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I want to get my husband’s affection. His mother has separated us .now I am alone at my mom’s house. Due to his mom he is not caring our 8 months baby also. I am not happy at all for past 1 yr. my in-laws are demons sir. I am in distress. Could you please help me out?


  1. Do the forgiving exercise for your husband and MIL: “I Vidya forgive you …… (insert your husband’s name). You please forgive me”. Say it 200 times daily.
  2. Repeat this for you MIL too.
  3. Write in a piece of paper “WATER VIOLET, JELLY FISH, WILLOW, WALNUT” and see this paper often and keep it under your pillow while sleeping.
  4. Chant the mantra “HAM YAM RAM VAM LAM” daily while sleeping. Chant this continuously till you sleep.
  5. Pour all your complaints and emotions in a sheet of paper and without reading it burn it once you complete one full A4 page. The second day, pour again your feelings and thoughts about MIL etc and burn it. Do it till you feel that there is no more to write.

Come back after 10 days and tell me what happened.


One more request sir. My in-laws should be taught a lesson sir. For that my husband should listen to me only because that much I have been killed by them every second from the day of my marriage. Kindly say a remedy for this.


Do that first. Then I will tell you some technique by which you can change your thinking.

Vengeful thoughts and actions will never help us. Instead we will attract the same type of people.

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Mother in law is always troubling me mentally, it disturbs me. My father in law ignores me though I live in his house since ten years with my husband. He doesn’t speak to his own son since ten years. Ego problems. But they dragged me in the center of all this. When will they give me the love I deserve? I am very well behaved and very respectful but her tongue cuts me like a knife. I am very soft spoken so I can’t take the cruelty. I avoid them as much as I can in the house due to their cruelty.

      CHANT beech willow walnut holly mimulus as many times as possible. wirte this in a paper and keep it under your pillow.
      chant this over a glass of water also and drink that water.

  2. I am very weak in studies.I am not able to learn.I forget the learn material very soon.I cant make my concentration.I cant be understand the material.so i want some solution of my problem by u…plz help me…

  3. Dear Sir,

    Could you please suggest me a good mantra to avoid office tensions and escalations. I need a peaceful environment at my workplace. please suggest. Thank you.

    -Srinivas K

  4. srinivas,
    chant agrimony beech walnut gentian

    • Thank you so much sir. the mantra (Agrimony Beech Walnut Gentian) which you provided me is working fine. could you please suggest me some mantra to improve my efficiency/strength in my professional work and also have to complete the work with in time provided. Thank You So Much in Advance.

      – Srinivas

  5. Naran sir, My husband was in finance problem,he had many construction work we took jewel loan & after it we cleares it.but he again & again keeps our jewel for loan.I could not have my gold jewels with me for even some days.suggest me some mantras to get back my jewels & overcome or finance problem.

  6. Naran sir, My mom has 7 sisters in that 3 are very cunning & when in problem they never help but now my mom has property & money with her,her sisters are planning to get it & they talk & changed her mind,now mom is not talk with me & my sister & only listening & telling everything to her sister her daily activities like mesmerised.her sis has already did like this to other sisters.please help us to save my mom from their trap & be happy with us.

  7. naranji,
    you suggested om gam ganapathaye for jewel loan as in qstin 15
    can i chant the same for clearing my loan ? i kept my jewl for 10 lakhs i am very much depressed for not having the financial stability
    please suggst any sw

  8. meera
    write MUSTARD COUNT NOW in a paper and keep it under the pillow

  9. Hi Sir,
    Job is still in dreams as calls come but no interview schedules…bcoz I m searching after 2 yrs of break. I m tryg my best to stop worryg. But family pressure is buildg up every min for not gettg job.
    U told me to chant “Honeysuckle reach devine order count now”. Any other chants along with this sir for best company ?
    I have one comany name in my mind with v.good salary package and abroad opportunity expectation.
    How to use this with switch words ?

    Any energy circles I can go ahead with ?

    If this is not the place for askg for EC please let me know the other link Sir, I will post this query there.


  10. Dear Guruji,

    I am a regular visitor of your site. All topics are good and interesting. I need a solution for one of my personal problem. I got married on a Chandrashtama day. Day in which planet moon is in eight place for our sign. According to astrology any auscpicious things should not be done on that day and it will not yield fruitful results. I came to know about this later only.The date was fixed by one of closest relative who is an astrologer.He planned and punished me in this way. He was waiting for an opportunity and used my marraige life to punish me.Till date no happiness in married life and child birth is also delayed. Seven years passed. He is less co-operative in all aspects and less affectionate. Having physical problem also.Postponding the treatment.stating that no leave in office.not taking a decision on his own.each and everything his parents’ decision.he is forty and i am 34. both are getting old and still postponding progeny.

    My inner mind says that i got married on a chandrashtama day and hence i am facing plenty of problems in my married life. Happened is happened. It is the wedding date in my life.

    finding solutions to many critical problems in your site.please help me. remarrying again my husband in a good day will yield good results. but he is not interested. suggest remedies so that he should listen my words for everything and i should get good progeny and live a happy married life.


    • sanjana,
      chant MUSTARD PEARL as many times as possible. Dont have any false beliefs. come out of these false beliefs. Find ways and means to change your attitude towards your husband and in laws.
      Analyse what in you prevents you from being in harmony?

  11. Naranji, Thank u for all ur replys.My 4 years old son is going to school,is active but last 2 months he often gets running nose,cough & fever.When my mother in comes to meet us she will always ask he doesnt get fever, next day he fall sick.she is jealous & doesnt like my husband spend money for us.please guide me.My son date of birth 29.07.2008.

  12. Dear Naran I’m very sad because my son is so rude,and has a bad behavior at home,with friends,and school I don’t know what to si because he doesn’t want to be in armony and peace,he shouts me and I got desesperate Ibougth him a remedy of flowers of Bach he drank Frank for a while,but he is ressisting to continue with the treatment even when he saw some changes,but now he is annoyed all the time with everyone and everywhere please send me a mantra or a remedy to help him he is suffering…thanks for you support

  13. guruji we have an open plot with one room .we are not getting any tenants for that room .please help.

  14. Naran sir, Since past three days I am having dreams that my teeth are falling, especially my front teeth. I used to have similar dreams eight years back, where my gums will bleed and teeth will break one after the other they crumble and bleed. I have teeth problem since I was a child, is there any way of strengthening my teeth through mantra?

  15. Hi Sir,

    i am asking you a silly question but its very important for every humans life to be confident. i have a hair fall problem. Already more than half of my hair gone. can you please suggest me any mantra to stop hair fall and to get new hair on my head.

    Thank you.

  16. hello sir,

    I read the blog i am happy tht you are helping people.
    even i am suffering from lot of pain .i hope you will also help me out.

    i am mother of 7 years of old daughter ,in 2010 we came back from USA,from airport itself we got seprate.i went to my parents home and he went to my inlaws home .and when i went to my inlaws home they didnt let me and my daughter in and ask for dowry and for home and pay for all expense 50% then only we will allow you to come .i went there so many time but they are not letting me in ..
    my husband got job he travell all over the world but doesnt call me or my daughter when i call he doesn’t pick the call …he completely ignores me ..he hates my family member and me too..
    my inlaws are also interefering in our matter and says that we want divorce..its been more than 2 years now and i have filled the case for maintance and my husband never showed up in court and my husband filled case of divorce.
    sir i dont want divorce i want my husband to accept me and take me and my daughter with him .
    he thinks that i m uneducted,idiot, and numbskull, dumb, and burden on him .so he left me without any proper reason.
    my dagugher ask for daddy everyday ..situation is becoming untolerable now.
    what should i do help me out.
    i want to save my marraige..
    he is very arrogant ..stubborn person doesnt listen to me ..when i go to my inlaws they are not letting me in and says dont come here agian..now they says that they dont want money or anything they want divorce….
    initially they left me for money now they are saying they dont want money want divorce..
    what kind of person are they? me and my duagher suffered a lot due to thses..please show me the way sucessful married life.

  17. Naran sir, I am suffering from running nose & cough for more than a year.I used every medications but no cure,i couldnt sleep or go anywhere & do my work.suggest me mantras.

  18. Dear Guru,


    My hubby is not interested in forming a family. Always watching TV.Having problems physically and taking medicines.Still his mind is not diverted.Hardly I am living with him for the past eight years.Please suggest mantras so that his mind is diverted towards forming a family.


  19. guruji my son is in 12th standard and he is not prepering for his exams seriously and started giving back answers to his father very rudely,i am worried about his behaviour.please do help me

  20. sir, i am doing job in company ..i am divorcee having kid ..somehome i came across one unmarried guy ..we were friends then we fall in love with eachother..our love was pure love..
    for somereason we used to argue with eachother days passes like these ,,in between his parent showed him a girl he used to deny all the girls but our argument and all were incereasing and situation became worst..beacause of some misunderstanding we lessen to talk with eachother..
    month back he said he saw a girl and said yes to her..i was completely shocked that how can he do this to me ..
    now he says that he can not say NO to this girl ..and i have to got engage and marry with this girl…because family has granted and decided every thing..
    i talked with him, he says that he is from conservative family ..my parents will not accept you…because you are maried and having kid.
    ;et me get married with the girl which my parents choice and they i wll leave her come back to you.
    i am completely disagree with this ..
    he wants to comeback but after spoiling somebody’s life
    so i want you to help me out that without spoiling anybody’s life he become strong and do something for me.
    tell his parent and show guts to marry me
    what should i do ? i want him back ..i want everyhting normail.

  21. rAANI,
    chant CAT’S EYE HEATHER HONEYSUCKLE CHANGE NOW as many times as possible

  22. gurui namasthe, my son met with an accident on oct12th 2012,withthigh fracture,pelvic fracture he is bed ridden now it takes 12 weeks for making hi for walk,doctors say he should eat for his muscle forming,but he is not able to eat more no hunger for him for his internal organs healing i chant all ur mantras with ur guidence so kindly suggest for his hunger,he is 18yeRS OLD JUST OINED HIS ENGNEERING,,OUR NET VISIT TO DOCTOR IS ON JAN 10TH ON THIS DAY THEY MAKE HIM SIT AND WALK IF HE BUILDS HIS STAMINA,AND WILL POWER,KINDLY HELP ME.

  23. Kavitha,

    Give CENTAURY WILLOW HORNBEAM three pills of each three times a day.

  24. Naranji, Thanks for answering me.Please help me, my son 4.4years old is suffering from urinary infection & wheezing, i am much worried about it.pls suggest mantras & prayers for him to get rid of it & become healthy ever.

