words over a glass of water and give him that water daily

  30. Dear Guruji,

    I came across your blog and saw many mantras for different situations. Please tell me a mantra to bring my fiancee home to fix our marriage. We wanted an early marriage. I am in great emotional distress now. He just loved me so much and now he there is very little communication between us. My parents are also very worried because of this. Please help me.

  31. Nisha,

  32. Dear Guruji,
    There is a problem now. My fiancee have borrowed huge amount of money from us. He says it is to clear this financial problem to come to India. He is in abroad. Now he is not communicating with us. Please give a remedy to bring back to my life soon. I have started chanting the mantra you have given. Please help me.

  33. Nisha,

  34. I love one girl for past five years she was WID me for some time n left me I am not able to get over her she is my friend but doesn’t love me help me out with remedies

  35. Dear Naran,
    i have a five year old son who is going to a pre-school. Over time, he has become very stubborn and just does not want to go to school. we have spoken to the class teacher and principal to see if he was having any problems at school. they say that he is very active and does all the work given and except for some moodiness, he does not show any other problem. still most of the days, it is a big thing in sending him to school and some days neither pampering or forcing works. both my husband and myself are working and this is stressing us out. Really don’t know what to do. Please suggest some remedy to improve this situation at home.

    Thanks & Regards

  36. UPK
    give him the flower remedies scleranthus cherryplum impatiens walnut daily

  37. dear sir,

    My son is going to l0th standard this year (2013) kindly give him a prayer to concentrate in his studies and do well in his exams. Kindly help as he gets distracted easily while studying.

    Thank you

    • vinitha
      chant slow care. write 398 in a paper and keep it under the pillow
      write redchestnut cherryplum impatiens in a notebook for 11 times till he completes 10th std.

  38. Dear Narenji,
    My second daughter is a hearing impaired right from birth.she is now doing her 2nd year B.A. ARTS.she works very hard.but because of her hearing impairment problem she is always having a fear at the time of her far she is able to score only around 50% in her exams.Please give me some suggestion to improve her concentration in studies,and to get more percentage i.e around 65 to 70% so that she can qualify in bank exams to get in to a bank job which will be safe for her.I want some guidence to improve her speech also.Thank u very much for your switch words u gave to me and to my husband which was of very much use.

  39. Sir,

    My son runs marathons and for the past few months he has not been able to train because within 10 minutes of running he gets severe pain. He has plantar fasciitis. Is there any mantra I can chant to heal him.

    Thank you,

  40. My 3.9 year old son has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a child hood cancer and has a mass in his abdomen. Please let me know the mantra to get rid of cancer and not to return in his lifetime.

  41. Hi Sir,
    My B1/B2 visa is rejected once in September as soon i joined the company with in 2weeks and now again they initiated and visa interview date is on 25May. Please help me to get success this time. And success till i go and work there.
    Hoping you will help me and reply soon.

  42. Sir plzzz help…🙏🙏🙏
    I n Garima were friends for almost 1 year,i.e from jan2017to dec2017, n during the end of the yr our friendship broke coz of some misunderstanding … I had shared all my secrects with her..I tried to resolve the issue, but nothing worked….I overheard she is bad mouthing about me in public,…m scared will she reveal the secret….if that happens 2 families will be disturbed…..plz help sir….with switch word so that she dsnt reveal any of my secret and our friendship becomes back to normal…..
    Plz sir plz help……🙏🙏🙏🙏

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