Buying and Selling Property

If you want to buy a house you have to chant, “LALITHAM SADASHIVAM LALITHAM CHANDRASEKARAM”.

To sell a property, first find out the reason why it is not being sold, if it is not getting the required price.

You have to chant the switch words, “RELEASE RESISTANCE FIND DIVINE Rupees Fifty Lakhs GIVE HOUSE”.  You can also chant this by rotating the Basic Chakra, at an optimal speed and clock wise (just make an intention to do so).

 If one person is creating problem in the family for signing the property document chant “RELEASE RESISTANCE (name of the person) Sign” and then stop cursing him and instead thank him.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hi
    Im trying to concive but i have been diognized with endomotrosis. can you pls give me a powerful mantra to get pregnant. I feel very depresses as im already 32 n being able to concive. pls pls help me

  2. ( ignore the same message posted in last page SORRY)

    thx a lot Sir.
    want to explain myself sir….
    example — ” wolf adjust change adjust change adjust change ”
    and so on… OR every time have to say WOLF before adjust change ?
    pls guide Sir..




    give me mantra to free from my all loans



  4. hello sir gud morning … i hav a problem that i want to study but im not able to study coz im not getting intrest and even iam getting headache …i think that i got holidays and i should study some chapters but iam not getting intrest at all.. and also even im not intrested doing any work also plz suggest me some mantra sir…

  5. Any matras to relieve student loans and I owe money to my friends about $5,000 USD?

  6. Naran,
    I would like to know if we can chant 2-3 mantras for 1 bottle of water or do i need to chant separately for each mantra.? Like I chant LALITHAM LAMBODARAM LALITHAM BNHASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM in 1 bottle of water daily . can i chant LALITHAM SADASHIVAM LALITHAM CHANDRASHEKARAM / LALITHAM SRIDHARAM LALITHAM BHASKARAM LALITHAM SUDARSHANAM in the same bottle of water?

    I also draw the reiki level 2 symbols on the bottle.

  7. sASHI,
    eACH MANTRA COMBINATION IS SPECIFIC in its action. Why do you mix ?
    Chant for one issue which is predominantly affecting you

  8. Thank you very much, Naran

  9. I think that i got holidays and i should study some chapters but iam not getting intrest at all.. and also even im not intrested doing any work also plz suggest me some mantra.

  10. brunel surveys land surveyors

  11. Pranams. daughter—she is in 12th-CBSE–Please suggest Mantras/ Switchwords1) for her to score high grade( she is school topper) in the 12th final exams and 2) to get a medical seat on MERIT. Regards

  12. s.vasudevan.
    chant find divine order.
    keep a photo of kangaroo with her. you can keep it under the pillow

  13. Dear Sri Naran
    Pranams. We have a flat in joint name – myself & my wife. We would like to sell it and have been trying for the same since 2 years. Do guide us.
    Krishna, Bangalore

  14. krishna prakash,

  15. Lois Helan Naveena

    Dear Sir,
    I have already posted a blog in Job mantras & I am doing it now often.Sir to tell the truth I was in a desperate situation not having financial support even my husband has more debt due to the loss in his business years had went but the debt is killing our life in this whatever action we take everything gets failed even in my curriculum I had never faced failure in my exams but last two times I got failed & last time I was not able to attend my exams due to financial problem now my husband was trying to sell his friend’s property but he is expecting some good amount one person came before three months & still he is saying I will buy it but till now that is not finished will you tell some remedy for all this problem sir.
    Thanking you sir

  16. Lois Helan Naveena
    chant gorse scleranthus clematis give count now done

  17. hi sir naran.

    i work as a property agent. i sell condos and houses. can you give me a switchwords for succcess in dealing with clients and close deals/ agreements.?

    thanks and god bless you for your kindness 🙂

  18. Respected sir,
    I have been going throuh a lot from past 2 years. I am continously trying to get admission in dental school in USA but nothing working out .I am a dentist from India but I am in USA from 5 years and sitting home ideally doing nothing….now feel like suffering from little depression.But my biggest concern is my father is facing biggest financial loss in his buisness and is now having a big loan on him to return…He has a responsibility of one more daughter and above all my brother who is now 32 is not able to get a job and is sitting ideal, he can not help my father though he really wants to do help , additionally his married life is not going smooth. In all I am facing problem from everywhere. I just read your blogs and something inside me said that you can help… please help

