Nobody is happy at home


My family is really facing issues…

My brother earns quite an amount. However, my parents have to beg for the money. My Bhabhi will unknowingly or knowingly make life difficult for my mother.

My brother has no respect for parents. I don’t know how to make him realise what his parents have sacrificed for him. It’s even difficult to explain it to you.

I am really troubled now. I can’t see my parents especially my mother going through so much. And my brother is an estranged person now. There is no relationship existing. They live their own life inside the same house.

It’s very frustrating to see all this. My parents don’t take my money Even if i insist. I am tired.

Time and again there are fights arising. My parents aren’t happy. Bhabhi is also not happy. I am sure she wants to live separately. She once told my parents to move out of this house.

Why doesn’t my brother understand?

I want to take my parents and move out of this house. But for this there is no resource, parents want security. Brother wants property. So neither of them will budge.

I try to tell my brother what is right.

My mother thinks I am the one responsible for fights because I bring out the issues.

I feel helpless and rotten. I try to see things being ‘unattached’ to the world. But i can’t when it comes to my parents. My blood boils.

Give me some advice. Please.

Also I have been chanting ‘Vallabam Gajaananam Eka Dhantham’ around 50-100 times a day. Someday I feel good. Office life has been sorted out. But family life is still a problem. It has all started after my brother got married. With all due respect to my Bhabhi She comes from a rich family. So she has different values.

On top of this my marriage is still a big question mark.


Your intense desire to change your brother and the events happening will produce opposite results.

Pray and prayer only can help.

Instead of desiring what to happen, you thank your brother for respecting your parents.

Take a list of what you want for your parents. Say i thank the divine for………..

Daily do this.

Mantras and switch words will work when we surrender and accept the divine order only.

You cannot change anything with your will. Your will and divine will should unite. The link is the surrendering attitude. Surrendering is Samarpanam. Samarpanam is keeping all our words, prayers and actions at the feet of Divine with the intention to accept whatever he offers.

Chant NAMASHIVAYAM. This will help you to understand how to detach from the result


Thank you sir…I realised…it’s not others…I am being too adamant and expecting things to follow a rule. Whereas…this universe is infinite…and has its own set of directions… I realise… I have to give in and surrender to somebody up there…

Thank you so much for this precious advice…

You are a great guide to life 🙂

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello sir This Roopashree from Bangalore
    from past one and half year i used to see your mantra healing website its very intresting and now iam having too much of debt problem and i need a good job iam working but iam not getting what i am working my boss will do all the work from me but no right salary i dnt no why what he has in his mind please help in getting good job and remdy for debt please…………………………………………….

  2. Naran sir,ur mantras really benefited & solved my problems.Pls do need ur help again.Myself & my 2 elder sister r partners & looking after our business.As i am near i have all the managing power,my husband & my brother in law help in our business.In out showroom there are many male staffs,at starting all very perfect in work & friendly among them,we have also increased their salary above their expectation but now they r in 2 groups & fighting not working properly.1 group men are always going & talking with the nearby competitors shops staff.Suggest mantras to follow,my staffs should be perfect,respect me & obey me & work friendly & peacefully & there shouldnt be any trouble from our competitors.

  3. SASI,
    CHANT waterviolet holly mimulus hornbeam as many times as possible

  4. Naran sir

    Kindly help me with two health problems.

    The first one – my nephew(sister’s son) is almost 2yrs age and he started having fits(epilepsy-like) episodes that last a minute, since this year 2012. Till age of 1 he had no problem, But now suddenly he stops moving, talking and sits like a motionless doll. His entire nervous system collapses and within those few seconds he collapses after fit is over. It is terrifying to see and just today he got discharged from the hospital. The doctors have not been able to diagnose as fits. Reports like EEG and mri brain scan are normal but they still started him on fits medication.
    Please, I pray you help me with how to help this little child. We are all upset. He is perfect in every other way and we consider him a blessing from God. I just don’t want to see him suffer.

