Bring the Divine Closer to Heart


I would like to share a miracle (for us) after chanting Namashivayam.

Beginning January, I decided to chant Namashivayam (108 times) every Monday and Pradosham days. My husband chants it every day.

Yesterday, a friend from India sent us a Shivalingam that was materialized by Baba at a home in Mumbai. I was totally stunned and thrilled at the miracle.

Our Rudram chanting to Shiva is restricted to Namaste Ashtu Bhagavan and Triyambakam Slokas. Every year, we do Ghana Rudra Abhishekam for Shivalingam during my husband’s birthday and we both fast for Shivaratri. My husband’s Ista Devata is Shiva.

The magnitude of divine love showered on us moved us so much.

Thank you for the wonderful mantra and bringing Divine closer to our lives and hearts.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. hi swarna,
    please tell me how to understand\\findout Ishta devta?

    Mrs.Pampi SarmagGoswami

  2. pampi,
    it is your ishtam, which points out

  3. Dear Naran,
    As MahaShivaratri is coming soon, i would request you to please guide all your followers Mantras, Mudras & Switch words for Lord Shiva Worship.

    Thanking You,

    • Mamata
      chant NAMASHIVAYAM by being in vital essence mudra.
      Right hand thumb touching the tips of ring and little fingers and left hand thumb touch the tips of middle and ring fingers.

  4. The Namashivyam CD is a great blessing to us from you and to hear it is like taking a holy dip in a most sacred pool. I play it every Monday and other days too and everytime I listen I pray that you are blessed by so much riches for making this wealth available to us.

  5. I have worked in various multi-national companies. I am working as a Secretary to an individual. My term expires in a couple of months as my boss does not have projects. Please suggest how to get my boss more projects. For this on behalf of him what should I do.

    How to search for new career path with more salary? If I get good paid job, they feel very happy (parents, spouse, boss, friends etc.,) I got a call from a Multi-national company. I have completed telephonic round. After that there was no communication. I want to lead good life.

  6. From beginning of 2013 I am getting so many bad news like anyone sick, death news of relative, neighbor not feeling good.

    For this am worried about my father too. As u know my relationship also in trouble. I am feeling little bit lonely and negative.

  7. My kid makes me run behind her to feed her.

    Help me with Mantra which I can chant for my kid so that she sits at one place and has food, stop avoiding food and being cranky, and should listen to me.

  8. My results are going to be declared in the ending of March. My exams were good but I really hope that I have scored well.

  9. The guy whom I love is going to introduce me with my in laws next month. I am very nervous and also worried about my appearance because in past few months I have gained so much weight. I want to lose some weight. But time is so limited!

    I am also worried if they would like me or not! Pls advise me so that they like me and accepts me cordially. I want to win their hearts.

  10. sir i am facing a lot of problems in marital life.we are on the edge of divorce.i love him and donot want to break this relationship .please suggest me some remedies.

  11. shikha,
    go all out bow and concede to make peace.
    write pearl mimulus 100 times

  12. Dear Guru,

    Iam living in a rented house where there are 3 hens. got married before eight years and awaiting child birth. morning i had a dream in which there were hens and a beautiful male child and iam having him in my lap and playing.

    what is the meaning of this dream. please help


    • anusuya,
      Thank your parents daily.
      if there are thoughts during menseslike this, “why this; it is a nuisance;uncomfortable” thank the uterus.
      Thank the divine that you are born as a female. chant i love and accept myself totally

  13. Dear Sir, I had a misunderstanding with someone I love very much, and due to my arrogance this person didnt come to meet me. We normally meet every day. How can I save my relationship with this person and strengthen it.
    Thank you

  14. Gud pm sir, help me I have benign vitreous floaters diagnosed by doctor, until now i hav dez. suggest what sw,mantras to loose da floaters n my eyes and mind.tanx

  15. Dear Guruji,


    My hubby always used to wear Full Hand Shirt. He also trims is hair once in a month. I am getting irritated. He doesn’t want to change his attitude. I want to change him. but not responding. suggest remedies so that he himself changes.