  19. rkp.
    download and take three printouts a picture of Pink tourmaline. You keep one under your pillow.
    paste the one on your father’s name written on a paper.
    paste another on your brother’s name written on a paper

  20. guruji i have chanted many times TOGETHERE DIVINE TENANT NOW,but i count not get tenant for our single room in an open plot ,kindly reply me guruji

  21. Respected Guru ji,
    Thanks for answering ,I have started doing chant and pasted the picture of pink tourmaline on my father’s and brother’s picture and name.
    Guru ji I really want admission this year in dental school, i was interviewed at one of the school but they put me on waiting list….is there any mantra i can really chant for getting admission this year…my family will not support me for next year,please help me and also my brother to get some kind of job, he is being trying from past 7 years….things are not working out for him…just 2 days before he lost one more opportunity of a job.please help…my family condition is not good.

  22. rikp,
    chant Gorse clematis

  23. Respected Sir,

    My father is trying to sell house but after so many months buyers comes and goes. but still we are not been able to sell the house.We need to sell this house urgently so that we can repay our debt and get new house on another location.

    Most of time we are not getting price we want. Some time buyers says they will get back to us but nobody returns.

    I had seen the mantra you had described here but i don’t know how much time and when me or my father should chant this. And please explain me what you meant by rotating the basic chakra?

    Please help me. I ll be very thankful to you.

    • Rajeshkumar,
      chant NAMASHIVAYAM
      Write Gentian impatiens 51 times in a notebook

      • Thank you very much sir !!

        I had chanted “NAMASHIVAYAM” and wrote Gentian impatiens 51 times in a notebook. But still nothing is happening. Sir i had wrote that mantra on notebook once. Should i write it regularly and chant “NAMASHIVAYAM” till the house sell ?

        Please provide me your valuable guideline Sir. I have asked you for your help with great hope.

        Thank you Sir.

  24. Dear. Sir
    My husbands indifference n doing evreything opposite of what I want to do is killing me
    He gives 2much attention to his mother n his mother always overdoes to get his attention leaves her husband to be with my family she will be fit n fine but always complaint I’ll health
    Seeing what my husband does to her vs me (am sick he as ignored me n takes my sickness for granted
    Drives me crazy not that I am bad n want to illtreat mil but his xtra care for her sticking all time with her makes me sick
    Please help so he will either try balancing and this mils actions always ruined my married life 20 yrs

    • Sara,
      your mother in law expect you to love her. give her the needed love. chant I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME I LOVE YOU I THANK YOU as many times as possible thinking your mother in law.
      Giving is the only way to receive. Your mother in law teaches you that. Thank her instead of blaming and going crazy with your husband.
      Write chicory cherryplum in a paper and keep it under your pillow

  25. Sir my brother in law suffering from back pain,doctor suggest him some sis is scared about d report.i said her to chant kunjitha padam sharanam over a glass of water and give it to that ok or need any Sw.

  26. My fiancée is planning to go away to school soon to realize his dream of becoming an airline pilot. He does not have a scholarship and is funding the training himself, so I will not be able to count on his financial support for a years.

    This is his dream and it will have an impact on me but I cannot allow myself to be selfish stand in the way of what he wants for himself. In the end, his success is our success. So to help myself build up an account from which to use while he is away, I have been trying to find a few ways to bring some more money. For many months now I have been trying to sell some personal items. I get some interest, but no one seems to want to buy my goods.

    Also, I am in need a better-paying, more-rewarding employment. I am thankful for my job with my current employer but it does not pay that well. I will now need to have a salary that allows me support myself properly while my fiancée is gone and perhaps to cushion any potential financial issues that may arise while he is away. I’ve tried to move up in the Company, but I found out this week that there no new positions and I also would not be able to get a salary increase at this time.

