A way to CLEAR off your debts


I came to know about your blog on Aug 15 2013. I saw one switch word combination, “MOVE ON FIND COUNT DIVINE JOB” for getting a job. I started chanting it from Aug 15 itself.

Then I sent you a mail with my job problem and you replied with “QUITE CLEAR” Mantra on 25th of Aug 2013. I chanted that too. Yes, I did chanting it, very much all the time.

Also, I used to chant Ambika Anaadhi…Mantra before interviews.  And then the magic happened. On 28 Aug I got two offers.  I have accepted one of the offers and joined the company, just 2 days back.

Your guidance has been like Divine guidance for me. I have got this job after 1.5 years. Alas, I could not find your blog before!  Thanks to You!! Also, thanks to GOD!!!

Now, I am chanting “Lalitham Sridharam, Lalitham Baskaram…” Mantra, since I have debt of 10 Lakhs because of my divorce settlement and unemployment.  Please advise if it’s the right mantra to clear off my debt and remain employed.


“LALITHAM SRIDHARAM, LALITHAM BASKARAM, LALITHAM SUDARSHANAM” mantra will give you light and source of good income.

Lalitham – the one mother who is so compassionate, that she will forgive all my past. Forgiving all the past she allows Sridharam (wealth), to bring money from Baskaram – the provider of wealth, and activates Sudarshnam, to continue the flow of money (after the debts are paid-off).

Bow down to the (Lalitham) Mother in reverence and chant the mantra. And when you chant this powerful mantra, chant it with all the trust in divine, without expecting anything in return. 

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Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Respected Sir,

    I am in a very big trouble. I got an job offer but the management is not giving me the exact date to start my work. First they told me to start on 4/9/2013, then before one day of my joining they told me to start from 12/9/2013. and now they are telling me to start on 16/9/2013. I don’t know what to do. Today when I saw this post, I started chanting “move on find count divine job.” Please help me Sir. I really need this job.
    Is it ok for me to chant these words all the time. And can you please tell me any switch word, so that I can start my job as soon as possible. Please help me. I am waiting for your reply.

  2. hello sir
    If you can help me with any mantra where my parents on their own accept me and my husband happily. As our was a love marriage without my parents concern they were not happy for my marriage its been three months that i have not spoken to my parents please help me

  3. Could u please let me know from which day we have chant the mantra and for how many days we have to chant the mantra as i am completely in debts and alone in life. The people who have taken money are not giving my money and they have absconded switching off the phones. I want to get rid of the debts as early as possible. Please help…………….

  4. sir my sister is searching for the suitable job but she is notgetting . every time she gets the job she works there for few days then again she will be unemployed. so please giveher some remedy

  5. Sir we are into business and at present we are facing lot of problems our business has come down we have to receive and also we have to make payments but it is becoming very difficult

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