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Mantras for the Modern World from July 24 2010 Monthly Meeting

Avoid Financial Crisis

I came out of financial crisis within 24 hours by chanting the mantra, “Lalitham Sridharam Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Sudarshanam”.

For Successful Job Interviews

Before going to interview chant the mantra, “Ambika Anaadhi Nithanaa Ashwaroodaa Aparaajithaa”.

Handling Eye Problems

Lalitham Lambodaram Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Balachandram

You can’t separate this mantra like a compound. You have to chant them together. However, Lalitham Lambodaram can be chanted separately.

This mantra combination is very effective for eye problems.

  •          From any eye problem, it can restore vision of the concerned person.
  •          Eye operation will happen successfully and proper vision will be restored.

Lalitham Baskaram alone is good for eyes. Not to have regression after recovery, Lalitham Balachandram is added. It also takes care of the circulation part. Circulation is minimized due to age. Lalitham Balachandram improves ocular circulation, specific to eyes. Eye problems will not come. Therefore, have no fear.

Develop a Surrendering Attitude

Desire to change has to be removed from us. What we have to do for that? We have to develop the attitude, “This life is not mine. Whatever I have is not mine”.

Finding Atman

How to find the atman? We need not find it. It is there inside you. When you sleep you are inside the dream as well as outside it. Who is the person inside the dream? Who is seeing it? In our dream state, the soul is seeing it. During our waking state, we are seeing things around us. The one that sees during the sleep is Atma.

Feeding the Atman

We have to feed the atman, which we don’t do. That’s why agnihotram is performed.

Whatever you buy for yourself, say “Suryaya Swaha”.

Before eating anything, say “Suryaya Idham Na mama” (this is not mine).

The one god who everybody can see is Sun.

Agnaye Swaha   Agnaye Idham Na mama (Agni is the life force within us).

Praja Pathaye Swaha Praja Pathaye Idham Na mama.

Praja pathi is universal energy – which is nothing but Reiki. What is its Rupam (figure)? It’s Narayana, who has pervaded the entire universe.

Offering to Universe

Therefore, say to yourself, “I offer this — (anything you buy or eat, anything you do) to universal energy, because this is not mine”.

Think, “Today is not mine.”

Whenever you are about to perform an action, think “I am not the doer”. Say these three Mantras before any action.

Whenever money is deposited in the bank in your name, chant the mantras.

When you are happy, say it to yourself, this is not mine.

Whatever I had purchased is not mine.

We have to cultivate this surrendering attitude.

Being an Unfit is a Blessing

When you are unfit in this world, you are fit in the other world. God is not going to ask you what degree you have done. It will not be asked.

Think, “This life is not mine as somebody created it”.

Whatever you earn, you are not going to take it, so Swaha. Whatever name or money you earn, give it up now (inside the mind). So it will be easy in the end (when you die).

When somebody says thanks, say it is not mine saying “Suryaya Swaha Suryaya Idham Namama”.

Removing obstacles for a normal delivery

I had a granddaughter through my son, Srini, on Feb 1st at 11.42 am at Washington DC USA.

My daughter in law was having anxiety and pain as her last labour had lasted 18 hours.

I just started chanting the mantra, “LALITHAM LAMBODARAM” and everything just became alright.

Within 2 hours and without much pain she delivered, by normal way, a beautiful baby girl. The baby came 8 days early.

The mother and baby are doing well. I am in the hospital with them as my son Srini is in Armenia and will arrive on Saturday.

I thank God and you



Lalitham Lambodaram: it is a mantra to remove the obstacles between you and your objective.

My husband drives me nuts

It was 10 pm when I received a call from Shanthi. She was desperate, worn down and very angry about her husband. Just then she had a big fight with him. In a fit of anger he pushed her out from their house and locked himself from inside. Nowhere to go, feeling desolate and angry, she called me.

To bring her anger down, I asked her to chant, “Om Hreem Taha” (this mantra will reduce anger)

In addition, I asked her to chant the mantra, “Guru Gugan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam”.  She chanted both the mantras and went back home.

She was surprised to found the house door open, with lights on and her husband waiting for her. Before Shanthi spoke a word her husband apologised to her for his rude behaviour. In addition, he served her dinner.

The purpose of the Guru Gugan mantra is to increase our self-esteem and self-love. Shanthi required it as she found it difficult to digest her husband’s rude behaviour.


Question to Naran

 “I have lots of fear and negativity about everything. Also facing relationship problems and psychosomatic symptoms. Everyone around me dislikes me. Please help me with some mantras.”

