Making others believe you


I have completed many projects to a quite a few of my clients and many underway. Unfortunately, either they don’t pay the money in full or sometimes they delay the payment and for too long. I don’t know how to fix this situation.


You would have told many lies in the past – might be in child-hood days, in college days, or would have cheated your friends and relatives in some way.  There might have been situations in which you did not speak the truth. This has corrupted the energy field of your throat chakra, which stands for truth.

On the contrary, these days you may be truthful, by all means. However, your clients are not able to comprehend it. Instead of trying to fix your past, let me tell you a solution that will solve your current financial situation.

Chant “OM HUM NAMAH” as many times as possible. This will clear the congestion in your throat chakra. Then, your clients will start believing you.

I am peaceful at last


People on my current job and boss too are so aggressive and full of covert hostility. At some moments, I used to cry or even being nasty too.

But, as I am reading your sites all the time I have found mantras. I just want to say that I am European and have difficulties to understand the thing with mantras. Anyhow I gave a try.

Guess what! I have chanted OM HUM NAMAHA, while on work. I was peaceful, and even happy, although I was given lower-ranked job that night.


“Om hum Namaha” will activate the throat chakra, which stands for truth. When that chakra is activated, you are exhibiting the energy of truth.

What is truth?

When our actions match our intentions or words Truth (divine order) is exhibited. By chanting Om hum Namaha, a mistaken view of the situation or a person is changed.

For Reiki Practitioners: draw the Reiki Symbol “Sei he ki” on the throat. Go on drawing. All untruths will clear off.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank you sir for the divine message.. Pranamam

  2. Very true divine message. All should follow and reap the benefit. Tks for this divine gift.




    I am in debt of 40,00,000/- lakhs rupees.  people who give loan ro me torturing  for repaymnet.  kindly give one powerful matra to get money money money to repay my loan.  kindly treat this matter very urgent and suggest me one powerful mantra to free from my loan.





  4. Sir by mistake i have posted my request in the previous page
    of date 1 st October 2012 ..

    kindly go thru the same.
    waiting for your blessed solution.


  5. Can we chant bija mantras over water and give it to others

  6. Sir,
    My Sister-in-law has become negative minded person from past more than a year. Even though she is cared by my parents & brother. She thinks that she has been treated like a slave. She feels that she has no respect for her at my place. She always keeps complaining something about my family to all. All the time she is on phone talking to some one & to all she gives an bad idea about my family. She also tries to poison my wife by giving bad ideas to her.
    When ever she talks to her parents she gives a picture that as if its not at all possible to lead life. Some times i feel that she is doing all these deliberately. As she is not interested to stay with my family but My bro & she they cant survive going separate as he is not that well off. She never understands the practicality of life & she is very much adamant. Explaining to her is a never possible job. Incase by doing so also she remains same at the end. She does no work at home nor helps my mother in any of the work at home. She enjoys a honoured guest life & same time complains about my parents. This type of character is hurting every one in my family & my well wishers, relatives.
    Please help us out in coming out of this problem.


  7. naren
    chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE as many times as possible

  8. Sir, Pl advise how to negotiate on salary increase any mantras?

  9. Thanks a lot sir, Will do that & get back to you.


  10. respected narenjii,
    first of all thanks for changing my life for good.waiting for the blessed day to attend your classes… sir whenever iam nearing my periods iam out of control and i feel myself like a water melon(big stomach).. i`ll be very angry and scolds my kids and beats them..i feel like my eye sight is also affected then..please help me to lead an active then also.i`ve been chanting rescue remedy, star of bethelehem,larch,mimulus and walut for has helped me and wolf is my constant companion.

  11. rajalekshmi,
    chant HOLLY MIMULUS CHERRYPLUM during that period, intending Hormones be quiet and relaxed.

  12. Thank you very much sir…

  13. Sir, I am jobless and directionless in life for four years, at this time i am doing safe and secure mudra but not geting any result.I donot enjoy anything. Plz help me to out of this situation in my life.

  14. Sir,
    Every month my wife salary is getting delayed , more over she is not sure whether they will pay or not. As for some months they dint pay,not only for her for all the staff. But company is doing good.
    Her company now has got merged with another company. they are giving that as a reason now. So every month we have to struggle a lot for our commitments. Please do help us in getting pending as well as timely salary every month. Help us


  15. do the following: be in each mudra for 12 minutes and chant.
    1. Be in Chin Mudra and release all your present emotions and thoughts
    2. Be in the Heart Mudra and say, “I release the unknown past memories that prevent me from getting a good job”
    3. Be in the Vital Essence (Hara) Mudra and chant “I release my desire to be in a hood job and I love myself totally”
    4. Be in the vitality Mudra and chant” TOGETHER FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW”
    5. Be in the Pushan Mudra and chant “I release resistance to accept good job offers”

  16. to make someone believe me what should I do will it be enough if I chant om hum namaha for the person to make me believe that I stopped lying please help

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