Eye Care Mantras


My Father has lost vision in one eye and other eye has been operated for glaucoma 5 times. Still the vision is bleak and he can barely see on from 1 feet distance.

Please guide from all angles like switch words, animal spirit guides, Mantra and how to use them effectively so that his normal vision is restored.


Ask your father to do eye exercise given in some yoga centres.

Ask him to chant “LALITHAM LAMBODHARAM LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM” daily as many times as possible.

Mahesh (after three months)

Thanks for the mantra. My father’s eyesight is showing some improvement though little.

Should he take some Bach flower remedies (like say Mustard etc) as well for speedy recovery?


He can take EYE TONE pills available with the centre, which can make some more improvement. It is a combination of flower and gem remedies.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. How can eye tone pills help? I also have eyesight problem as in I find it difficult to focus at a distance.How much would it cost?

  2. abhi,
    The eye tone pills is a combination of certain colours and flowers. One has to take three pills three times a day. A container of around 300 pills is Rs.100/- plus courier charges of Rs.100/- within india

    • Dear Sir,
      I have a problem of abnormal growth of blood vessel on my retina due to which i am unable to see and have blurred vision in my right eye. Pls suggest, can i take the same dose or something more specific. Also i am doing homeopathy for the same, can this be combined. Pls guide. Thnx.

  3. Dear Sir,
    i have a problem that My body always gets heated up how to reduce heat from the body?giv some remidy

  4. archu,
    to reduce body heat chant IBGO – indigo blue green orange

    • 1)how to say it either IBGO or indigo blue green orange and
      loudly or in my mind.
      2)any mantra for learning any language and speak clearly
      my voice is not good

  5. Dear Guru,

    I want to purchase house / flat in lease basis urgently within my budjet (i.e.1.5 lakhs). the house which i live for rent is not good and hence i need it urgently. please suggest mantras to find house immediately.


  6. arunp
    thank the present house daily and start searching. call wolf for this

    • Guruji,

      I xyz thank house no., etc., please forgive me and release me.

      Also prayed to wolf for a new divine house within my budjet.

      But still not getting one which satisfies my requirement.

      I want to move from this house before april 14 2013. please help me.


  7. Dear sir,
    i had a relation with a girl since 1.5 years and since 5 months after a misunderstanding she is not understanding. I want to get her back,what mantra and how many times a day i should chant the mantras so that everything will be allrite.

  8. abhishek,
    iam sorry please forgive me i love you i thank you.

  9. Dear Guru,

    I have applied for ration card in November 2007. But still not received my card. followed but it was in vein. next week again iam going to ration office for follow up. please suggest some mantras for a proper response and to get the card immediately.


  10. anusuya,
    chant CENTAURY ROCKWATER WATERVIOLET and go to the ration office.
    call wolf and ask it to get the ration card for you

  11. Dear Guru

    Im writing this from Fiji. All my life i have been having this problem. As a young kid i was very smart in mathematics.. but when it came to reading, writing or understanding comprehension english, i would always get headaches and never have been able to become good in english. im 48yrs old now. Even till now if i try to read somethingi am still not able to do so.. i can complete reading anything or writing anything…

    Please advise what should do guruji.
    Many thanks for your response.

    Gyanendra Sharma

  12. Sashido Ariyan
    take the flower remedies cerato mustard oak hornbeam

  13. i do not understand this flower remedy guruji….i will be very grateful if u couldshed a little more light on how to go about it… many thanks for your response….

  14. Sashido Ariyan
    Learn them by visiting http://www.naranheal.com.

  15. Hi my name is ranjana. My husband is out of control. He hates my family and me. I love him so much but he dont care about me. His parents and his other family members wants him to leave me. They dont talk to me. Myhusband only listens to them only but not me. I want my husband to respect me n my family n leave his family so that they can releise what they have done. I want to make a full control over him so he do things only what i tell him, respect me, love me n stop fighting, dont lie. Please him me sir because i cant take this anymore. Please sir

  16. Hellow sir my name is ranjana and iam having so many problem in my relationship with my husband. Now the situation is very bad. He is very angry on me. He doesnt love me n even dont care me anymore. All these problems starts from his family. They dont want me n they want to use my husbands money n when i tell my husband not to hiv them because they only use him. So they tell
    my husband that iam bad. We hsve been married for 4years n i got a
    daughter. My husband told me that he want to end my marriage. I dont want to lose him. Please sir giv me some solution sothat i can save my relation ship n i want myhusband to leave all his
    family n stay away from them because they are the main problem creators. I want my husbsnd to listen to me n do what i say him to do n respect me n love me n never leave me. plrase sir help me

  17. chant together divine

  18. Hello sir
    My name is anu..My husband is looking out .for a job for the past 6 months.He attended the interview last week and waiting for the positive reply from that company. Pls help us with the situation.
    Tks for ur help.

  19. guruji i need this eye tone pils…can you be kind enough to delivery on the sain address…

  20. Respected Guruji…..Pranaam..Charan Sparsh…Guruji,my name is sanjay..last year i suffered a Glucoma attack.in which i lost the sight of my right eye completly..and my left eye also got glucoma and at present my left eye vision is also slowly diminishing..Guruji at the age of 45 if i loose my eye sight..i hope u understand how difficult it will be for me n my family..for the last 4 years i havent earned a single rupee..as i cant go to work..only god knows how i am managing..Guruji … Guruji please i request ur kindself 2 help me .in which all my problems should be solved..pl Guruji i am very desperate .please guide me in such a way that i will come out with flying colors..please guruji me myself n my family members will be highly obliged to you…thanking you in anticipation..pranam guruji..

  21. we are living in a joint family. brothers, their wives and childrens…. they blames me behind me, they get angry when I went out from home such as tour or any party. talso get angry when I buy new dress, it make me irritate…. what will I do?

  22. 1. How cn I cure my blurry vision, & attained eagle sight? (mantras plus herbal remedies)

    2. Mantras/switch words for destroying premature ejaculation before marriage?

    3. Are there mantras (including sanskrta), and remedies for having only sons?

    4. Mantra to not disappoint 700 women in bed, please


  23. Guruju, I happened to see your website today. I am facing finance problems regularly and recently one of my friend (for whom I stud as surety for chit fund company) could not pay his chit fund installments and became defaulter. I paid some amount to chit fund company to get myself out of the case. Now the chit fund company is pressurizing me to pay additional amount, which is beyond my capacity. Please help me.

  24. Dear naran sir. We cannot visit centre due to us living in Gujarat. Is it possible for other alternative for eye remedies. Like getting perfect eye sight. I have weak left eye.
    It’s pain sometimes due to my working on pc. My mother cataract can it be cured?

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