Salute to the Divine Mother


I got the Durgama CD from Shobana.

Few days back I attended a funeral. Usually, I would feel sick after doing so. This time, I didn’t want to be in such a state.

So, I played the Durgama CD. I kept a bottle of water next to the speaker and sipped that water throughout the day. This time I didn’t fall sick. To make sure I didn’t fall sick during the next few days, I followed the same procedure.

After four days, I realized I had stopped listening to other CDs (usually I listen to minimum of 3 or 4 CDs a day) and didn’t bother to take the pills either, which I was taking regularly.

I got a clean chit

Something else happened too. I had a difference of opinion with one of my close family members. During normal circumstances, it would have ended up in a fight. Surprisingly, when I disagreed with him, he didn’t say anything bad, but accepted my ‘no’, even though my decision was not favorable to him.

Similar incident happened at work. I disagreed with my associates on their approach to complete the audit we were doing for one of our clients. Instead of usual arguments we might have had, they simply agreed to my way of approach, as though I am speaking from a clean heart.


Quoting from the “Introduction to Durga Durgama CD”

“Prostrations again and again to Divine Durga – the source of the universe. Durga the divine Shakti (energy), who only can destroy the unwanted and unrequired energy forms from our memory, actions, from our chakras, aura, and from our environment, transform everyone to light and love”.

Total Acceptance

This mantra helps us to accept our life situations totally.

It also improves our communications, so that the opposite person understands where we are coming from.

As it also shows our honest nature, it is a good mantra for all court cases, so that the judge would believe our words.

Let us all salute to the Divine Mother Ma Kali (also called as Durga) on the mother’s day. Let us all pray to her to kill our inner demons – our worries and anger.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Nayana Sachin

    Dear Sir ,
    I need to buy this CD as I live Bahrain & it’s quite difficult to get courierd to this country .
    Can I buy online like if you can send me the link to download & i will remitt the money accorjngly , it will be great help

    Thanks & Regards

  2. many thanks naran sir and in gratitude and appreciation for the healing love, grace and beauty of the divine that you bring to our lives.

  3. Dear Guruji

    Can we chant this mantra as japam using beads also……….i will chant over of water too. or can we chant whenever.

  4. In other words this is the CD of love.

  5. Dear Naranji,
    Despite having good monthly salary, After my home-loan EMI and necessary bills paid I get very few, say around Rs.2000 or less for my monthly expenditure.
    I do not indulge in any bad habits or addictions.
    Also use public transport. So no extra expenses even petrol.

    I am limited to only 1 visit back home in 2 or 3 months, even if it costs only Rs.600 for complete trip to my hometown.
    Sometimes I literally can’t afford to go out for descent(not even luxurious) food.

    This condition continues for around 2 years now.

    I tried chanting LALITAM-SHRIDHARAM mantra. But my impatience makes me hopeless, and I end up feeling frustrated, instead of feeling secure.

    Also when I try to chant, my mind keeps thinking of Narasimha – our family deity, and it feels like I am showing disbelief towards Nrusimha-mala-mantra, which I normally chant.

    Why are my prayers not answered ?

    • s,
      you mental conflict only causes this problem. Is the lord divine or human?
      We human only mistake others. whatever you chant will go to the Lord narasimha also. If you want, you do that japa separately.

  6. Sir pranam.this is 3thrice i am writing u sir as my msg anyhw nt showing in any blog.sir b4 4 mths i brokeup with my bf as his family fixed his marriage.then i cm to u and u told me to chant I AM SORY FORGIVE LOVE THANKS TOGETHER DIVINE…then…SWEETCESTNUT GORSE LARGH…Finaly to listen release resistance(i actualy chanted it).just b4 3days he suddenly contacts me and said that he realised he love me a lot.i am realy amazed by his sudden cm bk.thank u so much i am sm hw can’t trust him like b4.plz sir now tell me any Sw so that our relation bcom stronger,faithful n lovable.(he is muslim m hindu),no more fight n misunderstang.i want him to b my lifepartner without any difficulties n b happy. Plz help me as u helped b4.thanks once again.

  7. honeybee
    everyday chantg BOW CONCEDE TOGETHER DIVINE.
    Listen to the Harmony cd – two tracks

  8. Sir i am going through a very strange situation of life.i followed all ur suggestions one after another.i lv him a lot bt due to caste problems i don’t know we hv our future 2gether or nt.i feel changes on me after chants.i am nt showing any anger on sm times i bcome hopeless and decide to call him and breakup.but whenever i begin to do this something change my mind and ask to keep patiance.i again get bk my faith without any change of my retation.i feel that those flowers r going to do sm thing fr me.i know its sounds odd fr others,bt u cn only feel….is their any positive msg inside.may i get bk my love.

  9. naranji ,i have throat pain from almost 1year.some times i have pain and sometimes no pain,i have thyrod problem ,some times it will be 6 some times 8 and 6months back 9 also,i am using thyronorm 25mc.and i have hair loss also.kindly suggest me how to come out with this problem

  10. srinidhi
    meet me in person

  11. Dear Sir,

    Thank you so much for your blog, its doing great for humanity.

    My sister is diabetic type 1. She was having various problems associated with Eye, Teeth, Ear etc. Nowadays she is suffering from Ear Pain and Tinnitus, she is having hole in Eardrum.
    We are already giving her bach flower “WHITE CHESNUT, HEATHER and RESCUE REMEDY” she is also doing Shunya mudra but still she isn’t getting much relief out of it.

    Please suggest something for her Ear problem and Diabetes as well.

    Thanks in advance.

    • gourav
      did you mention the diabetic problem in the previous question?

      • Thanks for your response.
        No Sir, This is my first question to your forum. For diabetes she is taking insulin, but currently facing major problem with her ear. so I want resolution for it. Please reply.

  12. gourav
    if diabetis is the problem have you chkd with the doctor/ What was the diagnosis?
    Then i can suggest something.
    In the mean time, add Mimulus to the existing bach flowers.

  13. What we can chant to avoid natural calamities and for world peace?

    • m,
      To avoid natural calamities like earth quake, tsunami: OM HOWM VAM JOOM SAHA.This can be chanted daily in the night. This mantra heals infection also.

      What happened In uttrakand,is the clear proof that most of the natural disasters are man-made.
      Rampant felling of forests everywhere un-planned urbanisation of hill areas,uncared rivers, all these have been the cause of heat of the universe., which is increasing every year.

      A rise in temperature will always lead to unpredictable, unmanageable monsoon, leaving some areas always under water and some areas without water even to drink it. We are facing both.
      How to avoid save the world, at least India from this?
      A number of people who come to this site can chant 108 TIMES(Minimum)individually or collectively the following mantras given by the sage GAUTAMA. Where the energy of this mantra fills up, there the place becomes green. Plants grow well. Rains will be sufficient. No drought will be there. people live in affluence happily.
      Thank you

  14. Dear Naran Sir.
    Is there any way to stop any particular thought, I am suffering by a negative thought which tries to distract me doing anything. Thank You.

  15. gagan
    chant CANCEL

  16. Thanks, Will your CD”Release your fear” will be helpful to remove fear and negative thoughts. Please let me know.

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