  25. sasirekha
    CHANT PEARL over a glass of water and give

  26. guruji i have problem with our house vastu.He said that there is a problem in SE corner and SW Corner of our house .And at home some one or the other will be sick with urineary infection joint pains .

  27. A.A.
    hand a picture of rockrose and star of bethlehem in those corners

  28. Naranji,I need ur help.My motherinlaw & fatherinlaw doesnt want their sons to care for their family they used to complain about their wife (My co-sisters have suffering still living with them)& make them to fight they only wanted them to listen their words.When we were married they dont like to spend money for us but get my husband money.v were in our mothers house only for 10 years,now v have planned to move to a new rented house & purchase a land for us.I am scared my husband parents will come & stay & will make my husband fight with us & doesnt let him to take care of my son or spend money.I dont want them to come or talk to my husband.Bless us to led a happy,healthy &peaceful life.Let me know mantras for it.

    chant NAMASHIVAYAM daily 1000 times

  30. My son is 4.5 years old studying LKG. Last six months he was active, bold and fast in his study and good in eating in school. But past one month he is getting sick, scared of his classmate that they will beat him, slow in his work and concentration and urinate in his pants. He is taking treatment for urinary infection. He is not obeying and has become lazy to go to school.

  31. SASI,
    Give him MIMULUS, RESCUE REMEDY and CAT’S EYE pills.

  32. How much more waiting for a job search which will take me abroad for at least 2 yrear to work safely and happily Naran sir.
    Friend is in need again.


  33. FRiend,
    call wolf.

    • I am still in job searching mode. I am very much disturbed and couldn’t concentrate on preparations also. Mind is full of worries.

      Don’t like to talk to anyone as the very first question is got job?

      If I see someone successful I feel I am missing the way or something, why only they r successful?

      Lot of fear what if interview comes earlier than my preparations to it? What if I am not successful?

      Always thinking, what are lucky dress colors /clips/bangles etc. for me to wear, so that luck will come to me?

      How can I go abroad to work and be successful?

  34. Hi Naran sir,

    One of our relative is critically ill, bedridden.
    She is around 53 or 54 yrs of age.

    I know few things about her – she is operated for some brain related issue recently. Also she is severe arthritis patient – very difficult to walk. Also she is very allergic. Still she takes care of herself and her husband – no body at home to help. No kids. Nurse is talking care of her at home for now.

    1) What CDs I can send her to play in her room
    what words she can write and keep it under her pillow.

    I got “Kunjitha Padam Saranam” – When I was looking for critical
    health issues switch words in your site. Can she use these words ?

    2) Like to write some energy circles also, if, you feel good for her to recover fast.

    What do you suggest me to help her. She cant do things on her own now.

    I am in a different city and cant visit her in person. Can inform her to do few by phone though house maid.


  35. friend,
    she can chant “Kunjitha Padam Saranam”
    she can listen to prayer to bach flowers cd.

  36. Naran ji, I am following ur mantras which has changed my life to the success path, thank u & wish ur blessing throughout my life.My son studying Lkg was very happy,friendly & regular to school & do his work quickly but last 1month he doesn’t want to go to school?very slow or doesnt complete his work & blames his friends.His date of birth is 29 july 2008.Pls suggest me mantras for him to be active & interest in learning & other activities.

  37. sasi,
    give him the flower remedies mimulus willow

  38. sir, I went through ur site and read the bach flower combination BEECH WALNUT AGRIMONY CHESTNUT BUD work for communication between 2 people. I am in a relationship with a guy since 3 years. He is kinda careless and workoholic. Our communication is very irregular. I cannot reach him whenever i want. He keeps his phone switched off or keeps ignoring my calls. It’s not that he doesn’t love me. He loves me a lot but very careless. Can I use this remedy to maintain regular communication with him?? How many times should i chant for best result??

  39. My husband never talks to me lot but talk to girls & women. When we go to function he shares all his works to other women which he has not told me. If I call him to any place he says no time, but spend time for his mom, sis in laws. I want my husband to respect me & share only to me.

  40. Yes I respect him, help him a lot and I tell all the things to him before he asks or others tell him.

    But many a times I have come to know about him from others – business or family matters. Only if I ask him he will say. I feel hurt @ that time.

    He wants me to invite his brother and sis-in-law, but argues with me and starts a fight. But never ask them a word if they talk false of me.

  41. sasi,

    Do the forgiving exercise.

    write TOGETHER DIVINE daily 100 times and 11 times with the left hand (if you are right-hander)

  42. naranji i feel my nervous r getting weak.pls suggest me some mantras.

  43. SASI,
    thanks divine order

    • My husband travels nearby for work. Nowadays his friendship is not good. He comes home very late. His friends show bad videos. My hubby bought a new cell and then watches bad videos in their office.

      I want my hubby to be proper. Suggest me mantras to make him come out of unwanted friendship and habits.

  44. sasi,
    chant agrimony centaury cherryplum walnut over a glass of water and give that daily

  45. Naranji I am Moni. I have no peace of mind . My husband have some mental problem. I dont know that until my mother in law came to seperate us. He always hears his mother and sister only.He has many other problems which are hidden from me by his mother and sister. I still now, could not find what is his problem? He and mother in law complains me to hide their defects. Now with lot of problems in life purposely created by them, we are standing before the court and police station with petition for divorce and so. My husband wants divorce from me. I dont know sir, how much of pains i undergo daily. I had a job, becoz of my husband i had to leave the job. I have a girl kid of 4 yrs. No way to take care of her. I live with my parents. They are now taking care of us. No peace of mind, job, life or my husband. He is like a psycopath no attachment to me or my child. No love, no affection. If he wants divorce also it was ok. He wants all the case to go till the end. I dont know when i will come out of all these cases. I am very scared to go to court monthly and weekly at many places. Please help me overcome all this hurdles sir.

  46. Moni,
    chant daily Centaury willow ruby 100 times over a glass of water and take this water.
    Write AGrimony in a small piece of paper and keep it under the pillow
    Do the forgiving exercise for your mother in law and husband.
    Thank them for leaving you in peace

    • Thank u Naranji.
      I will do all this. Please clear my doubts.

      Should i say Centaury willow ruby for 100 times or is it a mantra?
      Write in a notebook, 100 TIMES TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW.
      Should i write “CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW” 100 times only for one day or is it for any particular number of days, i should repeat it ?
      You have said “Thank them for leaving you in peace”. Please explain this i couldnot understand it.

      • Please Naranji reply.
        I will start this after your reply and would revert you on the updates.

        • Naranji, i got a job on 26th April. But my brother has started a new problem as he wants to marry a Anglo-Indian Christian women.We are hindus, our family is very orthodox ,my parents are unable to bare this after my life’s tragedy. I dono there is no peace even one day in life. I am worried now what is going to happen to his life. Please tell me a way that my family and i could overcome all thesehurdles?

          • Moni

            • I am a very welle ducated women and was happy to enter a home where everyone is educated. I was treated extremely good in front of people and once home i am tortured. My mother in law is changing my husband in my absence. He has never hit me but now everytime he listens to my voice he strats hitting me. He has become very cruel. My mother in law is supporting him more. my father in law and brother in law also started shouting at me.
              My husband sent me out of his house. I am at my moms place. I strongly feel my mother in law is doing some mantras to my hsuband. Its been one and a half year of marriage and i still did not conceive. I am scarde if she has done some mantra on me too.
              I sincerely request you to help me in this regard. I want my husband back. I wnat to make a fmaily with my husband. I wnat to live seperately. Please help.

  47. Hi Sir,

    I will sit and read for interview for 15 min and simply think of past and all problems in my family and close relatives families and think how can I resolve them all immediately.

    will curse all who are responsible for this situation most time in a day.

    My mind need to be motivated to what I want first than thinking of others. At least till I am successful in getting job which in turn will resolve issues.

    I have asked all abroad friends to get me a job there.

    What should I chant now?


  48. sir, It would be very nice – me getting job in the same company where my husband is working abroad.

    • Hi Sir,

      I am done with my interview in a company which I liked very much.
      Even after two days they are yet to give results and I want this job immediately.

      Suggest switch words to get my joining letter soon.


  49. Hi Sir,

    Can Ladies chant god mantras / flower names on those 5 days of month ?

    I think we can chant bcoz we also have god in us and cant get him out of our mind on those days .

    Please confirm.


  50. I want to start my carrer as it is running a big problem in my life after marriage my husband is again n again telling u r dependent on me for everything and myother in law is also creating problem what should I do

  51. Me and a guy is in relation for last four years,but none of our parents are ready. Now his parents without telling him fixed his marriage and is told him just before 5 days. We both are even ready to die, is there any way to stop this marriage which was there just after 4 days. Please help.. Please

      you have loved so well to die only? Is it true love? If your love for each other is true, marry, come what may. After marriage, everyone is dying daily ! You need not die beofre marriage.

  52. Sshivika singh

    Thank u sir,
    But now he is married, but not happy, as this marriage is completed under pressure only. Now is there any mantra so that marriage can be finished and he come back to me as early as possible. Please ……

  53. Sir Namaste,
    I have problem with my in-laws. My MIL behaves so pleasantly infront of every one including my husband but will talk to me all the nonsense when I am alone. She is interested in talking and so feels that all she talks is good. But every word of her hurts me a lot. She dominates me in everything to such an extent that now I feel very lonely and homeless. Till now I convinced myself thinking that all my thoughts are wrong and she too deserves love and affection. So I was not paying any attention to those things. Now she started interfering between me and my husband in such a way that i cannot even get a chance to talk to him properly and he totally became biased. He’ll only listen to her and will not believe even if I say the truth. I can forgive or give up anything but i cannot lose my husband. Afterall it is for his love and affection, I am bearing all these things and losing my self respect.
    Now I understood that I cannot stay with them any longer and need some remedy or mantra for staying away from them. We got married last year and never felt that we are recently married because of her.
    I am not angry with her. I used to think that it will be good to stay together but now if relations should last longer with my husband or my in laws, it is better to live seperately.
    Before marriage they told my parents and all of their own relatives that they’ll live seperately and now they forgot that and decided to stay with us permenantly.
    Till date I never complained this to my husband or never spoke a single word harshly to my MIL. I have kept things to myself and now i couldnt hold it any longer.
    Please solve my problem by giving me a mantra that works soon.
    Also all these situations are showing a great impact on my career and I am not able to progress in that. Please suggest a remedy for this as well

  54. lakshmi
    take the flower remedies AGRIMONY WILLOW CHERRYPLUM daily.