Answer from Naran

I asked her to chant Guru Guhan mantra as it will increase love inside her heart, which in turn will attract the love from outside.

Guru Guhan Kodi Kodi Lavanyam

This mantra works on the heart chakra. It is for Lord Subramanya Swamy (Muruga).

The meaning behind it is: Guru Guhan (in cave), Kodi Kodi (millions and millions of rays of light) and Lavanyam (most beautiful – Lavanyam).

Yam in “Lavanyam” releases the feeling of sadness and unwanted attachment in a relationship.

Whenever you feel distressed about your son, daughter and husband, this mantra will release attachment, while your love for them will be sustained. We should understand the difference between love and attachment. Out of attachment we direct or control our children. After detachment, you can continue to regulate them. You will know what to say and how to say.

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How did I find the power of Sree Ram Jeya Ram Jeya Jeya Ram

Monkeys in Search of Sita – a story from Ramayana

One lakh monkeys went in search of Sita, who was kidnapped by Ravana earlier. After one month of search, they could not find her, and therefore they decided to commit suicide.

They were speculating about what they have to do, about Rama and so on, over the top of a hilltop.

There was an eagle residing there, with no wings. He is brother of Jadayu and his name is Sambavi. At one time Jadayu and Sambavi flew very high in order to touch the Sun God. Jadayu couldn’t bear the heat of the sun. Sambavi threw over him to protect him from sun. With the result, he lost his wings and fell down. Since then he was living in the bottom of the hill.

The mantra helped Sambavi to grow its wings

When the monkeys were talking about Rama and Sita, Sambavi called them. He mentioned to them that Ravana is forcibly keeping Sita with him. Monkeys felt elevated and chanted this mantra, while Hanuman crossed the ocean to reach Lanka (where Sita was a prisoner in the kingdom ruled by Ravana), without any problem.

The wings of Sambavi grew immediately on hearing the mantra and it became as tall as the sky.

Rama said thanks to Sambavi for the vital information provided by him. Ram could free Sita eventually.

That’s why burnt cell can become alive when you chant this mantra. The cell that forgot to commit suicide is the cancer cell.

Power of the Rama Mantra

Finally the war came to an end. Rama and Ravana met in the battle field. Demons numbering more than 10 lakhs have surrounded Ravana protecting him. How to kill him? Only arrow of Rama can do it, as it has a speciality – where the name of Rama is inscribed on it. Vali figures that and says Rama would never do this. That’s a diff story.

Gandharva asthra (weapon) was used to create an illusion. After the arrow was shot, one demon one will see the other person as Rama. They killed themselves in the process. Gandharva asthra made them to kill themselves. There was a miscommunication. This is healing happened due to the word Rama inscribed.

Heal cancer and avoid cancer with this mantra.

Manage chemotherapy side-effects through mantras

“Sree Ram Jeya Ram Jeya Jeya Ram” mantra can help persons undergoing chemotherapy or after undergoing chemotherapy, where normal cells are burnt along with cancerous cells.

When a cancer cell shows up, they kill normal cells and replace them.

“Sree Ram Jeya Ram Jeya Jeya Ram” mantra takes care of these unwanted side-effects.  

This mantra is also effective for tuberculosis.

Increase your immunity level

Narayan was suffering from post-chemotherapy effect. His immunity went down immediately after a chemotherapy session. His body temperature went up. Unfortunately he was not supposed to take my medication at this juncture.

According to doctor’s report his white blood cells (WBC) count was less than normal and therefore his immunity level was below normal.

His family members consulted Naran, who asked them to chant, “Om Howm Vam Joom Saha”, visualizing Narayan. In addition, the mantra was written on a piece of paper and placed under the pillow of Narayan.

As the family members of Narayan chanted the “Om Howm Vam Joom Saha” mantra, his WBC count started increasing, which was measured every two hours. Eventually, he was discharged from the hospital in two days.

Showing the right path to children

Children often feel that you are controlling them too much. They want freedom. However, to show them their correct path, chant the “Sree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jeya Ram” mantra, while holding a glass of water and give it to them. It will help them to see the right way to live.

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Om Mani Padme Hoom

One mantra that can activate both solar plexus and heart chakras is, “Om Mani Padme Hoom”. Mani means jewel. The meaning of the mantra is, “I am a jewel.”

Om Howm Vum Joom Saha


This mantra will increase the Pranic force in any place. After a person dies, if you go to that place, chant this mantra, as there will be more A-prana (lack of prana) there. It might affect you.