    The second issue is myself. My health has been very weak since ten years now. I get many health problems majority of which is related to breathing and nervous system. I get wheezing, sneezing, sinusitis and nasal polyps inside nose along with breathing difficulty and inability to smell and taste food. I also get very nervous and weak because of mental tension like the above problem in family, many members in my family have health problems. I am the eldest daughter and responsibility to take care of all lies on me. Emotionally I am very weak and I cry suddenly almost every day. So weak I can’t get up in the mornings and I end up waking up in the afternoon and feel very fatigued. I know my nervous system is very very poor. Also my stomach is weak, when I hear bad news immediately I get loose motions.

    Please help me what to do in both cases. Thank you sir in advance.

  5. coralcrue
    chant WHITECHESTNUT WALNUT over a cup of water and give that to that child.
    WRITE MADHAVAM MADHAVAN in a paper and keep it under the pillow of the child.
    you have to meet me in person for your problem.

  6. Sir my hubby love me but he have some misunderstanding abt me I m very simple and clam but my hubby think I very cunny very laier I always said lai etc he never trust me.sir I want his attention love,now a days I am sick n I m my mother place he never call me he never ask me hw r u?he have some misundrstndng and my in laws make big issue of it.i m in prblm plz help me sir only I want my hubby undrstand me n support me n trust me,

  7. Namaskaram ji, how r u sir? Hope ur doing Gud. I am really worried about my parents and my a married women, now I’m with my husband . But I’m sad that my mom and dad has separated (not divorced) since 5 yrs. both of them are just like snake and rat. I have tried many times to join them . But it was tough and it didnt work atall. My brother never initiates on my parents matter. My mom is staying with him. But whenever I go to my place I don’t feel a pleasant atmosphere .but I really want my parents to stay together happily . I’m staying in abroad. Also I want to say something about me also. My brother always objects my decision ,I’m ok if he objects but why don’t he suggest another option which will be good for me. He never says that. Also he n my mom never give any respect to my words. But my dad never say good or bad about me. I don’t know wats wrong with my parents and dad is 62and my mom is 51and my brother is 33 I’m reminding you that I’m staying abroad .

  8. smitha,
    chant redchestnut walnut as many times as possible. do not interfere in their life

  9. Namasthe Naran,

    My husband (33) is diagnosed with blood cancer , He is taking medicine and doing good now. Please suggest some remedies for his health condition and is it possible to cure cancer with mudras and alternative therapies? Please suggest some remedies I can do for him.

  10. pls sir pls tell me any mathra to got my husband my husband is not seeing me and my children.he had contact with other ladies .if one lady go he will approach other one .also my hubby going to that ladies house also.pls tell any manthra to get back.i am waiting for your rply.

  11. Sir,
    plz help me by telling some mantra, since frm past 4yrs my family is facing problem, my dad has lot of loans which v trying to pay but not able to pay…..even my self no job frm past 2 n half yrs….my age is 31 didn’t get married also…so parents have tht
    tension also……if I get job I want to help
    thm but after trying so much I m not
    getting….. 2 times I got job n due to some visa issue i dint get…….plz help me n my parents….

  12. my husband to his native.he is not intend to come back. pls tell mantra to return him immediately

  13. Neetha ,

    Please give information regarding your qualification, age and the place where you are looking for job and your preference of job type…

    Take Care

  14. Sir,
    I wnt to get rid of my in laws they have destroyed my small marriage life for there luxuxious life and big demands still they are not getting away my husband loved me alot but these people have continuously said bad about me like I dont work properly any work and so in ….i think you know such cases I just want to stay away from them and stay happily with my baby and husband please help me

  15. Hello Sir.. This is Geeta from Delhi. My husband is in USA since April 2015 n he has applied for the visa for me but all in vain. Sometimes he is not good with me n doesn’t speak to me properly. Sir plz help me out.

  16. Hello sir,
    In my home my father’s behavior is troubling me and my mother.. He is always angry and in irritating mood and replies in a very harsh and rude way which is affecting us mentally, we are loosing peace of mind. He is always criticising, doubting, arguing with my mother. We stay at home not demanding him for anything . He remains in anger mood throughout the day but when meets people outside he talks nicely. But he sometimes fights with them also or speak very rude. He argues on small things almost daily but my mother keeps silent to avoid fighting, but he is dominating more n more with same behavior.. We are mentally disturbed n unhappy… Plsss help ..plsss sir

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