    • Thank You sir. Though I couldnt take the flower remedies, I am chanting Lalitham Lambodaram and it helped me a lot in coming out of many critical problems. I am also using the switch words suggested by you. I am chanting BOW CONCEDE REVERSE BE TINY TOGETHER DIVINE from sometime and have to wait for some more time. Kindly let me know if there is anything more that can be done to avoid staying with my inlaws as this is becoming a very big problem day by day.

      • lakshmi,
        why could you not take the flower remedies?
        The more and more you want to keep your in laws away, your dislike will attract them towards you.

  55. amshula,
    sir am being separated with my husband due to my in laws.my in laws have ill treated me and my parents.especially his mother has separatd us only for the sake of his money.please help my husband realise the true facts.

  56. Namaste Sir,
    Me and my husband are in great financial crisis all of a sudden and we need huge money(in lakhs) in coming months to repay the loans. I dont like borrowing it from our relatives. Please advice if there is any remedy to overcome or to get money to meet the situation.

  57. sanjay kumar dey

    my wife don’t likes me.she developed a culture of hatred, use to fight with me, use to say vulgur words and whole day use to blame me. Our relation is going towards separation. For the present situation her family is totally responsible and still supporting her plz tell me what to do to get her back like before so she should always be mine and should hate her family and live peacefully With me

  58. sir my inlaws nd husband are torturing me.pls help.husband is listining to my mom in law.

  59. My inlawas control my husband.husband talks nicely to me only when he wants money from me. Iam working. He doesnt share anything with me. He loves only his parents and his sister. his Sister is very cunnning. In front she will talk nicely. She is a back stabber. Iam working and do all the cooking ob at home. Sister in law is a house wife but she comes to my house every otherday for eating. When we go to her house she gives only tea. Nver calls us for food. I dont like her coming to my house frequently like almost every day. Please help me. Tell me some mantra to stop her coming to my house.

  60. Namaskram Naranji….. earlier also i have sent a message …… please give me solution …. as i am in loads of loans and some money lenders are literally torturing me…. i want to clear the loans very soon…. pls give me a solution..

  61. Naran sir

    this is very common problem girls suffering from inlaws husband not listening
    pls post some common article

  62. Namaskaaram Naranji,
    I and my husband are separated for more than 2 years. We are at the family court, my husband is fighting for divorce for almost 2 years. To survive at the court i also had to put some cases on him , but not purposely.We lived together for 1 year after marriage.But after 1 year with the child’s birth we lived separated and again reunited for another 1 and half years.Now for more than 2 years it is full seperation. We also have a child of 4 years. Thinking of her future i would like to live together. But my husband and his family had made all problems from the beginning, finds one way or the other to get separated . He does-not listen to any person under earth excepting his mother and sister. They wont give him good advises too.Please help me overcome these N number of cases immediately, and also to overcome the divorce.

  63. My name is anuradha. My husband likes his sister much. He listen what ever she say and he fellow her words.he share every thing with her but he never share with me. Please tell me how can I get my husban

  64. anuradha,
    chant together divine

  65. Pranam Naranji,

    M 4 months pregnant, is there any mantra that I can chant to have a healthy and wise baby. I want to have a divya child with blessings of God.

    My husband is having some financial issues, huge amount was due on last month but he is still waiting for the amount. Please help me on this as well.

    • Asawari,

      1)All pregnant women can chant “TOGETHER DIVINE”.
      They can write in a paper the Bach Flower Remedies – “ELM, SWEET CHESTNUT, HORNBEAM, WALNUT, RED CHESTNUT” and keep it under the pillow.

      The names of Bach flower remedies can be written in a notebook daily for 21 times.
      By keeping the hands on the Hara Chakra (situated below the belly button), one can chant TOGETHER DIVINE.

      2)And read this ..

      3)Listen bach flower medtitation cd daily throughout the pregnancy.(listen through speaker)
      Get this CD from centre.

  66. Naran Ji,
    Namaste! Its been 1 yr since i got married. am pregnant now. undergoing 4th month. since my wedding, i faced so many problems. my MIL keeps talking so badly about me to my husband. she complains, screams, dominates, scolds. we stayed together in a joint family initially. but me and my husband lack understanding coz of his mother. only after few months i came to know thru my FIL dat my MIL is a hysterical patient. i tolerated all her nonsense for sometime. but she started blaming me for EVERYTHING and my parents came to know these. now me and my husband have moved into a nuclear family. but still her hatredness towards me and my family has not reduced. my husband and his mother take same side and insults me and my parents to extreme. my parents cannot bear this and they also begin to get involved. my MIL pesters my husband to divorce me now. she says him dat he deserves a better partner. he loved me. but i doubt if he loves me now.he says he has no soft corner for me now. he also began to blame and complain me. he argues to the core. he is so stubborn and never gives. he and his mother always demands apology from me for everything, i don restrict him from talking to his mother, but i break down wen i get to know dat dey discuss about me. only negatives. i cannot bear it sir. even at this stage they don wan me to stay peacefully. i don want divorce. i don want my parents and his parents to interfere in our married life. wat shud i do?

  67. Naran ji!
    Namaste. there r ppl around me who keep comitting some mistakes. they don realise the mistakes. they only keep continuing. problems keep arising as they don realise. is there any remedy to make one realise their mistake?

  68. A friend of mine took a loan on intrest i convinced by husband and gave him money after that i found out this fellow is a big educated cheat who also had been to police lock up and is now absconding i lost total money i gave and am helpless i cant face my husband who had accepted the fact silently did not say me anything but it pains to be cheated so badly my trust is lost i contacted his family his wife says shes divorcing her husband because of his issues and has nothing to do pl help me if i could get the money safely with no court cases or issues i was a fool to have trusted and now feel helpless.

  69. Naren sir,

    My mother in laws blackmails us a lot, every single action should go on her wish else she will go out of home uninformed for some days which creates lots of tension at home, me and my husband are helpless. My husband is the only son and my father in law is no more, so we cant leave her alone also. But its quite difficult to stay with her. How can we solve this issue. Eventhough we dont want to stay with her, we are forcefully staying. Everyday has turned out to be a hell. Is their any remedy for this problem?

    • Anu,
      chant “ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW” as many time as possible
      chant “I m sorry pls forgive me love thanks divine” thinking about your MIL …200 times

  70. Dear Naren Sir,

    My Husband is a very hard worker ( sincere, smart and dedidcated to his work and company) and was doing good professionally but past year has not been good. He did not get any promotion or a salary hike ( which he deserved ) and has been depressed about it. He has finally quit the job but has not got any job. There have been couple of interviews which went on well but the job offer is not materialising because of some reasons. Please let me know some chants where I can help him to come of this crisis and let him have peace and stabilty both professionally and personally. Thank you Sir for taking time to help us out.

  71. Hi sir,
    29th may 2013 is my marriage date.That day onwards no happiness in my life.His sister interfer in all matters which we both has to take.To where I have to go, what to do every thing but I followed all what ever she told.Now she is telling” if you are pregant come to native place , my brother will stay in hostel”.actually my husband will go to US this october.Then i have to stay alone for 3 years with out my husband.my husband will listen her words what ever she saysu.she will tell about me to my husband every thing what ever I tell to her. I treated her like my sister but she not treated like that.she is tring to create negeative opinion on me to my husband.He never loves me. He always scolds me. Please tell any mantra to get my husband love and to stop interferance of his sister.How to stop my husband sharing every matter with her sister and to shares with me

  72. Sir
    Im chanting gorse impatiens scleranthus, but still not get admission.school is saying no admission is open for ukg.
    What to do, school where admission is open their fee structure is very high.
    Help me sir

  73. namaste!
    i am 20 weeks pregnant now. am diagnosed with gestational diabetes. can you give me some remedies for it?

  74. Sir,
    My MIL controls and dominates over me like anything. I cannot do anything without her knowledge. I have lost my freedom and happiness since marriage. I want to stay away from her. My FIL too supports her blindly. Is it possible to make them live permanently with their other son who is settled abroad? Pls help. I m fed up completely.

  75. sir,
    am pregnant and very happy with my husband. we are living in gulf country, sir am facing some problem related to my in laws.., they are very good human beings but the way they do partiality is really unbearable, my sister and me are married in same house ,our husbands are brothers, both brothers are very innocent, sir they had one big brother too who is no more now,but his wicked and cunning wife left her kid with my in laws.and got married with some one else…
    now this is the actual problem ,their way of upbringing that child is very wrong ,that child is very bad in behavior ,clever,cunning and very very stubborn.she steals things for our rooms but my in laws don’t say a single word to that kid… they says that she is a small child that’s it.which is very wrong.
    my in laws are very partial with my sisters child and i am also going to face dis..
    my mother in law is getting good amount of pension but still she wants more money from us for that child…
    she cant understand our problems..
    she wants that every thing should be done and given to that child.
    she thinks that we have lots of money but we don’t have any savings.we have just started our life.
    she cannot understand that we are also going to have baby,our family
    its very heart breaking to bear this partiality and that kid.
    please tell some way so that ,that child go back to her mother.. leaving my in laws..

  76. Sir, im married more than one year. Arrange marriage. I love my husband and his family. Until today my husband good to me. But i dont have any ideas why his parents doesnt behave as what they promised before the wedding arrangement. They separated me from my parents & siblings. They never even allowed me and husband to spend time together. They wanted me to follow what ever they said and blame me for anything happend even between them and their children. I am like a maid in this house. Every day they talk behind me. Every day they scolded me for no reason at all. Im stress.. they mentally disturbs me. They always hurt me with the harsh words. Im not happy at all sir. Im a graduate. I have to resign my job also because of them. I follow all their inatruction but why still they put me in trouble. Sir, please help me. I need freedom in my life together with my husband.

  77. DEWI

  78. Dear sir,
    I am not happy because of my mother in law and sister in law…my husband supports them a lot.even if they huet me or scold me also he says I m only doing mistake.my husband has to hear my words and understand me and hear my words…please help me..he is very attached with his mother, so he is not listening my words and supporting her

  79. Dear sir,
    I’m a medical student & I have to study more. But I’m having disturbance from my room mate & others who are coming to her. They make noise too much. My room mate also making noise & even when I’m sleeping I wake up in late nights because of her door closing sounds & etc. I want to get rid of these things. Please help me. I want to have a nice good environment without bad friends. Even I have said them don’t do like that.