  27. sarah,

  28. Respected Naran,
    After a very long time of waiting I got interview from boston university which is the only hope for me,its on 28 feb 2013, please tell me something to get the acceptance from school. It is the last hope for me to pursue in career. Please help me. I have been trying to get admission from last 3 years,most of the time i am put on waiting list and now this is the only interview left and i believe the only opportunity for me. I know every student that apply is capable enough but to get through it i need your help.I really appreciate your help.

  29. rkp,
    chant Gorse
    call wolf also to help you.

  30. Morover we used to go out every weekend before marrige for about one month after engagement, and got married immediately. Now it rarely happens. He was very rude and hurtful. Even after suffering a minor head injury he was still violent. I want to move out as quickly as possible because past memories haunt me. And I am always happy elsewhere, and can observe that he too is actually happy and have warm conversations when we move out. Plz help.


  31. Dear sir, I hav a problem regarding my items like beads bracelet, fengshui charms, stones like mossainite,aquamarine etc. I want to sell but I cant find a buyer, also I want satisfied for the price. Plez suggest me what mantra to chant. tanx.

  32. Jad Jason
    chant chicory gentian find count divine buyer give now

  33. ramya
    do the forgiving exercise.
    write TOGETHER DIVINE 1oo times and 11 times with the left hand

  34. Can you tell me the mantra for my sister for her kidney she is on dialysis . Thank you

  35. VEENA
    ASK HER TO CHANT om Hraim namaha

  36. Dear Sir
    My sister in law has left the house and filed for divorce but we (whole family) want her to come back. Please help us.
    Thank you

  37. Dear Sir
    I also want to know the remedy for my daughter. She has vitiligo (white patch on her neck around 1 inch and very thin line under the lip.) Please help me she is only 11 years old.
    Thank you

  38. lkumar

  39. Hi Sir, I’m visiting your webpage for the first time.I’m really surprised with the innovative mantras that you provide.I intend to buy a house but not able to, I’ll try the mantra given above and will let you know how it goes. Would you suggest chanting it with rudraksh rosary or without?


  40. Sir, we have a flat in my mother’s name which we want to sell ASAP due to some personal problem. We have spent thousands on giving ads on various sites for our flat. Buyers come and show interest too but still, nothing happened. Please suggest us some remedy so that our flat will get sold off in good rates and ASAP.

  41. Sir,
    We have a flat in my mother’s name which we want to sell ASAP. We have spent thousands on giving ads for our flat. Buyers come and show interest too but still, nothing happened. Please suggest me some remedy so that our flat will get sold off and that too ASAP.

  42. My DOB IS 30TH MARCH 1964
    TIME 07:18 PM

  43. i have debts of 70 lakhs , how should i repay it. pls let me know

  44. We have bought a new house but the owners sold it because of several problems in their life. Even the neighbours of this property are unhelpful. How to bring in positive vibes and release the negative history of this place before we move in??

  45. I am in lots of Debts and what ever money i earn doesnt stay with me for a long time, I have kids and have lots of dreams that I wish to become true.

    Please help.
    P Singh

  46. Hi, can you please give me a mantra to sell my two properties and for it to give me enough funds to repatriate back to my country and buy a house and rent a small shop thanks

  47. anchal kapoor

    Sir, its grt to cum across ur blog. Mybhusband is consistently trying to do a good and big project but some or the other issues as money and gud manforce and business partner is cuming which eventually sets him down.he has become underconfident.this is affecting his health. He had his past business issues also which are not tesolving.Can u help with mantra?

  48. sir, we hold a flat which we sold it. want to buy another new property either plot or a house. We had some money but we are unable to buy any thing. Please suggest me with a mantra for securing any property immediately

  49. I cant fine any suitable match for my self. Want get marry soon. Plz give me some mantra to chat…

  50. Dear Naran sir,

    i wanted to sell out my owned property which was located in Mumbai( Thane) and in that amount after deduction of loan wanted to buy a new property in Pune city ( Location).

    since last two years i am trying to sell out my Thane property and wanted to buy in pune.

    but no response.

    Please please do the needful.