  16. Dear Guru,

    I got married before eight years. awaiting child birth. problem with my husband. suggested one surgery for him. he is ready to do it. but not getting leave in office. please suggest remedies to get leave from office and also successful in surgery and get conceived.

  17. sir, my hisband is very rude and arrogant. Though he loves me very much, sometimes he ignores me a lot and is very rude to me. How can I change his rude behaviour and make him loving and caring? Plz suggest me..

  18. sir, my father has a cyst in his kidney. He is also a chain smoker. He is not willing at all to take medical treatment. He doesn’t take care of himself. Plz suggest me if there is any cure or advice me how can I make him agree to take proper treatment. Sir, plz help me. His physical condition is getting worse day by day.
    I must inform u one thing. He tortures himself intentionally. Because he is upset about me. He has no consent regarding my love affair. How can I make him accept? I can’t live without the guy I love. Neither can I see my father so much broken! Plz suggest me sir. I love my dad a lot. How can I make him physically and mentally fit? I don’t want to lose the love of my life also!

  19. sudha
    give him the flower remedies walnut rockwater vine.
    you take walnut chicory redchestnut

  20. Dear Guru,

    Namaskar. Every year my wedding date will be a normal one. i.e going to office only. reason my husband is not interested in coming out with me and not interested to spend time for such matters. everybody is celebrating it in a little grand manner.but in my case it is a day worst than usual. i want this wedding date to be a pleasurable day filled with joy for both of us. going out some where, spending time in restaurant etc., etc., just simple worldly pleasures only. to be frank i have not even enjoyed a single wedding day in my life for the past nine years. please help.


  21. sir, pranam. I seeked ur help regarding my love life. I followed ur advice. Things changed a lot. I express my heart felt gratitude to u. Ur divine words have changed my life in every way.
    But now I need ur help once again. As it’s an inter religion relationship,my family is strictly against our relation. Specially my dad. I am emotionally blackmaled in every second. It was so much painful for me. I shared my situation with my boyfriend. I expected that he would talk to my parents and marry me. But he is not ready. He even doesn’t want to marry me without my family’s consent. But it’s next to impossible. According to his advice, I told my parents that I would obey them. I also wanted to get rid of the emotional torture. My parents r very choosy. They will take time to choose my life partner. In the mean time my boyfriend wants a chance to mix up with my parents and prove himself. I have complete faith that he is the best match for me. But he is not getting the chance. Sir, plz help me. How can I make my parents accept my lover as my husband before they choose anyone else for me! They even don’t want me to talk to him! But I don’t want to lose him at any cost! How can I get married with him with my parents’ blessings without delay? Things r getting complicated. I will be eagerly waiting for ur reply..

    • nabanita
      take the flower remedies SWEETCHESTNUT ROCKWATER WALNUT two pills each three times a day.
      Thank your father for accepting your love affair

  22. sir, how can I keep my boyfriend away from my aunt? My aunt is a very bad reputed woman. He is a single mother and uses my boyfriend in her every necessity. My relatives spread scandals regarding my aunt and my boyfriend. I trust my boyfriend. I know he is a nice and honest person. But though I forbade him in every way to communicate with my aunt, he keeps regular contact with him. He thinks that he is right. But I cannot tolerate the bad names and scandals regarding him. How can I make him compelety disconnected from my aunt? He is attached to her since 7 years. Our relation is from 3 years. Sir, plz suggest me. I know he is a good guy. But he doesn’t realise my aunt is just using him and his reputation is also getting hampered. I want him to be totally disconnected from her without delay. Plz help me sir..