  80. Dear Sir,

    I have been married and my wife and in laws lied to me on her health and other issues, we wanted a clean simple marriage, they wanted a loud one. now my in laws are creating issues and my wife is not willing to settle at my place.. post my marriage i lost my father within a month , lost my job within six months and because of my wife’s unsettling nature , .. they are threatening me and trying false legal cases… i am sick of all this trouble and looking at a solution to get rid of her now… the last 8 months or so have been very troublesome… there has been no peace and we have no happiness in our house.. me and my family were very happy before she came… do suggest me a remedy for removing my wife from my house… af

  81. Krisshna Prasad

    My daughter behaves extremely rude and arrogant. She does not hear good advice given to her in her professional and marriage problems. She treats us as enemies, always causing mental stress to us. Please advise

  82. Hello sir,
    my husband hav no interest in me now we had a love marriage but now he think that i hav smbody else in my life that is not true we hav a 3 yrs of daughter we loves her so much but our has finished now i love him so much what shud i do to get back his love towards myself

  83. I m in too much depression. Situations with my husband and in laws get worse than every last year. I was was very happy earlier. but my jethani did something that she became best and I became worst in the eyes of all…may be some tantra mantra. My husband always care for others rather than his wife and children. Even he doesn’t like to share anything or give financial or emotional support to us.but for other family members he is is very caring. Whenever I try to let him understand or want to talk to him it changes into major quarrels. Please give me solid and right solution.

  84. My husband had an argument with my son-in-law. And now he is not talking to him and our daughter. The whole situation is effecting my health. My husband doesn’t want me to talk to our daughter . I miss our grand children a lot . Please give me solution

  85. hi sir,
    my name is anuradha.my husband never given a value to me.he listens his sisters words.at present their is misundering and queralling between my husband and my father related to dowry.for my sake what father doing is seems to be correct .when i supporting my father he getting angry on me.he telling whether you want me or your father.i must never go to my father house and not to talk to them.how can i live without them.please tell me any solution to change my h
    husband behaviour

  86. sir please reply me what to do. Now iam 9 months 15 days pregnant.due to this problem i am getting high bp and lot of tensiom.i love my husband and my father a lot.please kindly help me sir.

  87. Akeshwari phadke

    Hello sir,
    I read most of the things on this page and would like to have solution to my problems as well, I hope u shall consider them.
    Sir,firstly I am unable to pay money for my new flat,secondly there are duties given to apart from school work, which I didn’t want to do,so are there mantras that will solve all my problems.I am expecting my first child after 5 years of marriage and the stress and tension is having effect on my health badly.
    Waiting eagerly for your reply. Thankyou

  88. I want my husband to quit alcohol and his best friend permanently as this so called friend is a chameleon in disguise and is responsible for our separation

  89. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Best of luck.

  90. Dear Sir,

    I have the same problem with my in-laws. My husband always listens to his parents,sisters and brother. They keep on telling bad about me everytime and my husband believes what ever they say to him. whoever tells he listens to them only and ignores me everytime. We are completed 5 years of marriage. in those 5 years we live only 2 years for complete. everytime he leaves me and never listens to me never believe me in every matter. His family pressured him to file a divorce petition and through judge compromise us and told us to live together for sometime. we lived 4 months happy. but again my MIL keeps on drilling my husband’s mind for simple small issues and my husband also keeps on listens to his mother he never cross the line of his mother words. one day for small issue my MIL made a big issue and made my husband to beat me. and i left the house with wounds on the body. with coming outside of my MIL’s house I am pregnant I didn’t noticed it. my husband again filed a divorce petition against me and now I am 7 months pregnant. I keep on trying to call him and email him he never respond to me. he left to USA for job with his mother. daily I am sending emails to him and begging to please love this baby. He even ashamed to tell this baby is his own to the relatives. what should I do Sir? I want him to call me or speak to me with love immediately and responds to my email. I want him to come to me immediately and love this baby. Is there anyway that I can change his mind about leaving me and divorcing me. I want him to change his mind and love me and my baby. Suggest me something sir.

  91. my name is kavitha,i want to get my husband’s affection. His mother has separated us .now I am alone at my mom’s house. Due to his mom he is not caring our 8 months baby also. I am not happy at all for past 1 yr. my in-laws are demons sir. I am in distress. Could you please help me out?

  92. Guru ji I have a health problem monthly twice or once I get urine infection my life full of misery please guru ji any mantra to cure completely ji.

  93. Namaste sir,
    My name is jyothi we completed twelve years of marriage life but I had no kids for that my husband daily scolrs bad words anr also beats me now he left me .now he is going to get second marriage. But i don’t want to get separated from him as I love him a lot. Sir please tell me a remedy to chant so that my husband comes back to me and look after me with love and affection

  94. Sir one more question I Have a problem in conceive that is low amh levels and rightk side tube damaged. For that which spell words helps me to get coceive

  95. Dear sir,
    my mother in law and sister in law are not allowing my husband to be happy with me. They tell bad about my family and trying to separate him from me. I am helpless. I have a child and he doesn’t care what is happening in the house. As I am working, I am unable to handle the situations.Please suggest me a mantra to make my husband understand me.

  96. Sir, i m facing too much problems due to my husband n their parents from my marriage. My husband is having faith in black magic because of his sister in law’s attitude. But his brother is very clear n lead a beautiful life with his wife though she is not in good relationship with his family. But my husband is having bad concepts about me that i ll do the same to his mother. Basically he is good but misguided by his parents. Now he sent me n my child to my mother’s home. Even he doesn’t call me n ask about our child. He finds faults in each n every actions of mine with his parents. Because of his parents i even resigned my job. My parents are in heavy stress. I couldnt take care of my child because of this issue. I came to know about ur site while browsing. I hope u ll tell remedy for my problem. Please send me remedy to protect my n my child’s life from my in laws n to make my husband to get out of his black .agic concepts. Thank u sir.

  97. hi sir.
    1 year got married.
    me and my husband always fight…our validity is only 1 month. aft dat same fight…he always his mother’s words…v both don hav patience. no understanding….he is azospermea and diabetic…stil I want to live wid him…but he sent me my mother home…now we are separated…got 1month….please give a solution sir as early as possible….suffering a lot here…cant express. …

  98. Hi,
    Myself Abhishek bose 30 years old I love a girl Vidhya she is kannada and am bengali we had all physical relation we were in love for 4 months as I returned back from home she changed completely she was avoiding me telling people talk bout us so maintain distance I cried but she never listened yesterday she blasted and slang me telling I spread rumours bout our relation nw really I hate her jus want to make her realised hw much I luv her which she never unstnd I dun want back just to teach her a lesson that’s it

  99. Sir, Please help me, i need some one to help me from my problems, from the day i got married there are problems and fights ocuured between my parents and in laws and this led to fight between me and my husband and it went to such extent that having a girl baby, he never came to c my baby and i decided to get seperated but again after many problems and difficulties faced now i am with my husband from past 9 months along with my in laws, but my in laws does not leave us to be happy and my mother in law treats me like a enemy, my husband does not understand about his parents. during my marriage my father got stoke and he is bedridden now, there is no peace and happiness in my life and my daughters life after marriage, plz we need to get seperated from my in laws or my in laws should leave us and go seperately either to leave with their elder son, this should happen in a good way. and because my in laws cannot take care of my baby, i have left my 1 yr daugther in my mothers home to take care as i am working even then my mother in law does not understand the pain of a woman who leaves her child for the sake of them. please i beg u that u can solve my difficulties in life.

  100. Naran sir, my jhethani always keep an evil eye on my daughter, and if I will say anything to my husband or family, they won’t believe. Whenever my daughter went to her she cries, she will not look at me, she will not respond on my voice. How to deal with this problem?

  101. Hi sir,
    Since from my marriage I am facing problems, I dont have peace and happiness bcoz of my in-laws they always hurt me by their words, i did not like to stay in joint family pls suggest me mantra to stay separate from them and my husband should support me waiting for your reply

  102. sir I have very much in trouble, I could not able to survive, I have lot of financial problems, I could not able to return money back, and right nobody will believe, and even get any financial adjustment is not possible to solve these problems / how I will come out from these problems, please give any solution for me.
    thanking you sir,


  103. Im suffering wit my married life 4 d past 15yrs my in laws n all his fren oni he will listen n spend most of d time eit them outside

    He alwez fight fight wit me witout any reason
    n suddenly he will nvr talk to me for mths n it wil go on n on until nw.

    He was hving an affair 4 d past 4yrs wit a woman wic i dunt kbow abt it until i found out in 2012.

    Im a vry outspoken person n trusted him so much in life. I knew my husband at d age of 17yrs old.

    Pls help


  104. Dipeeka upadhyau

    I want to seprate from my in laws.because of my mother in law.

  105. Namaste guru ji. ..my problem is that my 3year daughter is very stubborn. She has no control on her anger. She threw things n even hits me , her father, everyone who doesn’t listen to her. If she wants something dat thing shud b immediately available to her otherwise she cries like hell n doesn’t allow me to do any work .i hv tried everything wenever I scold her she starts crying so loud dat other family members takes her away from me n thinks dat I m hitting my daughter. .All dis making me mad I feel so irritated.i love her a lot n I want my daughter to be a good calm girl. Please help..give me some mantra to calm my daughters anger n her stubborn nature.

  106. Namaste guru ji. ..dis is my reminder msg. .plz help me

  107. Namaste Guruji, I had a big fight with my in laws . It has been 3 months I did not speak with them…but I want to be one among them ….My uncle supported me and so they are very angry with him and trying to disconnect me from my uncle’s family. Please give me a mantra to resolve all this and live peacefully.

  108. My in-laws should be taught a lesson sir. For that my husband should listen to me only because that much I have been killed by them every second from the day of my marriage. Kindly say a remedy for this please.

  109. monika sharma

    sir my husband is less cared about me.We gt married last year bt rather lived peacefully for one month.He always listen to his parents.I am born and bought up in city n he is in village.His thinking is very narrow minded and he doesn’t spend a penny on our life.Merely we are living as strangers at one roof.He thinks ma parents are enemy for him as they support me..plz tell me what to do

  110. monika sharma

    sir my husband is less concernef about me.We gt married last year bt rather lived peacefully for one month.He always listen to his parents.I am born and bought up in city n he is in village.His thinking is very narrow minded and he doesn’t spend a penny on our life.Merely we are living as strangers at one roof.He thinks ma parents are enemy for him as they support me..plz tell me what to do

  111. monika sharma

    sir my husband is less concerned about me.We gt married last year bt rather lived peacefully for one month.He always listen to his parents.I am born and bought up in city n he is in village.His thinking is very narrow minded and he doesn’t spend a penny on our life.Merely we are living as strangers at one roof.He thinks ma parents are enemy for him as they support me..plz tell me what to do

  112. Meri shadi next year hone wali hai. Mere fiancee meri ijjat nh karte h or na hi mere pariwar ki. Jab bhi me unhe apni.koi bhi taklif koi pareshani khti hu to avoid kr d ete h mne bhoot mushkilo se apne pariwar is shadi k liye manya h ab me kya karu

  113. Problem wit husband 4 d past 15yrs mum in law brother n his wife tis ar d ppl bothering my life until nw n frens ar all d same. My husband full of ego n stubborn. Stone head men

    Pls help


  114. Hi sir

    Please give remedy to get car and more money
    I am not getting job
    I have some problem in my career

  115. My mother in law has become a worst enemy of my life. She is unable to resist my husband and me staying together. She teaches him all nonsense things on me. She hates me my father and my mother so much. She even abuses my father and mother. She needs all my husbands little bit of salary whatever he earns. She daily tortures me so much. I have decided to suicide .

