Master of Death and Truth


I will give 8 Namas (names) of Yama, the Lord of death:

Dharmaraajam Namamyaham

Samanam Namamyaham

Krudhantham Namamyaham

Dhanda-dharam Namamyaham (the one who gives punishment)

Kaalam Namamyaham

Yamam Namamyaham

Punyamitram Namamyaham

Easam Namamyaham

The benefits of chanting the Mantra are:

  1. If you chant these daily, fear of death will not be there.
  2. The additional benefit is that, there won’t be any fire accident. Even if there is fire, no one will die. Everyone will be safe and alive.
  3. This can be told to Children and for those who tell a lot of lies. For those who are getting spoilt in bad company.  We can chant this for them. They will be brought back to good books. This mantra will help and be useful – not to fall into bad company and not to do bad deeds.

What does Kaalam mean?

Kaalam means time.

When time comes, he (Dharmaraja/Time) will give the end. He will not wait for anyone. Time and tide waits for none.

So, if we keep prostrating to him, then he will wait 🙂

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran: How many times do I need to practise this mantra,I would like to use it for my teen son,because he’s getting in bad company and sometimes in bad behaviour and what flowers of bach,can you give me to use with him? I really thank you with your soon answer God bless you

  2. Respected sir, my brother is also in a very bad company, takes drugs too and use abusive launguage at home and to my mother too.can my mother chant this mantra for my brother or how many times

  3. Kabori Patil

    Sir, I’m married for the past 14 years, having 2 beautiful daughters and we make a very handsome couple. We also love each other a lot but he is very egoistic to express his feelings for me, kinda dominates me. Many a times he is very diplomatic with me as his parents. My in-laws also like me but they keep taunting me, insult me, ridicule me…when I’m alone. They also compare me with my co-sister n make her feel nice as she is a close relative of theirs. Most of the times I am lonely with my daughters n they enjoy family get-togethers on their own, as if I’m banished. Actually m very lonely n sad always…n crave for my husband’s closeness, in-laws love n family togetherness. Pls. help.

  4. Dear Sir:
    Excuse me Do I need to say all the eight namas at the moment that I’m practising the mantram thank you very much.. Thanks for your help..


  5. Love your sense of humour with the smiley sir. Knowing it won’t give me any advantage when time comes to leave, so just question from curiosity, what does Easam signify. Thank you for yet another powerful mantra application.

    • r,
      esam is easwaran -Narayana sits in the north east corner and protects the house.
      the lord of death takes the body away from the soul, when the time of death comes. the process is so delicate and he does it so well that he is also called Easam.
      Death is for the body and the personality and not for the soul

  6. Namaste,
    Recently I ran into a very heated discussion with one very famous artist of my region,
    and some of his people.
    I had to withdraw because it soon became personal and unmanageable.
    It was not fully intentional on my part.

    Loss of reputation is definite, but
    Please suggest remedy so that things do not turn harmful for me.

  7. Dear Naran,

    I am looking to rent a room in my hope to a good natured, respectful, temporary tenant. i want to ensure I do not have any issues with the building owner nor with the person I select. i want the person to pay on time and to leave at the end of the agreement.

    Can you provide some switch words or mantra for me?

    I am seeing so many improvements in my life thanks to you. The helping hand of wolf is endless.


  8. grace

  9. Now chanting this for the fire in sheshachalam. find divine order.

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