  23. sir, i am in a relationship with a guy since 3 years. It’s an inter religion affair. I fought a lot with my family just for him. I love him truly and madly. He was also crazy about me. But for past 1 year it seems like he has lost interest in me. He ignores me a lot. He rarely calls me or texts me. I don’t know why but he always takes me for granted. He has no passion for me. It hurts me a lot. How can I make him attracted to me and make him fall in love with me all over again?? Sir, plz help me. Distance and coldness being expanded in our relationship. He is my life. I need ur blessing to gain his love, care and attention to the fullest.

  24. naira
    take the flower remedies chicory walnut scleranthus and whitechestnut for being obsessed with him.
    Take two pills each three times a day.

    • thank u sir. But is there any way to get his attention?? I want him to be like he was before. And I will also surely follow ur advice to overcome my obsession.

  25. Hello Sir!! I am in love with someone from past 3 years we had such great 3 year. but all sudden he stop talking to me please help me what should i do..

  26. Dear Guru,

    I want to change my current residence. Tried some.

    Cerato Mimulus Find Divine New House now done
    Lalitham Sadasivam Lalitham Chandrasekaram

    But not getting a suitable one. trying for the past one year.

    please help.


  27. sir, plz help me. He has become too much rude. Hardly he contacts me or recieve my call.. If he receives, always insults or criticizes me. Even we hardly meet each other. Today he also cut my call and switched off his phone. If things go on like this, our relationship will break up. Distance has been created between us. I want the love and romance to be rekindled between us. I don’t want to lose him at any cost. Though i love him with my life, i am not getting any chance to give my love to him. I want to give all my love to him and recieve his love to the fullest. Sir, plz help me. I don’t know what’s wrong but everything is going wrong!

  28. naira,
    do the forgiving exercise

  29. Hello Guru ji!! Sorry i don’t know whats mean A4 page and also whats Mil…If u can ex plane me.. so i can do my Mantra Guru ji. Thanks so much!!

  30. Dear Guru,

    Problem with my husband in giving birth to a child. he is taking tablets.but still not achieved the result. doctor has instructed to come after some time. but postponing it and taking tablets only.i am forcing to meet doctor but he is not listening. what will i do. i am lagging for a child. he is not understanding. please suggest remedies so that he should meet doctor and speed up the process to give birth to a child.

  31. Dear Guru,

    I studied these lines from your blog under Rule your Mind.

    ‘I release my desire to change or control him’.

    i am also living a similar life like this. my husband will not listen to my words. he will live in his own way. if i advise or speak generally also he will not listen. this will make me angry. but no pains / disturbances to him. but in turn my blood pressure is increasing and i cry because i got married to such a person. but he will be watching tv and increase my angry more.

    will the above technique help me also

    ‘I release my desire to change or control him’.

    what will happen if i keep chanting the above lines. please clarify and help me.


  32. my boyfriend is cheating on me. I know. But I love him so much. He is my life. How can I bring him to the right path and make him love me truly?? Sir, plz help me..

    • sonam
      you cannot put him on the right path.
      take the flower remedies Agrimony (not to attract cheats) chicory(to heal the thought “He is my life”) Hornbeam to come out of stagnation
      each three pills three times a day.

  33. Dear Guru,


    I am a married woman waiting for child birth. Undergoing treatment for the past seven years. now we wish to change the doctor. having doubt whether is it correct or not? little bit confused. suggest remedies to choose the right doctor?


  34. sir, i must tell u one more thing. For the past few days He gets scared very often. He is now afraid of being alone. He is generally a very brave boy who is self dependent. But he feels something uncanny and mysterious incidents happen to him. Like, when he is alone, he feels someone’s presence in the room and many more things like this! Sir, things r getting serious day by day. Plz show me the way. I want to get him out of this trouble.

    • nabanita
      give him the flower remedies whitechestnut aspen walnut Rescue Remedy to him.
      put 6 pills of each in 200 ml water and let him sip that water evedry one hour

  35. sir how to contact u and get the eye tone remedies Im from Philippines, how much the price of eye tone

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