    • hetal jhaveri

      My husband, mother and father in law has become a worst enemy of my life. She teaches him all nonsense things on me. She hates me my father and my mother so much. She even abuses my father and mother. She needs all my husbands little bit of salary whatever he earns. She daily tortures me so much. I have decided to suicide

  116. Hello Sir
    My husband has not been talking to me past 10 days, and he does not wish to talk to me forever. He is headstrong once he decides he follows it. Give me a powerful mantra which will make him forget the past sorrows n start talking to me n start life fresh with me.

  117. Kawaljeet kaur

    Hi there were so many problems between my husband & I. Now I am trying to join a dell company but not able to clear final round now waitng fr approval so that I can give the final round again please help me to get the approval and I can clear that

  118. kanchan bathla

    i am not interested in marriage becoz i love someone else but my father is forced mee please tell me solution to stop this marriage because i am very stressed and fed up about marriage conversation

  119. Thiripurasundari

    I want to get my husband’s affection. His mother
    played double game between us and separated. he believing his mom as blind but she expecting only money from him. but he never understand that . he always depend his mom for everything. now I am alone at my mom’s
    house past 10 months. Due to his mom he is not seen my new born baby till now and 2 years baby also . I am not happy at all from my marriage onwards. he should know about his mom’s real face and he should understand me
    Could you please help me out?

  120. sir,
    i was seperated from my husband for the past 10 years, now i am at my mothers home, i stayed @ my husbands home for only 2 years, they send me out without giving me a proper reason, at first they expect for more dowry, now they want only divorce. i love my husband very much, i don’t know why he left me and neglecting me. please help me .still i am waiting for him

  121. Sir
    We are facing a problem in our family for past few years. Actually I married a girl from my relation. My mother did not like her family. But She accepted only for me. I went back to abroad after marriage and i come to native once in a year or twice. But after marriage, problem begun. My mother was finding and creating problems on every occasions. I dont know, the problem is with my mother or my wife and family. Really i love both of them. even i love my mother more than my wife. but nowadays, my mom things that i will go to my father-in-law home and i will not come back and i will not take care of them and i am giving money to my father-in-law’s home every month. Actually i dont have such an idea and i will not go to father-in-law home nowadays also. After marriage i went to their home for twice or thrice.But i helped them to come out from their loans. My mother is having problem not only with me, with my father, brother and sister and even with her own sisters. Two years before, my family was unity and happy. Nowadays, there is no happy moments. She is speaking and making us angry. I controlled myself all the time. even i didnt ask my mom about the problems once. But my brother, father, Sister, Sister-in-law and my wife everybody saying something about her. One day i made a sin myself. there was an argument with my mother and my wife. I lost my control and out of mind, I beat both of them my mother and wife. I cried everyday and i was worrying everyday about it. i Know i made a sin. I dont know how to come out from that. I asked sorry to mother. after few days,i returned back to abroad. But afterwards, she is not talking to me properly. But everyday i should talk to my mom otherwise i cant sleep. Thing is My mom is having problem with everyone father, brother, sister. I am only person talking to her regularly. Now me also having problem with her. I afraid to loss her. My mother and father are not in good health also. Few years back i was hopless and useless. Everybody was thinking about me that He will not come up in life. Now I am ok with my financial condition. I am helping my brother and sister. My mother used to say this they wont help you if you will be in trouble. So, save some money for yours. I dont know what is happening in my family. Few years back we are unite and happy. Please help my family to come out from this problem. I want my family back as a unite. Please..

  122. Pls help me..my son is very sick..his health is sinking day after day.. I can’t see him like that.please suggest any remedy

    • Hello

      My name is Sonia my sis did something to my mother which she only listen to her no matter what ever she does let it gd or bad my my mither will listen to her whtever she say let it be fd or bad .pls help me is there any mantra i can chant

      Regards Sonia

  123. My husband doesn’t listen to me, doesn’t share my feelings, listens only to his brothers and sisters who give them bad advice, doesn’t love me and my children, beats me because of his brother. They all should be punished. My husband should not talk with them. No peace of mind. Please help

  124. Vaishnavi charanya

    hi, Iam Vaishnavi. my parents are held in a land problem and they do not have any source of income. Until i was working and not married i was taking care of them. Now that i have been married and left job not able to help financially. I have two brothers where my elder brother is insane and my younger brother earns but does not take care of them. There is no peace and bonding in the family. I want my father to earn and take care of the family. My elder brother should get well and lead a normal life. My younger brother should be bonded with the family and get married. Please help me.

  125. my inlaws took my husband’s money as he is supposed to care for family. Now we dont have anything and they have too much money. we are staying seperately. But they are not helping us. I want my money back from them. please help

  126. Naran sir m UPSC 2015 Exam de rahi hu.
    wo clear hone k liye muze kuch upay bataye.
    i married. M staying in mumbai.
    my sign is Scorpio. Jeshta nakshtra .
    janma diwas wenesday . In mumbai.
    Plsssss guide me. Ye mera last attempt hai.

  127. Hi sir,

    I am under going lot of problems from the day one of my marraige, after 10 yrs of relationship got married,my husband was caring n loving me a lot bf marraige after wedding he dont talk to me properly nor care me sometimes he dont talk for days together, he is totaly controlled by his sister, its been 8 months of marraige but after 3 months of marraige i came back to moms place n not with my hubby. They have torcherd me a lot n dont allow to b with my husband. His wants to control me n him n speaks all dirty langauge on earth to me. I am very scared of those people i start shivering when i think of them. Its been 5 months that am temp seperated from my hubby n he doesnt talk to me nor ansmy call r text. He is very egoistic n his is scaring me that they have seen diff gal for his second marraige. I should write in a paper that my husband family dint do anything it was only my mistake n if amything happens to me its only coz of me n not by them. Then give my jewels n listen to her then only she will allow me inside the house itseems r they will get him married to other gal. How can anybody marry after such long relationship. N my hubby is talking nonsense about me n blaming in all the possible way. I love my husband a lot no matter wat ever he has done. He has cheated behind me in different ways it may b a gal r money r property. He has cheated my family in all these. I dont know how to get back to him. I really wanna lead a happy life with my husband. I want my husband back n talk to me. My inlaws n sis inlaws are very dominating. My hubby dint stand by me no matter how much ever they were abusing asking my jewels asking about property asking for clothes everything. He useto escape leaving me alone when i really wanted him to stand by me. I was working for good pay bf but now i am working for half the pay i was getting as i was not getting job anywhere n was sitting idol n thinking about him. I am not getting emotional support from my family to solve my problem coz theh have treated my family members very badly. Wat ever step i take its back firing me. My 2 sil r not married. They r elder to my hubby. Please help me to get over this problem i need my husband back. Thank u

  128. y u r waisting ur time for hime. u can stand alone. If u have good job. y u r worried. nobody can help u.only of God. u try go meditation yoga and spiritual line .sure i give guarantee to u u can change ur mind peace. In dis world all are selfish. only they want money. No relation,no sympathy, no sincerity. U try to get a good job. I pray for u.All the best.No expectation from others. B bold.B happy. God will guide u. dont waist ur golden time of ur life.

  129. Naran ji, i m staying in mumbai.
    m married. M student.
    me UPSC Exam de rahi hu.
    23 rd Aug UPSC pre exam hai.
    muzw exam kisi bhi halat m clear karani hai.
    ye last attempt hai mere liye.
    meri study properly nahi ho raha hai.
    m bahut te.sion m hu.
    pls help me naren ji.

  130. Hello Naran Ji, I have read all the post and want solution to my problem also. I am married and blessed with a son. I have problem with my in laws. I have a sis in law and two brother in law. Sis in law is separated from his husband but not divorced, elder bro in law does not work and do nothing. And always make excuses for not doing work. Younger bro in law is running his business but his income is zero. My mother and father in law never say a word to their children, never ask them to work or take responsibility and always gets angry with me. They make us responsible for everything, like expenses etc. They have made home in home town. I want them to be there for always… i want to keep them away from me,my husband and my son (specially my elder bro in law and sis in law). My husband is also not with me, he always fights with me because of his family and never listens to me. I am worried about my and my son’s future. Please help me…..

  131. Me and my husband are separated from last 7 months and he did not want me back in his life but I love him a lot and want him back. I am living with my parents now. I want to go back.please help me and suggest some remedy

  132. Sir
    Idont want to live with my in laws.they are torturing me for last 11 years mentally. I want to live with my husband and kid separately. Pl help

  133. sir
    i lost my husbands affection i cant live without him now am staying with ma parents please help me out to get my husbands affection back on me please sir hell is going out with me sir

  134. Sir, my name is anitha and my husband name is k.Uday Kiran reddy. He is suffering with health problem from past 2years. He got curvical mylopathi surgery which is done on back of neck 8 months back but still he dint recover he get seviour pain on neck and total spine he can’t sit for more time physiotherapy is going on and he is bp and suger patient and after this surgery hardly he is going to office and almost he is house arrest and mostly I am doing every thing for him and now doctor is saying another surgery needed how much it benefits no idea but he is not interested in surgery because it is little bit risk but the pain is unbearable and he is facing problem while walking so he is feeling depression and he is govt emp so going to office is must and he invested in business to make life to my brother and cousin he brought loan also to develop business. it takes time to clear all loans actually for us job is enough but he want to make life to my cousin and at the same time we have only daughter and he thought to give good life to my daughter so he started business and all did lot of hardwork and the business is fine only tension to clear loans if he is actve everything will be simple and we have only daughter now she is 18yrs old so we have her education and marriage responsibility so he became helpless because of health problem so pls sir show me the wake so that his health will improve and becomes normal person without any surgery and my another problem is my daughter her name is k.Prashamsa and she is doing b.tech 2nd yr in cbit college Hyderabad and use to study well during school time she use to have high goals but she came to inter she neglected her studies and even my husband is sick so I can’t able to be with her to guide her in studies and she slowly diverted her interest to architech or painting but because of our problems she couldn’t share anything with us and she is clever girls only but during that time every thing was so confused so she dint given enough time for studies and she got 84 percent so every one treated her average student but actually she is too clever with lot of brain but our bad luck so we took nri seat in cbit engineering college wr she joined little bit late so again same problem missed lot of classes lectures will treat her hill because she is nri girl and no friends but she had some sr students as hdf friends and she participated in extra curricular things like fest etc and got good name but the main problem is her own classesmates will not like her and lectures will think that she is average girl and for showing interest in extracurricular is waste of time so they hate and talk with her very rude so she have to attend classes for attenndece sake but with no friends and with sycbo lectures it is difficult to attend classes and she is crying lot she want to stop study I can understand her problem but studies are important now she have to complete 4yrs engineering course so pls show me some way so that my daughter will have good friends in her class and there won’t be any problem from lectures and she can attend classes with peace of mind and must complete engsring with good marks my only intension she should be happy without any problem all should love her and she should get good education and good carrier and good life I can’t she if she cries so sir my life became tension with this problems I am happy only if my daughter and husband are happy so pls tell me the remedies I am ready to do any pooja on behalf them so pls help me and show solution to my problems

  135. I m Y.Tejaswini i want my husband’s love . My husband will listen to his mother only his mother separated us .now I am staying in my parents house since 2 years he is not caring me and my daughter also. I am not happy at all for past 2 years. I am in depression.everyone in their family listens to my mother in law only please do me a favour or give any solution.