  51. vishal
    sir, i am interior designer ,i am facing following problems
    1> i do not have projects in hand so i am about close my office
    2> large amount of payment are held
    3> staff are not working properly
    so pls give me switch words

  52. last 5years i was looking for my house to be sold and buy a new one .i chant all mantras and do all remdies to get new house and sold the old one but till i never get a result .if any mantra in world to sold a house

  53. kajal agarwal

    Guruji we had purchased a land and now we want to sell it but the local ppl says that the land is jinxed and no 1 could do any construction on this land before who ever took it in past and due to this no 1 is buying our land and we are in big crisis what can i fo plz help ! How can i perform the above mantra, how many times and plz explain the chakra u have written there and will it help ?

  54. Plz…help me my house selling now fast arrogant..Plz give me mantra

  55. i am a homeopathic doctor, my patients r also recovering in a good ratio, but still there is not any good gathering of patients in my chamber. dear sir please suggest me what should i have to do. I ahll be obliged for ever.

  56. sir, we want to sell our own home,currently we are staying in rented home little far away from our own home…so which mantra will be useful.

  57. Greetings!Any mantra for business accomplishments and growth?


    How to chant this mantra to buy a house?
    how many times it should be and on which day?

  59. Dear Sirs lots of debts burden on my head to solve that I want to sell some land. I’m trying since last year but not been sold yet. Please advise me what remedy to apply or which mantra to recite to get the land sold as soon as possible

  60. Sir, I have chanted all the switch words suggested by you for a long time for selling my property, but nothing helped. Please help me with a powerful remedy this time to get my problem resolved ASAP

  61. Sri I want to buy a house for that how many times should I chant this mantra lalitham sadhasivam lalitham chanbrashekram

  62. Dear sir pl give mantra for removing bad tenants from my property

  63. Sir,
    I’ want to sell my house.. For the lst 10months.. Only one person came and quoted a low price.. I’m desperate,, please help.. I’m chanting LALTHAM SADASHIVAM, LALITHAM CHANRA SHEKARAM..ETC
    I’m elderly want to sell the house and retire and move to India and buy a flat near my sisters..I’m so desperate.. Please enlighten me.
    Thank you.

  64. Sir
    I have one site which is south facing we are in great troble I want to sell that site but no body is taking pse give suggestion

  65. Dear Gurji,
    How May times do I chant..RELEASE RESISTANCE…..
    My son is 33years old.. Obese and has blod pressure.. Also has pigments on his face..ignores his weight and look problem..
    1. How to make him aware of his looks and weight.. so he can find a nice girl.. Any mantra?
    2. He was very close to me now since about 2years he’s so aloof.. Any mantr
    3. I have misplaced something in my house.. A box of artificial jewelry.. Any mantra to find it.
    Thank you

  66. Good Day Sir,

    I need your help.

    1. My house is not getting a buyer. I have to sell it at a price where i can pay off my homeloan and then buy another smaller house cash with the same money also. I am looking for a buyer who is looking for a house like mine with money to spend.

    2. I also need to find a good job. I have studied travel and tourism. I have a job now but it does not pay well. I have a lot of responsibilities and i cannot manage them. Please help

    3. My husband is fighting with me a lot. He says he will leave me penniless in the street. Please help me with a solution where he will change this behaviour. I feel very alone and unstable in my marriage. There is nobody that i can turn to for emotional or financial help. This is the reason that i need to get out there and become financially independant so i am not left penniless. i have to secure my future for my old age. This is the reason i want to sell our home and move into a smaller home.

  67. Sir,

    My son has studied in defence school on scholar ship basis for 6 years, now he has failed this year. School officials are asking us to repay the scholar ship of Rs 3 lakhs and withdraw our son from school. if i would like to continue also i have to pay money Rs 1 lakh for year, which i can’t give mantra for without paying money to withdraw my son from that school.

  68. Dear sir,
    My son 8yrs old fall from height and fractured his left elbow and wrist in March almost 4 months plaster was removed after 6 weeks…doing some exercises at home but still he cannot make his left hand full straight
    Kindly please suggest some chants or something for early and full recovery.
    Best regards

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