A case history by Lakshmi

Whenever I go to mourning, it used to drain me completely. I tried many things including Bach Flower Remedy Walnut.

After I started with mantras, I tried this mantra one day and started chanting all the way, until I went there. Now, I am not affected any more.

Naran: where there is death, there is A-PRANA. By chanting this mantra, we generate PRANA. Thus, we are energizing ourselves as well as the place by chanting the mantra. It will give you physical strength too.

A case history by Ravi

I developed some body pain and a high fever. I tried all flower remedies, to no avail. I chanted this mantra for one hour. I became absolutely normal.

A Healthy Prana Drink!

You can hold a glass of water, chant the mantra and give it to children. You drink the water too.

What is the speciality of the mantra? It increases your thejas – a combination of all five elements in total balance, which only gods can have. Sun god – Suriya Narayanan has that.

For the five elements to be in balance, we need this mantra. You will always remain healthy, if the five elements are balanced. Take a glass of water and chant the mantra. Drink it as a health drink, every day morning.

Chanting this mantra for the dying

How will you determine whether the person is dying or not? If the doctors put the patient in ventilator, then you can start chanting this mantra, even while sitting at home. Because ventilator means the life is weaker.  In general, aged people won’t come alive out of it. Even if they come out, they won’t be alive for long.

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Overcome Your Fear of Death!!!

Lalitham Lambodaram Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Balachandram

Specialty of this mantra is that it contains the energy of both sun and the moon. Baskaram means sun. Balachandram means moon. While chanting, the mantra gets the power of Siva as well.

When these energies join forces, it releases the fear of death in us. Though, today you are confident that you can face death easily, when you face death, you will encounter fear of death.

Why do we have that fear? After you die you go through a channel of darkness. Those memories from previous lifetimes are with you. All along we are attuned and habituated to light and therefore we have this fear. Death means darkness, while life means light.

How do we overcome Fear of Death?

  1. Switch off all lights.
  2. Watch the darkness.
  3. Chant this mantra loud or within yourself.
  4. Initially, it will be difficult to keep your eyes open in the darkness. After 15 minutes or so, your eyes would be tuned to darkness.
  5. Once you develop the courage to face darkness, you will not get over the fear of death.

When somebody near to you is dying…

When somebody is dying then please chant this mantra. Then after the death, he will not waver here and there (in the spirit form). He will go straight to the other dimension.

If a person dies after meeting with an accident, the soul will be traumatized. Chant Lalitham Lambodaram Lalitham Baskaram Lalitham Balachandram mantra to keep the soul in peace.

Spirit holds the person forever – a case study

For last 13 years, Ganesh had a spirit holding on to him. It drained his energy. Every night it will come and posses him for just for an hour. Then next day, he can’t work properly. After chanting this mantra for one night, he was fully recovered.

Ganesh – In his own words:

I had this problem of losing energy once in a while. I was protecting myself from it, with the support of a Pranic healer (my guru) from Bangalore.

I was feeling helpless without the support of my guru, as he passed away recently. I was having some Chakra healing treatment too, without much improvement.

Then, I consulted Naran, who asked me to chant this mantra. Within one day of chanting, I could drive the spirit out. Somehow it had vanished.

I find this mantra as most powerful. Now, I am chanting this mantra daily.

Remove your Mental/Physical Sufferings and Difficulties, Heal cancer



Let us see the meaning of the individual words in this mantra

  • Sree means respect to the divine. RA is the sound, the creator of all sounds. RA is as powerful as 12 suns. We have only one sun. But the word has inside it the energy of 12 suns. It generates so much vibration. That’s why it’s an all-pervading and all-powerful mantra. Our ancestors described the figure of RA. They say it has countless faces and legs. The word has that effect.
  • Repeated recitation of the word MA can even help you in your next life.
  • Jaya Ram à JA destroys all mental and physical sufferings
  • YA in Jaya and M make you accomplish anything. You can cross any difficulties in life.

Benefits of Reciting this Mantra

Any difficulties can be circumvented with this mantra.

It can prevent the growth of cancer cells. This would be a sound treatment for cancer patients.

Preparing Mantra Charged Water

Chant this mantra by holding plastic bottle with water and give it to the patient. You go on chanting this mantra for more than 100 times. The water will absorb the power of mantra then. Water is the only medium that can receive, store and transmit the energy (of mantra) to others. Give the mantra charged water to tumour and cancer patients.