  136. hello sir
    now days i m suffering from the depression due to we have a court case with our tennats n they are are not ready to empty our house .& demanding for the money …n after 3 months i m geeting married so i m too much worried bout my parents ….kindly provide me any mantra through which they can go away from our house .

  137. I am sick of my in-laws. father-in law, mother -in law and brother in-law. Ours is love marriage n they dont respect me at all and always tries to improve their image in front of their daughter (my wife eyes)and make my image bad. i want to get rid of in laws n also make sure she is loosing attachment towards them n starts caring n loving me naturally………..

  138. Me & my hus r living separately since 9 months. I ve two small daughters & my husband dint evn came to see small dghtr who is new 6 months. My mil bil & one more person hv washed my hus brain. He is not ready to keep me nd my dghtrs. My mil do tantr mantra nd ve given my hus smthg to eat. Now the case is gng on in women cell and court I dnt want divorce and need patch up. But with self respect. Every time my husband & mil comes for hearing they abuse me and my parents. My hus dnt evn cares for my elder dghtr.
    Please help and suggest something

  139. Tharmeni Narendran

    Dear Sir,
    I am still in debt with some people. I have been paying off but somehow it does not seem to end. I am losing hope and I want these people to stop calling or asking me to pay as I dont have any avenues to pay them. I have tried talking to them but to no avail. I am really desprate for a solution as I will be moving and dont want them to harras me anymore. I am contanly living in fear due to this. Pls do let me know what to do. tq

  140. Sir…my problem is typical… I’m in love from past 2yrs… He loves me alot…but problem is that 5yrs back in 2009… He was in love with one mre girl but died in an accident… before she took oath from him that he must her sister… but he doesn’t like to that… he want to marry me… now that girl’s sister is threatening him…that f doesn’t marry her also along wth me she ll commit suicide.. Finally our 2 lifes are ruined..now he is saying he ll becom bishop n asking me to become non.. I imagined a lovable life.. really dont knw what to do…i need him Sir…plz suggest me something to divery that girl’s mind from him n to convince him to marry me

  141. Sir, My husband do all the work of the shop..his dad always scolds him..my inlaws are vry swt in frnt of me bt they always do complaints to my parents without any reason..they always try to find mistakes in me..I had a miscarriage earlier bcz of my mother inlaws deeds.. at dat time i used to do all the household works… no rest.. now doctor prescribed me rest.. bt my inlaws started makng stories..nd always try to make me do any sort of work… i am completely fed up.. my husband is vry swt nd nyc.. I jst want dat v shld get seperatd nd my husband should get his share from property… plz suggest me something… m going in depression..

  142. I have literally pissed of by my sister in law…I don’t want my husband to spk with her…He is behaving so rudely with me…He is not speaking properly with me.I need your help.please create enemity between sister n brother.

  143. My husband is not caring me and my baby properly.He is not worried for anything.His sister is spoiling our relationship.I want to create enemity between my husband and his sister.Please help me

  144. My son never listens to me. He is fully manipulated by my daughter in law. He even gave physical torture to me and my husband. We have one grandson too. We love him so much but they left home. We are alone, feels lonely… I peace and bring them back to home with all love. Please help us with an easy solution.

  145. Dear sir
    My brother is a angry person. He breaks some goods when gets angry and spents money unnecessarily.
    Please suggest me how to control him

  146. My mother in law is making my life hell. She has captivated me from my own life
    She is making me dance according to her. And shouts on me for every silly reason. I am dying everyday and my sisters in law are also supporting her please help me

  147. sir i have so much problem with my co sister and family ps help

  148. hi i keep on staying worried these days. People dnt give much importance to my words. I want people should give importance to my views and listen to my suggestions. Even workers my inlaws family my husband he loves me a lot but same think m an immatured person n dnt give importance to my words. Please suggest something sir.


  149. 6 months happened after my marriage not even stayed 6 days also in mother in laws home.. in these 6 days my MIL torchered me like anything.. she was not allowing me to touch anything in home. not giving food in time. forcing me to eat smelled food. whatever I do she use to speak very badly… she has treated me like worker. i felt like hell in thoes days.. my husband was speaking good in the beginning. once I came to mother home for ashada he has changed completely.. since 5 months he is not calling me. not. ready to speak with me. not ready to c my face. when situation comes to meet he is escaping from that place. if I cl him he won’t response for my cl and text me like this marriage happend forcefully don’t cl me like anything.. but after engagement he was loving me so much don’t know what happened after marriage. in my life facing so many problems thought everything will b fine if i got married.. but unfortunately this life also feeling bad to me. no hopes in life. feeling to die. always thinking about to die.. not getting enough strength to do that.. I just want die…

  150. Naran Ji please suggest me some ways. I want to get rid of this m very emotional and m feeling very depressed.

  151. Dear
    I got mmarriage on 22 aug 2010. Till now we are not living together because of his job. We love eachother. Family support is also there from both sides. But only the issue is we want to live together .

    Please help on this .

  152. Dear sir as there is no other post of vidya plsss suggest the way to change my thinking…

  153. Hi

    My husband is under the police . I want to save him from all police cases.please help

  154. Dear Sir,

    I got married on 8th Sep 2011, as my In Law house was very small so before marriage itself we saw a house for Rent my sister In-Laws only did all Pooja in our new house before marriage but then its been almost 4years now me my husband & my daughter we 3 of them are not able to stay together in that house i.e not even 10days we did all Pooja, Ganapati Homa, Lakshmi Pooja but nothing is working. some or the other problems in that house that is my Daughter will fall sick, myself or my husband will sick or there’ll be fight between me & my husband, so again I had to stay at my moms place its really painful that is after marriage we are not together most of the time I’m at my moms place even they feel bad because me & my daughter are not able to stay together. I even told my Husband come lets change this house but he’z not agreeing. If I’m at my moms place my husband talks to me nicely over the phone but when we are together it might be simple talk but that will lead to big fight. Hence please suggest me what I should so that my Husband, my Daughter & myself we all 3 should stay together in that house happily & peacefully with out any fights.

  155. dear sir,
    iam studying bsc 1st year….actually iam leaving in my sister’s house hyd ….when my sister is not there in my home i called my friends to home we enjoyed alot…dats k but after 2 weeks my sister suddenly check d gold in her lock then one earrings r not there its worth is 2lakhs …..my sister asked me where is my rings i said i dnt know….and i also asked my frnds if u robbed dat rings pls give me back otherwise my life will lost pls…dis like i asked but they told me dat we r ur frnds we dnt want blame u….sry we dnt know really..they said…actually my sister thinking dat i only robbed dat one…how iam? really i was shocked y she is asking like dat …….till today also she is thinking dat iam d robbery iam totally feeling so sad while listening d words of my sis…actually my sis husband is also staying at our home…iam totally douted at her husband ……….finally i want to know d who is robbery…pls will u give d syptoms of d person of robbery pls

  156. hello sir, i need your help. my husband is very short tempered and cunning. what ever i say he always misunderstand my words. He forced me to leave job and now torturing me. he is not talking to me nicely, always angry and no concern towards me. I was so much ill, requested him to take me hospital but he didnt reply and went to his sisters place for party. Now all these things are bothering me. lost all hopes as he has no feelings, no concern, no humanity towards me. I am very depressed. Pls help as without love and communication this relation will end.

  157. Namaste Guruji,

    My son is in 12th std and his final exams are approaching, it is scheduled in Feb 16. He has totally lost his concentration.and interest in his studies. Due to which he does not remember his material. We tried every possible way to overcome this, but no use. It is a kind request to you to help us to improve his concentration and develope interest in his study and score good marks. Please, please help . Thanks

  158. Can u please please suggest something I can do in place of my husband as he doesn’t like my parents and hates them.please anything so the misunderstandings and ego clashes die and they would adjust please help me.

  159. Can u please please suggest something I can do in place of my husband as he doesn’t like my parents and hates them.please anything so the misunderstandings and ego clashes die and they would adjust please help me.waiting for the reply

  160. Hi Guruji have been married for 2 years we both me and my nusband facing lots of financial problems also am unable to clear my debts please suggest.

    thank you

  161. Hi Guruji have been married for 2 years we both me and my husband facing lots of financial problems also am unable to clear my debts please suggest.

    thank you

  162. I am not at all peaceful. My heart beats faster..also i have had tachycardia (high palpitations) 5-6 times in the past 12 years of married life. My heart, brain & total health was too good before marriage. Now because of my mil & sil who annoyed me too much, i am inly thinking about them (their cunningness) 24×7, while in the temple, while taking bath, while cooking, while on a picnic tour to nice scenic place…anywhere & everywherw whatever i do. I keep on cursing them using filthy words. Sometimes, i speak to my husband in a raised tone using filthy language scold my mil & sil. Got beaten by him many times for this. Child is also getting affected. Whenever my sil sees us (evil eye) that year i surely get affected by high heart rate problem. Her eye affects her own mom & dad & many others. Everyone knows about it. Seen many times & i am not feeling guilty to say this as i am very sure that her (my sister in law’s ) bad thoughts & evil eye only affecting everyone & its affecting me more as she feels im her competitor also she compares herself with me in everything. She is too jealous & my mil, fil & bil everyone does wrong thing obliging her. My mil & fil totally changed to bad. They’re irreversible. I am always thinking about them. I must not think about them. This is what i want immediately as im suffering with palpitations & bad anger (shouting alone at home when there’s no one), developing mental problems. Please help.

