Mind Control

Even after that solution is not visible, there is no progress and the problem is still there. At that time what we have to do? At that time only surrender will work.

AMBIKA ANADHINIDHANA ASWAROODA APARAJITHA – We have to chant this with full love. Ambika is the universal mother. When you call the universal mother there should be love from the heart.

Anadhinidhana means clearing or solving all types of obstacles or problems. When you go in the spiritual path there will be a lot of obstacles.

Ashwaroodaa – Aswa means a horse. Mind is not a monkey but it is a horse. You cannot channelize the mind or control as it moves so fast like a horse. One who controls this horse is Ashwaroodaa.

One who controls the mind or one who wins the mind is invincible.  Nobody can win him, but that is Aparaajithaa.

When you want success the mind should not be there. So the mind should die. When will the mind die? That is only when you surrender.

Till I find the solution I will fight. But when I am not able to solve the problem I will surrender, the mind dies and then the Divine will start acting.

Till such time you surrender, the Divine will be silent. When you surrender as you cannot endure any more, then the Divine will wake up. When mind is active, the Divine is inactive and when the Mind in inactive, the Divine is active.

It is very difficult to understand the life. One who wins the mind can understand the life better.

Even after this, it is not happening means then what you desire is not for you and therefore, you can give up. 

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Gurú:
    thank you very much for your answer to me,but I don’t know how many times to repeat the mantra. I’m repeating 21 the eight namas by writing and Am I right? And my oldest son(he’s 20) is very depressive and he lost constantly the motivation to finish their goals and he leaves school,jobs,friends easily and he is sad,which flower can I use with him? Dear Naran I’m very happy and hopeful with your answers… You gave a mantra to buy a house I’ve been doing. Chikory mimulus gorse divine house 108 per day,but I’ve been losing faithful to reach it.. Namasté..

  2. everything is happening you. continue.
    for your son: Gentian scleranthus walnut willow in the morning times and
    holly chicory Rescue remedy from evening to night

  3. Thank you very much dear Sir you are my only support,I don’t have support from my family neither their father,and my mother always is trying to put me against even with my own sons,my grandma was my unique support emotional and finantial,but she has been changing with me I feel alone. I’m doing the last mantra you gave us..ambika…and toghether divine..as many times I can, I practice the one for my son,the one for the house that I dream with the exact address,and the last mantra you share us in different hours at the day by 108 timesAm I right? Or please tells me if I’m doing the right..thank you for answering me GOD BLESS YOU DEAR NARAN AND ALL YOUR FAMILY..I can’t evoid crying at the momnt that I’ reading YOU I have too faithful .NAMASTÉ please be patient with me

  4. sir, namaste.would you kindly clarify if one write the switch words or mantra in a paper along with chanting,shall be effective. b.dash.

  5. naran sir.plz.reply my questions/comments posted in your blog so that i shall be obliged to you.

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