How cancer appears

At the cellular level, body contains multitudes of cells. The body goes on producing the cells. Some of the cells will die too. When the cells are produced, one of them could turn out to be a rogue cell. Immediately, a command will come from body, for the rogue cell to commit suicide. The rogue cell will commit suicide then. Sometimes, it doesn’t receive the command. Then it becomes cancerous.

Even cellular scientist doesn’t know why certain rogue cells don’t receive the command to kill itself.

Receiving Oxygen gives a Send-off to Cancer

The cancerous cells die, when oxygen is in plenty. In the presence of oxygen, the cancer cells can’t thrive.

What’s that one thing that stops a cell from receiving oxygen?

When there is stress, the cells don’t receive oxygen. When there is a meeting, and you are not able to go in time, you will be under great tension. When we are worried, we are under stress and tension.

When we get angry, we become stressed. If stress is there for more than 36 hrs, the cells will not absorb oxygen, even if oxygen is available the normal cells  will become cancerous.

Practice of Sree Ram Mantra does the trick

There are ways to receive oxygen. Chanting the Sree Ram Jaya Ram Mantra is one way. You chant names of certain flowers or Gems, or do some Mudras then you will receive the oxygen too.

The mantra is equivalent to 12 suns and therefore it works like a laser. I have given this mantra to quite a few. All of them are able to cope up with cancer and they have reported excellent improvement.

Flying high in the sky again

According to the legend, just chanting ‘Ram’ has regenerated the entire wings of the eagle Sambadhi. Here is the story on what happened to it (from the Epic Ramayana).

Thousands of monkeys were trying to locate Sita, but they couldn’t find her. They decided that they should commit suicide as they have failed in their assignment. They were talking at the foot of a small hill. In the same hill, a giant eagle was living there whose wings were burnt. The name of the eagle is Sambadhi. Somehow it was managing by itself.

Sambadhi told the monkeys, that Ravana had taken Sita to Lanka. Hearing this news, the monkeys became happy and started chanting in joy, “Sree Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram”. Immediately, Sambadhi’s wings grew. That’s the power of this mantra.

What does the mantra do? It produces oxygen to cells. It can kill unwanted cells as well as give life to existing cells.

How does this mantra works on relationships?

This mantra can prevent divorce.

It can mend the relationship between husband and wife by bringing harmony inside both of them. This is true for any type of relationships. Therefore, we should chant this mantra wherever we need harmony. However, Harmony Pack, a combination of Bach flowers remedies, is there to take care of harmony in our family, life and work.

The mantra can establish harmony. Once all cells get the necessary oxygen, the cells become harmonious. The body then becomes harmonious and thereafter mind becomes harmonious too. Mind and body are connected. When our minds are affected our body is affected too and vice versa. Thus the mantra could establish harmony in our minds.

Improve Your Decision Making Capabilities and Develop Your Third Eye

Shivohum means, ‘I am Siva’.  I am that.

Our Decision Making Process is Poor

Whenever we need to take a decision, we have to know the positive side or negative side of it. Our decisions are imperfect, any decision for that matter, because we are limited by our own perception.

We know only two sides of the coin – right or wrong, positive or negative, and good or bad. However, a decision has to be tuned with the divine will. Unfortunately, we take our decisions unconsciously. But, we are lucky enough to take the right decisions sometimes.

Tuning with the Divine Will

Is there anything that will tune me to the divine will and give me the power of discrimination (Vivekam)?  Is there a way, through which I can take decisions as per divine will or plan. The Shivohum mantra can help you in this regard.

Shiva means Mangalam. The one word that produces happiness in you is Shiva. By repeating that one can be happy, for the word Shiva produces happiness. How? Then, I become Shiva or an embodiment of Shiva.

Thinking like Divine

In the normal life, think, “Why not I become like divine? Why not I think like a divine?” If you think like divine, your life would be alright.

The Shivohum will keep you align with divinity.

Benefits of chanting Shivohum

The mantra gives you the state of happiness, so whatever you do will produce happiness.

HUM activates the throat chakra and thyroid. Our throat chakra can be energised and balanced.

HUM activates thyroid and purifies it, which is responsible for detoxification of the body. If any mental impurities are there, Hum will release it. Then you take the decision.

Shivohum activates the third eye chakra or higher perception. It’s the third eye, which is responsible for wisdom. However, we can’t directly activate our third eye. We have to release the impurities first.

Chanting of this mantra achieves both.

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