  163. Dear sir
    I requested my boss to increase my salary
    But he increased only 500 bit requested for dhs 1000/ I am living n working in Dubai
    Now he is not talking about anything
    Iam under Too much financial pressure
    Sir please help with good mantras rswitch words to get other 500 quickly without asking him

  164. Sir my mother in low is making toomuch problem . She dosent want me she want only her son (my husband) .and my husband also the same he wants only his mother he dosent want me and my kid
    sir can u plz help me .how can i over come the situation .

  165. my both in laws nd my whole joint family troubles suppress nd play all sort of games no put all blames on me never love nor respect me how much ever I do work respect nd listen to them last thing I’m blamed to core if do 99 perfect work by chance miss 100 th only one mistake over im bad I’m fed up please help

  166. My mil is trying to seperate me n my husband and my son is 3years she teaches him some wrong things so I don’t allow her to take him anywhere my husband always compiains about this to me saying y u Don send him my mil spoils my name lot to all my family member my in laws always Don treat me good but they will talk such way that all will give sympathy

  167. Namaste Sir,
    I am 27 year old married from 4 years. Ours is love com3 arrange marraige. As the time proceed the spark has gone in our married life even after my continouous efforts. My husband is habituated to bad habits like alcohol, cigar, etc. And he always give the first priority his friends. He don’t hesitate to leave me if I say a word against his friends. Then he give his preference to his parents who always do backstabbing of him. His last preference is me which disappoint me a lot . I want a different home with him where I can serve my hisband n lead my family by my own. My in-laws always interfere in our every discison. My husband never listen to him. Not a single word. I want to decrease his friends’ inteference in our life also. I want him to listen me an feel me special as I do. Please suggest me the solution.

  168. Namaste sir
    My husband is mentally and emotionally torturing . Does not speak to me . Does not want to be with me . He is supporting his side fully . Treating my family like dirt . My life has become lifeless and meaningless . Don’t know what to do ??? His ego anger revengefulness is causing a dent in our relationship . And supported by his family esp mother .
    Please please please help me 😦

  169. Namaste punditji.
    I trust you are well.
    Please help me. I having endless problems with my inlaws esp my mil and my bro in law. They are constantly instigating my husband against me and he only listens to them. My mil has caused probs in my life eversince 1st day I got married. I want them out of my life. I want my husband to see his mothers true evil self. Also my bro in law is in my husbands business..please help me..I don’t want him there. I also have one son abd I want to have another child. Please also give me mantra for that. We are going through so much financial probs and are trying to get a house. Pls help me.

  170. Namaste Punditji
    Please can u help me.
    I truly want to make lots of money and start my own business. I need to be financially stable this year and always. Please open my road. I need a mantra for things to wk out 4 me in the business field financially. I truly want to do we’ll n be successful

  171. my son shreyansh studing in 12th class in commerce wing is intelligent but lacks interst n concentration in his school books. He sleeps most of the time n feels fatigue as he is having hypothyroid and is stressed. He does do any wrriten practice in his studies he has only one month left for final. He can really study above 80% as he knows his subjects well but if he really do hard work now and stays fit. Please guide me so that miracle happen for him n he will be the one happy. This is my first intro with you n i will be blessed.

  172. Sir my mother in law is creating disturbance between us for which we are living separately for one year kindly gv me solution so that my husband will listen me

  173. sir i want freedom from my mother in law.. she used to give me lots of household works and always says complaints.. she simply hurts me by words. i have no happy moments. especially when she is near negative energy passes. she is always in need of money from my husbands pocket., even though she had a job. we have no children yet .please help me sir. give me a reply as soon as possible.

  174. my husband is in America. Woh mere Ko Waha se paise bhi nahi bhejte hain. Pyar bhi dheere 2 kam ho rAha hain. Plz koi aasa mantra bataeye Ki Sab kuch thik ho jae

  175. I want my love back as we are apart from last 2 years.he use to love me a lot,he did a lot for me,he is married person,but my mother and sister didn’t like this relation they tried a lot to destroy my love…now he away from me.I cannot stat without him.pls help at least by staying away he should love me,care and concern for me

  176. Gd Morn Guru Ji.
    We need ur assistance to retrieve our daughter. She is 23yrs old. And has joined some Bad company n has left our home and is currently dealing wit illegal activities. She left a good job n stopped her Degree all cause of her friends bad influence. Please teach us wat we can do to get her back n make her go back to her normal self. Please Help Sir.
    Thank U n God Bless

  177. Namaste swami ji..
    My mother in law is a hurdle in my married life. She always interferes and dominates us. Every one in the family is fed up wid her and dont want to keep her. Even my father in law dont want her. So she comes to us every year n makes our life hell. My hubby too want to send her back but she is stubborn. She is like a black hole takes the energy of the person with him.
    Kindly help me

  178. i am priya i am suffering aa lot with pain where my husband was only 3 months with me , he left me and went out he pushed me from the home when i was pregnant , he listen to my mother in law words only , she told to abort the baby where i was pregnant after 1 month of marriage , he started to say to abort the baby and he used to give the torture and he has put a case i got married on 8.8.2011 , from february 2012 i am alone with my parents home i have a girl baby of 3.6yrs now the case is moving on still from 2011 and now he has applied in the year 2014 for divoerce i want to survive with him i wont give divoerce , i want him to come and join and take the case back , i want to survive with him , i am very much worried day by day

  179. I dont have a calm mind i have a case on 26 feb 2016 at salem i am suppose to go for the case and i am very much worried and scared do no what is going to happen

  180. Swamiji my name is murthy my wife is away from me I want my wife back.her mother separateing us

  181. We have financial mental and physical prblms.

    My husbnd contract on business front has been snatched all our money went in my father in laws dialysis. Now he is dead but still troubling us.

    We hve loan on house gvn by my parents but we are taunted and humiliated by my mother for it.

    We suffered more after helping my brother in his divorce case and today despite struggle we have mental tourtures physical ailment and money just vanishes…please help

  182. My wife is veryrrude n harsh always go out of control, and even my mother complains on this every time, I am not able to manage this, please help me in giving some very good remedy for the above issue.

  183. Namaste guru ji
    I want admission in school for my son.
    But I want sum upay so that my son get admission in school of my choice.

    • Guruji Namaste,
      I have been in financial troubles since ten years.im nt able to come out of that n been multiplying my burden with finance.there s no peace of mind.every moment s like I am walking on thorns.for helping one person with small amount n be blamed for everything.

  184. Sir ..my son is very roudly behave in home..he stoped his education..he doing all type of habbits..he nt listing our any words..for habbit daily he asking money if we nt ready to give him he shouted and fighting very badly in home now he just 18 years old ..we r middel claas people so pls tell me some affordable treetment for him ..pls save my child future..

  185. Hello sir
    I got married in 2010,wasnt able to conceive till date due my husbands diabities issue. We have my husband cousin’s daughter at home who we are taking care of since childhood I suspect the role of her parents behind my husbands health issues. Could please help me out sir?

  186. Dear sir,
    After 2 month of my marriage my law family created problem and after 6 month me and my husband was went away for staying at another home .after that my elder brother in law and father in law cut relation with us.athor member of family also not talk with us.sir could u please give suggestions

  187. Me n my husband always keep on fighting after marriage nd he alwayz left me nd went to there parents, nw again he left me, n m also 8th mnth pregnant, i want him back.

  188. Namasthe sir,
    As my mother in law was harassing me badly as am not having kid, I gave police complaint on Jan 26th 2016..and now in my mother place…
    After my councilling my husband is ready to take me back, but my MIL is telling divorce her….and if u bring ur wife we won’t be with u…
    So my husband is rejecting me and asking for divorce.. my MIL is not allowing us to speak in phone….
    My husband told apologize MIL, is she agrees am ready to take you…
    We husband and wife love each other and we don’t want to get separate…

    Kindly help me and make us to live together..

  189. Sir,
    My brother s 33yrs old. Still not get married. We were searching more than 4yrs. My mom died before 4yrs (after 1month of my marriage). No one s helping my dad (mom side sisters n brother and dad side brother n sisters). For me, mother in law and father in law torturing a lot. He was in Dubai before 2yrs. After I conceived we came to India. He s going to his own business. Am having one n half year girl baby. My sister in law s also creating unnecessary problems for me. Please help me…

  190. Abi,
    Naran sir my mom is very rude wid me.. Am having so much problem in my life..m preparing fr med and I hv completed.my 12th in 2010 and then I did coqching and so many things Bt I haven’t gwt selected. In 2013 I have joined mbbs clg in chinq Bt dat too I left in 2016 nw again I m preparing fr mbbs my exam is in 5 June pls m so hopeless help me.givee me some mantra or remedy so dat I ll get select in 5 June exam. Olso so many financial problems at home.. And mother is behaving very rude these days..suggest me something

  191. Hello sir,
    My mother in law tortures me like a hell and she does dramas in front of other people that she loves me alott and care for me so people think that she is really nice. And she is a big liar she speaks lie so easily.she was behaving so nicely before marriage and after marriage i saw her real side. Plz sir help me i m really in need 😔

  192. Namastey guru ji,
    I have financial issues like home loan, difficulty in paying emis’s due to late salaries etc. Also I’m searching for a stable and peaceful job but not getting. I will be really glad if you can suggest me something…

  193. Sir I am married since last two years. My husband don’t talk me, don’t care for me and don’t even spend a single money on me. His mother plays game and is reason for our fights. Sir she is double faced lady good in front of his son and behind she creates lots of problem and always demands for dowry. She can’t see me happy and is jealous of me.pls help so that my husband talks to me, care for me and listen to me

  194. Naranji I have a very bad marriage where in which very unhappy married life I am leading since 5 years. My husband drinks and. Come home and he becomes very violent and uses abusive language on top of his voice he fights and blames me and my mom and sister. Always points out mistake of my mom and sister and starts blaming them and spoils the happiness of everybody. He doesn’t listens to me and he spents a lot not saved anything till today. During full moon every month this will be more. He gets angry very soon and often at that time he behaves like a pyscho. And sulky. He definitely drinks home and he will starts fighting in unwanted things. It’d very difficult to stay with him .don’t know how to stay with him as we don’t have anybody’s support. I HVA a small baby also.please help me to change him as a good behavioured person with calm and quite and peace as and happiness at home and happy life.

  195. Namaste sir. Iam in to very big financial problems and even my husband. Daily its growing but ñot reducing. Our house is not according to vastu. Its full of vastu dosha. Please suggest us to come out of financial problem with some pooja

  196. My son name vishnu 7 years running he is premature baby he was 1.68 kgs by birth he is now normal weight and very active buthe is speech delay please suggest any mantra or remedy so that hiis future will be blessed by you

  197. nandhini,
    Give him the flower remedies cerato hornbeam for two months. 2 pills each three times.
    chant OM VAACHASPATHAYE NAMAHA 100 times over a glass of water and give.

  198. Guruji, My co-sister is creating lot of problems at home and shes trying to separate my family and happiness. I really want to separate her with her husband or ensure she falls permanently sick. please suggest some mantras

  199. Jai Sai ram. I am married since 5 years and it’s a love marriage. After marriage lot of problems occured. My in laws were not good to me as they never wanted this marriage to happen. But my husband insisted and finally marriage happened in may month 2011 year. After few months husband used to beat me with the provocation of mother in law specially. Once it happened very badly that I got my ribs fractured and I filed a complaint. Police came and took everyone along with me. And that day only my husband relative told my husband to take home separately with me and stay and solve this police matter. He promised to take separate home and we shifted but on a bad note only. Since three years we both living together but he is still in the past and relationship with me is not very good.he don’t talk to my parents and humiliated them alot. And I don’t talk to his parents though I tried but dint got any response so stopped now completely. My parents tried calling my husband many times but he used filty words. So they also stopped now. I don’t have a child. Kindly help me how can I get respect and attention from my husband. He also humiliates me many times in public also with taunts.

  200. Sunam Koirala

    Hi sir, My husband cares just for his mom and sister. His sister is married,its been 8 years..She strongly feels that we should take care of her all problems..Mother-In-Law and Sister-in-law interfers a lot in my married life and dictate me everything,My husband wants me to follow everything and they always keeps on repeating “MY son loves me 1st and His sister,No one can be his 1st priority.and soo much things” From the day of marriage I am hearing that till now.
    My husband came to usa 19 days after our marriage.NOW I am currently in usa,here also they are not letting us alone,I feel hurt so i try to avoid phone calls by them,But my husband wants me to talk and follow whatever they want.I dont kno whats wrong..Why is he blind folded..I am not asking him to scold them..But he can atleast show respect for me.HIs parents say me whatever they like and he simply ignores.HIS mom and sister are his top prioroty..ITs been 2 years we are married,,But due to mother-in-law those Harsh words,I am not able to trust that my husband loves me,I loved him BUT now i am Also losing Love and respect for him.
    PLease HElp me!!!!

  201. Hello naren ji I always have issue with my lover he don’t believe me he always keeps on taunting me for some reasons.even if I give late reply he gets frustrated there are lot of things happening he never feels that there is his mistake he always feels only I did mistake there will be no understanding only one day will be happy and rest it will be like I have keep on convincing him please help me .to change him and love me .please help me so that both will be happy even if there r anyproblems

  202. Greetings Sir

    On eof my friends is working overseas for last 10 months.His Mother,wife and child are in India and he is not advising when he is coming .His family is worried for his return.Please advise a remedy.



  203. Nobody talks to me anywhere except my parents and my husband. Since my college days people boycott me and separate me for reason unknown, Even at home one of my aunt is jealous of me and keeps filling others ears since others used to praise me for my beauty and intelligence in front of her. Now people who used to praise me and with whom I used to be affectionate hate me and i really dont know what the reason is. This is happening to me since 20 yrs. Now I dont have anyone on relatives side and so was in my college days and even in work place or anywhere- nobody likes me, At first glance itself they show so much of hatredness and move away from me. I totally cannot understand this. Why am I mass boycotted everywhere? If anyone speaks to me it is only to insult me even if i talk in their appreciation. My life has not moved an inch in any aspect except that I got married and was in job for a short while and thereafter I was removed cunningly and humiliated at the time when i was supposed to get appreciation letter for my work. Whenever i think things will turn out well, it reverses. I am really tired of failures and hatredness. Please tell me a remedy,

  204. Namaste sir, i Need your help. sir my father doesn’t care about us anymore. He is interested in other women. He beats us and talks very rudely to me and my mom. Sir we are not happy. We are living a stressful life. Due to all this i am not able to study as well. Sir please tell cure for both the things. Please sir please.

  205. Sir namastey , sir I nees your help. Sir my father beat us and doesn’t care about us anymore. He has changed alot and Is attracted towards other women’s. Due to this I am not even able to cope up with my studies. Sir my i miss my father . Please sir tell me what to do and tell me a very quick and affective way to brin back our caring dad to us pleas sir

  206. Sir namastey , sir I nees your help. Sir my father beat us and doesn’t care about us anymore. He has changed alot and Is attracted towards other women’s. Due to this I am not even able to cope up with my studies. Sir my i miss my father . Please sir tell me what to do and tell me a very quick and affective way to brin back our caring dad to us pleas sir..

  207. Sir, my sister -in-law making me cry with her words and actions. Hubby sister…even hubby getting frustrated with her reckless behavior and disrespect towards my hubby. Pls give me some matra where i can control her. she is leading happily life and that is why she is having time to spoil our relationships.I want her to have some issues in her family such that she can’t focus on my family. pls suggest some matra sir

  208. my husband is 15 yrs behind in carreer hence is always not getting promotion and financially affected and emotionally he is under stress plz help us guruji

  209. Naran, My sister in law is creating problem by badmouth to my mother in law, and my fiance family always against me bcoz of this. Please give a mandra to make my fiance family not to listen and support her

  210. Naran, My sister in law is creating problem by badmouth to my mother in law, and my in- law family always against me bcoz of this. Please give a mandra to make my in-law family not to listen and support her

  211. Hi Sir,

    I have been separated from my husband for 2 years now. We got married 4 years back, we had a love marriage and all was good until his parents started too much interference specially his mom. We moved out to a different place but soon after he went back and ever since does not want to do anything with me and wants a divorce. It happened all of a sudden even till last day he showed a lot of love. But after our separation he has only said bitter things some of them sound unbelievable and made up. Please let me how to save our marriage. I love him a lot and since last 2 years I am only living in hope of him coming back from his parents home to our home.

  212. Hello sir
    I desperately need your help. My problem started when I got married. My mother in tortured me mentally a lot talking about dowry and called me unlucky. I went in depression and start thinking about suicide
    but then recovered with the help of keeping faith in God. Then my brother in law got married and she shifted with them and started doing the same thing with my sis in law but she was bold and self dependent so didn’t tolerate her words and had fight. Now I am shifted with my husband abroad and now she is also planning to come here. She is a quarrelsome person and never cooperate evenher daughters provoke her. I am very scared and don’t want to face the same situation again coz I can’t tolerate those things. My husband is very lenient and emotional for her and she always take benefits of him.
    Please give me some mantra to keep her away so that can’t come here with us. Plz help me.

  213. Namaste Sir, Need your urgent help. My brother is retired person. His wife, never allowed him to keep in touch with his parents. I am the youngest of all the siiblings, and I took care of my parents till they passed away. Then I got married. Now since my brother retired and now he has two big sons who are working. He took care of his children and some 7 years ago, he had a stroke. By God’s grace, he recovered to some extent and retired. His wife harrased him everytime and uses very barbaric language on him. and she told sons also that they have to listen to only her. She took all his retirement money and still she is harrasing him to ask money from all the sisters to construct the house. When I try to speak to his kids they also keep complaining about Dad only. I am far away, she used bad words if we try to tell her something good. I did help her financially so many times. Now she and kids even try to beat up my brother. I just pray and say that all four of them should be good to each other. None of us have any ancestrol property. Everybody is on their own. She keeps cursing all of us. Can you please tell me some mantra that they four have good relations among themselves and then us also. I am ready to help them whatever I can. But all I pray that they should be good with my brother.

  214. Sir, Please help me to chant some mantra for my brothers well being. He feels lonely. He left every body for this lady and earned lot of money because she always demanded jewellry. So used to work extra hours and earn some more money. He suffered a loss in the business and with the tension got stroke. When his kids were small, being a youngest daughter in the house, I took care of his kids also. But soon she saparated and warned him that if he brings his parents, she will complain to police. Parents died, I got married very late, I have two married elder sister, One elder sister is unmarreid and other sisters take care of her. All I want Mantra for my sister in law to have a good mind and be nice with my brother. Sir please help. I have stared my married life very late in the life and want to some peace of mind

  215. Sir,

    We had issue with Land problems, unable to sell the land and we have financial issues as well. Please let me know any mantra to chant.


  216. Sir, one boy aged 25 years chasing me since last year. Now he has become very possessive about me. I want him to leave me forever. Please give me some remedy urgently.

    Please reply, I am suffering very badly.


  217. Please sir ,we had some fights due to some relative in January .After that my husband is no longer affectionate to me .we have no intimacy left.He avoids me ,does not contact .I have begged pardon so many times .He has lost all interest in me .I have cried to God ,praying .our relation was very good before .He now abuses me verbally .I am very much hurt .feeling lonely .I want my marriage to be happy with affection and intimacy .please help .

  218. Hi,I am 30 years old, my whole life i am facing debts problem followed by my mother. i cannot withstand the pressure of this debts. i have about 12 lakhs debt.no property or jewels to pledge and settle the debts. i am in helpless situation.please suggest good way to bring wealth & health into my life. exhausted of living this poverty life.though i am working & earning i could not handle this.please help

  219. shweta jhunjhunwala

    My daughter is 8 year old she is very lazy in her studies and she wants to play or sleep. She is intelligent in studies but lacks concentration

  220. shweta jhunjhunwala

    From last three years my husband is not getting settled in his job. Please help after doing so much hard work bosses and colleagues are not happy.

  221. Jasvanthika AM

    Hello Sir, i have been married for 7 years and have 6 years old daughter. Now the problem is since last year my husband is telling he lives with me unwillingly and he wants divorce. He told he even applied for the same as i m not ready to give mutual divorce. My father in law and sister in law is supporting him and give my hubby more wrong inputs and the reason for my husband’s behavior. My husband had a love failure before our marriage and i am not sure whether he still have that in his mind. Though i helped him in his career and he too told about me well with our relatives suddenly he changed a lot.Please help me to get out of these problems and have a happy life with him.

    • Take the flower remedies star of Bethlehem Rockrose, holly willow Agrimony.
      Put 5 pills of each in 200 ml water. sip that water 7 times in a day.

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